How Can I Make That Cold Side of the Pillow Feeling Last Longer?

Posted by Emma Carlton - Buying and Merchandising Manager on 29th Jun 2022

How Can I Make That Cold Side of the Pillow Feeling Last Longer?

Lying on the cold side of the pillow has to be one of the best feelings in the world – up there with that first big bite of your favourite meal and right next to slipping into a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day.

Yep, flipping over to the cold side of the pillow truly is unmitigated bliss.

But then your heat expelling head has to go and ruin it all by making the pillow toasty and warm again within a matter of minutes.

Why? Just why? *Shakes fists dramatically at the sky*

Well, science, apparently. *Hastily withdraws fist from sky and hopes nobody saw*

According to Wonderopolis, the human head radiates more heat than any other part of the body. This is why the other side of your pillow always feels so cool in comparison to the side your noggin is resting on. It’s also the reason why that cold side of the pillow feeling doesn’t remain all through the night.

So, is there a way to maintain that cold side of the pillow feeling all night?

Alarm clock frozen in ice

Grab your pillow and get ready to perfect your side-sleepers’ pose, because we’re on a mission to find out, and you’re coming with us.

Why is the cool side of the pillow so much better than the other side?

You know something’s epic when there are songs written about it, and there are lots, and I mean lots, of songs written about sleeping on the cool side of the pillow (Google it and you’ll soon see what I mean).

But why does it feel so pillow-flippin' fabulous to turn your pillow and squish your face into that soft, cool surface? According to (1) sleeping on the colder side of the pillow helps our entire body cool down by transferring your body heat to the pillow. However, this is also the reason the cold side of the pillow soon warms up, leaving us longing for the cold side of the pillow once again.

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How can I keep that cool side of the pillow feeling?

Woman standing holding a pillow in one hand and cluthcing her chin with the other while looking quizzically to the side.

Hmmm, if only there was a pillow that regulated temperature instead of absorbing all the heat from your head and passing it right back...

Well, of course we have this exact type of pillow.

The iGel Side Sleeper Pillow has been created using phase change crystals that respond to your temperature and store the heat, only releasing it when you need it. Although this pillow isn’t cold to the touch, it does give you that “just right” feeling which is perfect for when you want a cosier feel as opposed to a frosted earlobe.

iGel Side Sleeper Pillow

As a pillow designed specifically for side sleepers, it also offers superb support at the right height, so your neck isn’t elevated too high or positioned too low as you sleep. The visco elastic in the pillow adjusts to the shape of your head and neck to provide comfortable pressure relief without that sinking feeling you can get with some pillows.

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What about temperature regulating pillows for front and back sleepers?

It isn’t just side sleepers that appreciate a temperature regulating pillow, and front and back sleepers can also benefit from iGel technology. Containing the same phase change crystals as the iGel Side Sleeper Pillow, the iGel Front/Back Sleeper Pillow has been designed to provide the ideal support when sleeping in these positions.

How does the iGel Front/Back Pillow provide support?

iGel Front and Back Sleeper Pillow

This pillow has been designed specifically for those that sleep on their front and/or back. The pillow is lower in height compared to pillows created for other types of sleepers. This is because lying on your front or back requires minimal elevation. How clever is that?

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How do iGel pillows work?

IGel pillows and mattresses use Graphene technology, along with FreshNow™ moisture-wicking technology to help disperse any pesky perspiration. This technology, is known to provide 7 times faster heat transfer away from your body. This means you’re left with a fresher feel, and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

But what if I want my pillow to be really cold?

There are a couple of things you can do to cool your pillow right down:

  • Put your pillowcases in the freezer – put your pillowcases in a bag and put them in the freezer. As your pillowcases won’t be holding moisture, they won’t stay cold for long, but you can experience that fresh, cool feeling for a little while when you put them on your pillows.
  • Slide a purpose-made gel-based icepack into your pillowcase – it's important that any icepacks used have an adequate protective covering and have been designed to be put in pillowcases. If you use any old ice-pack or make your own, you could find yourself waking up with a soggy pillow, or even a nasty injury caused by the cold.

Thin branches of a tree with hundreds of delicate strands of ice

Can I get frostbite from sleeping on icepacks?

This isn’t as silly a question as you may think. As tempting as it may be to slip some icepacks on top of your pillow and in direct contact with your skin, doing this is likely to do some damage. According to, (3) putting an icepack directly onto skin can cause ice burns, and even frostbite if icepacks are left in one area for prolonged periods of time. To be ultra-safe, steer clear of icepacks in pillows altogether and opt for temperature regulating pillows instead.

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Find out more about temperature regulating pillows at Bensons for Beds

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