Bensons Looks to Appoint Newly Created Chief Sleep Officer Role

Posted by Jonathan Barratt - Talent Acquisition Manager on 8th Jan 2024

Bensons Looks to Appoint Newly Created Chief Sleep Officer Role

Are you someone who dreams big and sleeps even bigger? Do you find yourself wondering if counting sheep could actually be a viable career path? Well, slumber away, because your dream job is here!

Bensons for Beds is on the hunt for a Chief Sleep Officer! 

Your role with Bensons for Beds will be to test and review mattressesbedspillows and duvets like a pro. Dive into the world of sleep, providing insightful and entertaining reports on your slumberous adventures. 

We’ll want you to become a sleep detective, only without the snorespectacle. You’ll visit competitor shops and hotels across the UK to assess who has the cosiest beds of them all! 

We’ll also share with you our bed mastery, so you can enhance your slumber proficiency and spread this knowledge far and wide, all in the name of ensuring our customers experience the sweetest dreams. 

What’s more you’ll receive a 1-on-1 sleep consultation with the illustrious  Dr. Sophie Bostock so you can put all those sleep tips to the test. Absorb the knowledge, steal the secrets, and become the sleep guru our customers never knew they needed. 

Along with this, you will become a… 

  • Team Snoozer: Provide a supporting role to the Buying, Innovation, and Marketing teams. Your sleep insights will be the key to unlocking new heights in our products and promotions. 
  • Event Maven: Attend consumer events like a sleep superhero. Share your love for all things restful, and be the face of Bensons for Beds at gatherings that appreciate a good nap. 
  • Digital Dozer: Collaborate with the marketing and digital team. Be the sandman of social media, weaving tales of product excellence and sharing your own sleep experiences – the good, the bad, and the downright dreamy.

How we identified the need for a Chief Sleep Officer position

Three people asleep at a bus stop wearing pyjamas, purple dressing gowns, and purple slippers. Each has their own Bensons for Beds pillow, sleep mask, and teddy bear. A man sits solo at the other side of the bus stop busy on his smart phone as he waits for a bus to work.

We carried out a study of 2,000 UK workers which indicates that the average worker gets bored of their role after about three years. And it would seem that the second week in January is the most popular time to look for a role. 

More than half of the 2,000 UK participants confessed that this ‘three-year itch’ begins with feeling anxious about work on a Sunday night (51%) or not seeing eye-to-eye with their boss (32%).

And 31% of participants attributed a lack of sleep due to stress as being an indicator to start seeking out alternative employment.

But the discoveries didn't stop there. For those participants considering switching employment, 38% would prefer to earn a higher salary, 29% admitted to suffering from work stress, and 23% want to try out something new. 

Interestingly, 1 in 7 of the participants confessed to seeking our a new job role due to not working well with their boss. That's a considerable amount of us that aren't getting along with our superiors at work!

We followed these questions up by asking the participants of the study about their ‘dream job’. And a massive 50% of people agree that the most important thing in a new role is flexible working hours. And 30% of participants admitted they'd happily stay in bed all day as a full-time job.

So, in an innovative effort to help ensure that the UK as a nation is getting the best night’s sleep possible, we've announced the creation of a new role here at Bensons. This is our Chief Sleep Officer (CSO) vacancy and we're looking to fill the position ASAP.

More interesting stats from our study

Our research has also revealed some more interesting statistics. 28% of participants have actually fallen asleep at work when they weren’t supposed to. And the most popular reasons for falling asleep while still on the clock? Well, 33% of participants attributed it to boredom, 30% fell asleep due to not feeling well, and 24% of us fell asleep because the room was too warm.

It's also worth noting that more than 1 in 10 of those taking part in our study have started their own side hustle within the past 12 months. Given the cost of living crisis we've been facing, it's hardly surprising that more than 10% of us have been looking for ways to earn more money to boost their primary income. 

21% of those turning to side hustles have tried their hand at selling old clothes on second-hand apps or websites. And a small percentage have taken more inventive routes to earning some extra cash on the side. 5% of side hustlers have tried their hand at pet sitting, 3% boosted their take home pay making casts of people’s feet, and 1% of participants have earnt additional income through pet portrait commissions.

Our study also revealed that the typical side hustler generates an average of £229 per month in additional income. And most dedicated just 10 hours per week doing it.

And as for the participants that hadn't yet explore the world of side hustling, 20% are considering it this year. Proofreading, product testing, and admin or data entry are among the top side hustles being considered.

Top signs that it's time to look for a new job

A man asleep on a parked bike for hire. He is wearing a purple dressing gown, pyjamas, and a sleep mask and in the background the London Eye is visible.

If you're wondering whether it's about time that you started looking for a new job, here are the top 20 signs that shouldn't be ignored:

  1. Feeling anxious on a Sunday night.
  2. Not feeling appreciated.
  3. Not really caring about the job anymore.
  4. Frequently looking at the time to see if it’s nearly time to go home.
  5. Feeling depressed before a holiday because you know it will end, and then you have to go back to work.
  6. No longer feeling passionate about the role.
  7. Not liking your boss.
  8. Lack of sleep due to stress.
  9. The salary is not very good.
  10. Not feeling a sense of pride in your work.
  11. You're always looking for other opportunities.
  12. Not being able to recall the last time you looked forward to going to work.
  13. Spending most of your working day procrastinating.
  14. Not learning anything new in the role.
  15. Not getting excited when you’re given a new project.
  16. Unable to get out of bed in the morning.
  17. Shutting down the conversation if someone asks "how's work going?"
  18. Falling asleep at work or on the job.
  19. Doing anything but work during the work day (such as online clothes shopping).
  20. Not wanting to socialise with your colleagues out of office hours.

If any of these statements ring true, chance are you're in need of career change. Could the Chief Sleep Officer role be the right fit for you? Find out more below.

A little more about the Chief Sleep Officer role at Bensons

Product testing is part of our new CSO role. But, it isn’t all about sleeping on the job! 

We will provide the successful applicant with 14 hours+ of ‘in bed’ training to the lucky winning candidate to help further develop their knowledge and understanding of sleep. Our new Chief Sleep Officer will learn to recognise the triggers that contribute to poor sleep and the good habits people should adopt to help enhance optimal sleep patterns.

While the position is fully remote, applicants must be UK-based and hold a relevant qualification in marketing or social media. Successful applicants will need to create a piece of content explaining why they think they’re the ideal fit for the role. In this, candidates must demonstrate strong written communication skills.

So, what does it take to be a Chief Sleep Officer and get paid to take naps?

Interested in the position of Chief Sleep Officer at Bensons for Beds? There are a few none-negotiables that are worth mentioning!

First off, you’ll need to have a passion for sleep that rivals Sleeping Beauty's. And exceptional mattress testing and reviewing skills are a must-have too – if you were a princess, would you notice a pea? No mattress lumps or bumps will go unnoticed!

You'll also need to have a willingness to learn the ABCs (or should we say ZZZs) of the bed industry as we'll take you through in-depth ‘in bed’ training including a visit to Bensons very own factory in Huntingdon. Here, you’ll spend time with the innovation team to learn about how the mattress and bed supply chain works from ‘spring to sleep’.

Be a digital-savvy storyteller ready to create dreamy online content.

We're not counting sheep; we're counting on you to be active across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, with a following that's as cosy as a well-made bed - aiming for at least 5,000 followers on the 'Gram!

Want to improve your social media commercial creds? Fret not! We’re here to sprinkle some social media magic and help you grow your presence and followers. All we ask is that you have a background in studying the art of Marketing, Branding, or social media. 

If you think you are up to the challenge of our Chief Sleep Officer role and would like to apply, simply follow this link