​Declutter Your Bedroom: 4 Storage Ideas

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 22nd Sep 2022

​Declutter Your Bedroom: 4 Storage Ideas

The big bedroom clear out is a daunting task, especially when you’re working with old bedroom storage that’s seen better days.

Maybe you’re planning a monthly declutter to minimise mess. Or perhaps you’re moving house and all that stuff just can’t come with you. Whichever task is on the horizon, read on for tips and advice to help you harmonise your home and, most importantly, keep it that way.

When decluttering, it can help to dig deep and invest in smart storage solutions, like a ceiling height storage wardrobe or an end of bed ottoman box. And if money’s too tight to mention, there are also lots of affordable ways to streamline your bedroom.

We suggest starting with a good stocktake. Choose one space at a time and dig deep. Yank out all the old-and-holed, those unwanted gifts, those peasant tops you loved in 2004 and create three piles:

  • Keep it: you love it, you’ll use it, it’s worth hanging on to
  • Donate it: it’s not for you anymore but someone else will love it
  • Bin it: it’s out of date, beyond repair or useless. Be honest with yourself!

Tip 1: Go large with a wardrobe for storage

If you’re in the market for some new furniture look no further than our range of wardrobes . A sturdy, spacious wardrobe is arguably the best investment you can make when it comes to bedroom storage. With coordinated furniture ranges, like the Sicily collection , it’s easy to achieve a sleek look in any bedroom.

Wardrobes for all kinds of storage

The great thing about a large wardrobe is the versatility it gives you.

You can even use smaller storage solutions inside our wardrobes – fold-flat boxes and wire racks are ideal – to store accessories and non-clothing items like games, hobby equipment and sentimental stuff we can’t part with. You could also keep Christmas decorations and suitcases packed away towards the back of wardrobes.

High shelves for out of season storage

Many closets, like our Dorsten wardrobe Palma three door sliding wardrobe , include built-in shelving which is ideal for storing for clothes that you’re not going to wear for a few months.

The seasonal wardrobe stash is one of our favourite decluttering hacks, making it easy to keep your wardrobe in order with minimal stress:

  • Pull out all your out of season clothing – think bulky winter coats and knitwear or bikinis and flip flops
  • Take the opportunity to weed out anything you haven’t worn this year and take it to a charity shop. Alternatively organise a clothes swap with friends (wine optional but encouraged)
  • Launder everything and dry well. Take delicates to the dry cleaners
  • Fold and pack clothes into vacuum bags or plastic boxes (use these with caution, experts think a lack of airflow can cause mildew and lingering smells). Include anti-moth measures like lavender bags or cedar blocks
  • Store on the top shelf of your wardrobe

Palma Three Door Sliding Wardrobe

Palma 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Making the most of wardrobe space

There are ways to use every inch of your wardrobe without spending big. Consider adding a low level shoe rack to the base of your unit for accessible storage for the shoes you wear daily and if you purchase one of our Alster, Emden or Dorsten wardrobes, you can add internal drawers, too! Adhesive hooks on the inside of wardrobe doors are ideal for long necklaces or scarves.

In a tall wardrobe, adding a second low rail (tension rods are easy to fit with no need for screws) can give you additional hanging space for shirts or trousers. Meanwhile, corner units can be slid into many wardrobes to make use of neglected space.

Finally, good lighting is key. Wireless LEDs, especially those with motion sensors, can make using your wardrobe easy, allowing you to easily see everything you own and spot clutter before it has a chance to get out of control. Top tip: you can buy additional LED lights (1, 2 or 3 of them!) to see inside our Alster, Emden and Dorsten wardrobes.

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Tip 2: Find bedroom storage in unexpected places

Being a clutter-free aficionado means getting clever with your storage. Choose items that slip into unused corners, storage that doubles as something decorative or furniture that incorporates smart space for all your bits and bobs.

Ottoman and divan beds

Your bed is (obviously) the main feature of your bedroom, which means it’s taking up a whole load of space. It’s possible to make the most of the room your bed occupies by choosing a storage bed. We’re talking ottoman beds and divan bed bases with drawers.

Beds with storage are great for any room. But how do you organise these storage spaces? Ottoman beds, in particular give a huge opportunity to create super useful storage, offering one large space you can organise the way that works best for you. We like to use sturdy fabric storage boxes in ottoman bases. This allows for the separation of your stuff by category. Printing nifty labels for these boxes makes it easy to spot what you’re seeking at a glance.

An ottoman box for bedroom organisation

An end of bed box can, in some cases, also provide you with a handy spot for perching when putting on shoes (although do be aware that some aren’t suitable for sitting!). An ottoman box like our Penelope blanket box is a sound investment for your room.

You can also use a blanket box to store bedding and towels. Here are our top tips for keeping linens neat and organised:

  • Learn to fold a fitted sheet using a YouTube tutorial, you’ll be amazed how much space this can save!
  • Fold a sheet and pillowcases and slip them inside a duvet cover before folding for easier bedmaking
  • A wire magazine rack makes an affordable caddy for rolled handtowels and flannels
  • Layer scented drier sheets between your linens. This helps to absorb moisture and keep things smelling fresh

Upholstered Penelope Blanket Ottoman Box

Penelope Blanket Storage Box

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Under-bed storage

The space under your bed isn’t just for the bogeyman. It can also double your available storage . (3) You could use wheeled storage boxes under our bedframes, making the bits and bobs you keep down there easier to access.

As any parent knows, there’s not much more painful than stepping on a rogue Lego. Smart storage can make tidying away at the end of the day fun (well, almost) and putting kids’ storage under their bed means its easy for them to help and adding labels will help with word recognition too.

Tip 3: Use dressing tables and bedside tables with inbuilt storage

We think a matching dresser and bedside table is a must for any bedroom with the space for both! In case you’re concerned about these becoming cluttered with those little bits and bobs you use regularly, opting for dressing and bedside tables with inbuilt storage, like those in our Ezra furniture collection , can make tidying as you go along instinctive.

Decluttering your bedside table

We think that the most important spot in your whole bedroom to keep free of clutter is your bedside table. It’s the last thing you see at night and the first thing you glimpse when you open your eyes, so shouldn’t it be a happy sight? It’s all too easy to allow mugs and glasses, unfinished books, abandoned items of jewellery and other knickknacks to pile up on the nearest surface to our bed.

Choosing a bedside table with a drawer or doors can make it easier to keep the top surface clear. We like the Hip Hop bedside table with two deep drawers, however many of our bedside tables include storage, giving you all the space you need for books, hand cream, medications and electronics without unsightly mess.

Hip Hop 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Hip Hop Bedside Table

If you charge your phone and other devices on your bedside table overnight, tape or tie cords to the back leg of your bedside table or, even better, use a cable organiser. This keeps wires tidy and tangle-free. Our Kuban bedside table comes with in-built USB charging to make this even easier.

Kuban Bedside Table

Kuban 3 Drawer Bedside Table

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Tip 4: Seek out smart bedroom storage hacks

The internet is absolutely heaving with home organisation hacks, some great, some not so hot. Get Googling to find the best bedroom organisation tips, but before you do, here are some of our favourites:

Junk storage dresser solutions

Does the inside of your chest of drawers look like a bomb site? Use pipe offcuts as a cheap alternative to underwear drawer organisers. Sturdy cardboard covered in eye-catching wrapping paper or fabric can also make excellent drawer dividers that are just as effective as any available in a shop.

Grab a bedside pocket organiser

Magazines, your tablet, reading specs, phone. It can all be kept in easy reach with a pocket organiser. This handy and affordable storage solution clips to your bedframe and is a sensible alternative to a bedside table in bedrooms with minimal floor space.

Choose a headboard with built-in storage

A headboard like the iGel Piccolo , with clever incorporated storage, is another smart space saver. This is particularly good for adjustable bed users, giving them somewhere to store a wireless remote control while keeping it in arms reach.

iGel Piccolo Floorstanding Headboard

iGel Piccolo Headboard

Create ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ storage spaces

If you share your bedroom with a partner storage space can cause real arguments, especially if one of you can be a bit of a hoarder. Allocating personal storage space makes it easier to find your own belongings and saves on squabbles .

Use furniture creatively

Think outside the box when it comes to storage. A coat rack works just as well for storing necklaces. A small bookshelf can make a practical bedside table (grab some baskets to use as ‘drawers’). We’ve even seen a cabinet door turned upside down and mounted on castors to make underbed shoe storage.

Roll, don’t fold

If you haven’t heard of the KonMari Method, (4) where on earth have you been?! While we’re not fully committed to thanking our clutter for its service, we do love Marie Kondo’s style when it comes to clothes organisation. Rolling keeps t-shirts and jumpers crease-free and makes them easier to find. If you’re not sure where to start, a quick internet search can bring you joy.

Create a space-saving desk

Fold away desks are a fantastic option for bedroom workers light on space. If yet another piece of furniture is beyond your bank account why not make your own? Whatever your level of woodworking skill, chances are there’s a YouTube tutorial you can follow.

Choose a single bed

If you’re a solo sleeper, you could free up metres of space by opting for a single bed over a double. Not only could this improve bedroom space there are also all sorts of other potential benefits . Plus, with a bed like the Hip Hop 3 in 1 , you can have room for sleepovers, too!

Hip Hop 3-in-1 Wooden Bed Frame

Do an end of day clutter sweep

Taking five minutes at the end of every day to fold that sweater that’s worn but not yet ready for the wash, hang that belt and drop your watch into a drawer can save you a whole weekend of tidying in the long run.

How we can help with decluttering

We love nothing more than helping you to create your perfect bedroom, and that includes using our expertise to give you a hand in finding the right storage solutions to make The Great Declutter easy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The environment matters and that’s why we offer a mattress recycling service to help minimise the waste that’s generated when you buy a new bed.

Here to help

Ready to order? Need some advice? Got a question or three? Pop into your nearest Bensons for Beds store or give us a call on 0808 144 6160.


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