How do roll up mattresses work?

Posted by Pam Johnson Head of Buying on 5th Jul 2022

How do roll up mattresses work?

What is a roll up mattress?

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First, let’s start with the basics – what does ‘roll up mattress’ actually mean? The term can be a little confusing and people often think that it refers to something like a roll up futon mattress or a roll up travel mattress; one you might get out for guests or when camping and then roll it away again. 

When we talk about a rolled up mattress, we mean a fully functioning mattress intended for permanent use, and which aren’t designed to be re-rolled once they’re open. . Sometimes called a vacuum-packed mattress, a roll up mattress refers to the way the mattress is packaged and purchased, rather than how it is stored or put away after use. Once opened from its rolled-up state, the mattress will expand back to its original full shape, as if by magic.

How to make a roll up mattress

Roll up mattresses can be made from a wide variety of fillings, with or without springs. Once a rollable mattress is manufactured, it is then compressed, vacuum packed, heat sealed, and precision rolled into a more compact size, ready to be easily transported.

Can I roll up a mattress?

Once the mattress has been unrolled, and extended in all its glory, that is its permanent state. Specialist machinery is used to roll mattresses into the perfect shape and size for you to take them away, so it’s not possible for them to be re-rolled at home. 

Due to being compressed, the springs inside the mattress will need to bounce back into full shape within a certain timeframe, so that they can reach their full potential and give you optimum support. So, it is worth noting that with any roll up mattress from Bensons for Beds, we recommend that you unroll your new mattress within one month of purchase, to make sure you get optimal performance and to avoid damaging the springs.

Why do mattresses come rolled up?

The simple answer - for convenience. The main reasons, and benefits, to roll up mattresses are: 

  • Ideal for people moving home or redecorating 
  • Ease in manoeuvrability 
  • Many of our roll up mattresses are available for you to collect in store and drive away the same day 
  • Available for direct home delivery 
  • Great for homes with limited access – high rise buildings and small houses 
  • Can be stored until needed, if the space isn’t quite ready (but remember to open your bed in a box within 1 month of purchase to avoid damage) 
  • Uncompromised quality 

Now for the detailed answer! A roll out mattress makes every step of the process much quicker and easier, from storage to delivery and, ultimately, for you to transport your new mattress from store to home. 

If you need a mattress in a hurry, then a roll up memory foam mattress provides the ideal solution. Not only can you head to any one of our nationwide Bensons for Beds stores to try the range of roll up mattresses before you buy, and to find your perfect firmness rating, but you can also take the mattress away that day and sleep on it that night. Thanks to its compact packaging and size, a roll up foam mattress will easily fit into a car, making transport a breeze. 

Rolled up mattresses are also great for homes with limited or restricted access, such as apartment buildings or flats. Their smaller size allows them to be manoeuvred without hassle and means they can easily be carried by one person too – especially useful if you’re taking a mattress up several flights of stairs, or if access is a squeeze.

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Are roll up mattresses good?

Absolutely! Convenience doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort or quality. Thanks to advancements in modern technology and machinery, choosing a rolled-up mattress for its convenience does not mean you’ll be sacrificing comfort, quality or longevity. 

Slumberland Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus Rolled Up Mattress

Slumberland Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus Rolled Up Mattress

Whether you need a roll up double mattress or a single roll up mattress, there are now more options available for style and comfort than ever before. You can choose from memory foam mattresses or pocket sprung mattresses, as well as indulging in a range of hybrid systems which offer superior comfort. Whilst many rollable mattresses come with micro springs, mattresses like the  Slumberland Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus feature full size pocket springs and mini springs too – the perfect combination for enhanced support and comfort.

When can you sleep on a rolled mattress?

You might be wondering how long you need to wait before you can sleep on a rolled up mattress. It’s good to know you won’t be waiting around for long before you can get your first great night’s sleep on your new roll out mattress. Once you’ve unwrapped and unrolled your mattress, it will be ready for use after 2 hours and will be fully extended after 24 hours.

Choosing the best roll up mattress for you

Choosing the right mattress is an important decision and at Bensons for Beds we’re committed to helping you to find  your bed, your way.

In store, online or over the phone, our sleep experts are ready to help you choose the best mattress for you using our  advanced sleeppro® technology in store. As well as visiting us in store, you can also speak to our helpful sales team for advice by calling us on 0808 144 6160 or book a free virtual video appointment to speak to us via video call.

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