Budget Bedroom Décor Ideas and the Simply by Bensons Collection

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 29th Jun 2023

Budget Bedroom Décor Ideas and the Simply by Bensons Collection

Decorating a bedroom on a budget can be a real toughie. Even seemingly affordable decorative ideas can soon add up and those big budget items such as beds and wardrobes could blow those hard earned savings in one fell swoop.

With clever budget bedroom ideas and a helping hand from the affordable Simply by Bensons Collection, however, it is possible to create a cosy, stylish and comfortable sanctuary for you, your children or your guests without matching the average GDP of a small Pacific island.

From storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget to clever DIY décor and practical furniture that won’t break the bank – plus recommendations for affordable beds and mattresses of course –we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to creating a whole new bedroom that suits your style as well as your bank account.

A lady upcycling a decorative wooden stool by painting it teal

Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget: The Basics

When a bedroom overhaul is overdue but the purse strings are so tight you can barely shake a fivepence loose, here are some rules to abide by:

1. Set a budget

Before you make a move it pays to be boring. Sit down with a spreadsheet (or a pad and pen) and calculate what you’ll realistically need for your dream bedroom before finding ways to pare back the budget while allowing a contingency for unexpected issues. Be sure to keep referring back so there’s no big surprises at the end of the job.

2. DIY

Taking on the bulk of a refit yourself is the easiest way to save. Most people can decorate a room without professional help so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

3. Don’t skimp on the essentials

There are some home items you won’t want to compromise on. In the bedroom this is usually your mattress, an item that’s essential to a good night’s sleep without discomfort. Mattresses in the Simply by Bensons range can reduce your spend while ensuring reliable comfort.

4. Get creative

Whether it’s painting a mural or upcycling a dresser, we’ve all got it in us to be artistic. Use your own skills or those of friends to help create beautiful bedrooms that don’t cost big.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas on a Budget and More: Get Your Style Without Breaking the Bank

Bold and bright or understated chic. Whatever your style, there are ways to achieve it, even on the strictest of budgets.

Use colour to bring your scheme to life

Wall colour is the backbone of your scheme and the perfect way to make a statement so be sure it fits the vibe you’re after. Planning a chic, modern scheme? Opt for pale pinks or shades of white and grey. More of a mid-century fan? Mustard yellows and muted teals pair perfectly with earthy neutrals.

Pick materials that suit your scheme

Different schemes require different materials. For example, if you’re after that modern Japandi feel then pale woods and natural stones are key. If neoclassical is more your jam opt for darker woods and if you’re obsessed with opulence, choose velvet headboards and upholstered storage ottomans.

Try second hand

Seeking rustic bedroom ideas on a budget? Hit your nearest antiques fair or car boot sale for items to upcycle. Second hand might not be ideal for mattresses and soft furnishings but thrifting decorative items like vases and mirrors can bring real character to a space with minimal spend.

Find art on the cheap

Wall art completes your scheme and doesn’t have to be pricey. Buy prints and postcards from gallery gift shops to display in mix and match frames picked up at charity shops or car boots. Alternatively charge artistic friends or children with creating a personalised piece.

Bedroom Ideas for Couples on a Budget, Kids and Guests: Budget Bedroom Overhauls for All

Your décor style and furniture choice might depend on who you’re designing a new bedroom for:

Low cost master bedrooms

Seeking bedroom ideas for couples on a budget? The master bedroom is a great place to indulge your decorating whims but remember to keep things calm enough to encourage sleep. Choose muted colours and add personality by revamping furniture pieces using paint or wallpaper.

Kids bedrooms that don’t cost the earth

Children’s bedrooms can be expensive to redecorate and require regular overhauls as their residents grow. Keep the basics simple with white or pale wood wardrobes and neutral paint to minimise re-buying as tastes change. Temporary décor like wall stickers are a fun touch but easy to change when they’re outgrown.

Budget friendly guest rooms

Keep guest rooms simple using hardwearing white or cream trade paint for a scheme that nobody can be offended by. Opt for beds with ottoman storage to make the most of available box room space and choose multifunctional furniture like a dressing table that doubles as a desk.

Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget With Simply By Bensons

The Simply by Bensons range in light oak situated in an olive green and white bedroom

The Simply by Bensons collection is ideal for bedroom revampers on a strict budget. This low cost range doesn’t compromise on luxury and is made using eco-conscious materials too. Look out for:

  • A wide range of mattresses, available in a variety of sizes and comfort levels: From the firm Smile open coil bed to the softly quilted and pocket sprung Calm mattress there’s an option to suit your body and your budget
  • Divan bed bases designed for affordable convenience: most bedrooms could benefit from better storage so look no further than our padded divan bases with optional drawer or ottoman storage. Sorted for drawers and closets? Make a saving by choosing a basic drawer-free base
  • Simple headboards for an affordable finishing touch: a good headboard helps to complete a bedroom but you might be tempted to skip it when money is tight. No need with an affordable Simply by Bensons upholstered headboard.
  • Stylish bedframes free from bells and whistles: keeping things simple, Simply by Bensons bedframes leave space for under-bed storage. Designed to stand the test of time, these beds have unfussy neutral designs that won’t date.
  • Affordable, practical and cosy bedding: it’s easy to overlook duvets and pillows when you’re budgeting for a new bedroom and these items can give you quite the shock when you reach the till. Not so with the Simply by Bensons collection which includes anti-allergy pillows and a machine-washable duvet at panic-free prices.
  • Our Simply by Bensons furniture ranges combine quality with a budget-friendly price range. Our Tulle Furniture collection features both sliding wardrobes and hinged wardrobes as well as a chest of drawers and bedside tables to match. Then there’s also our best-selling Bergen range to consider. This collection is available in contemporary colours including white, white oak and grey. Build your ideal sleep space more affordably with Simply by Bensons bedroom furniture.

Budget Bedrooms at Bensons for Beds

Drop into your local showroom to browse our affordable, practical Simply Bensons range. Not only can you check out our budget-friendly beds, as well as bedroom furniture to suit every interior, but in every store, you’ll also find team members ready to help you discover your bed, your way using in-depth expertise and clever tech.

Whether shopping online, in-store or by calling 0808 144 6160 you’ll also be able to take advantage of finance options including interest-free credit and Klarna’s Pay in Three, helping you spread the cost of your bedroom revamp.

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