Designing the Perfect Gaming Bedroom: 8 Steps to a Gaming and Sleep Haven

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 15th May 2024

Designing the Perfect Gaming Bedroom: 8 Steps to a Gaming and Sleep Haven

When it comes to creating the ultimate gaming sanctuary that both sleep and play-ready, there are several things to consider.

First off, how big is the bedroom you'll be transforming? Bedroom size is often a key consideration in design implementation. A gaming bed might be the ideal solutions for gamers with smaller bedrooms, for example. Others may prefer their sleep and gaming zones occupy different corners of their bedroom.

Then there’s also sound, lighting and that all-important gaming setup to think about too. Here we roundup our best gaming bedroom ideas. Don't worry, we’ll guide you through all those key elements that no gamer's bedroom should be without. Read on to learn more.

1. Ergonomic Comfort

To kick off your journey to the perfect gaming bedroom, prioritise ergonomic comfort. Investing in a gaming chair that looks sleek and provides crucial support for your back during those longer gaming sessions is worthwhile. Look for models with adjustable features.

Chair with the option of a reclined position is an ideal option for those extended gaming sessions. This can help make sure that your body stays comfortable and supported.

Pair your adjustable gaming chair with a gaming desk. These are usually designed to house all your peripherals and your games too, all of which enables a seamless and better-organised gaming experience.

Another option would be a bed that has been specifically designed for gamers, like our new Re-Charge gaming bed. This model has numerous features that have been incorporated within the design to enhance the overall in-game experience. While playing a game on a gaming bed, we imagined creating an immersive experience in which the player can escape into their very own digital world.

2. Command Centre Setup

A close up photo of a gamer immersed in their gaming set up.

For a gamer, the gaming setup is the beating heart of a gaming bedroom. And as such, it deserves careful consideration.

Be sure to choose a high-refresh-rate monitor with vibrant colour reproduction. Or, a large gaming TV can help to deliver a more cinematic-like experience. Again, we'd like to mention our Re-Charge gaming bed as it comes with this as standard.

Pair your monitor or TV with a powerful gaming PC or your gaming console of choice. Remember to choose one that meets the technical demands of your favourite games - this is especially important when buying a gaming PC.

You'll also want to make sure that your gaming mouse and keyboard are responsive and comfortable to use for long periods of time too. And cable tidies such as cable raceways or clips can be used to help keep your set up neat and tidy.

3. Ambient lighting 

Lighting sets the tone for your gaming environment. Incorporate customisable LED light strips or smart bulbs that can be synchronised with your gaming sessions. Customisable LEDs are built in to the Re-Charge bed, for example, adding so much to the aesthetic and the overall experience.

Dynamic lighting schemes that react to in-game events can really put you right in the heart of the action. But if that's out of budget, you could simply adjust the colour temperature to match the mood of the in-game action. Ambient lighting fittings and fixtures, such as floor or desk lamps, are also handy. These can provide subtle illumination which may further enhance the overall look and feel of your gaming space.

4. Acoustic Perfection 

A man enjoying his in-game experience with ambient lighting to enhance his surroundings and a headset so that he is acoustically immersed in the action

Take your gaming audio to the next level by investing in a high-quality sound system or a top-notch gaming headset. A surround sound setup is also great for immersing you into the audio landscapes of your favourite games. And a premium gaming headset helps to ensure clear communication and directional sound cues during co-op gaming sessions.

To eliminate external noise you might want to think about installing wall panels or using soundproof curtains. These elements may also help to enhance the overall auditory experience. Again, the Re-Charge gaming bed comes with a fabulous built-in sound system, so every footstep, build or shot can be heard!

5. Themed Aesthetics 

Design a gaming bedroom that is uniquely yours by working in some themed décor. Posters, collectibles, and gaming bedroom accessories that celebrate your all-time favourite games can help to add some personality to the space.

Another option is to customise your storage solutions with gaming-themed furniture or shelving units showcasing your collection of gaming paraphernalia.

Now is also a good time to mention that the Re-Charge gaming bed actually has  a matching bedside table available. This comes equipped with all the mod-cons -including wireless charging and LEDs - making it the perfect addition to any gamer’s bedroom.

6. Versatile Furniture 

Multi-functional furniture is a must in a gamer's bedroom. Look for a gaming desk with built-in storage to help you keep on top of your gaming peripheral organisation.

Another option is to look at getting a foldable gaming table for a bit more flexibility. This will give you the option to free up more space in your bedroom in the event of social gaming events or other activities.

A gaming-inspired bean bag chair is also a great option for those gamers looking for some more comfortable seating for those casual lounging moments. This can help to ensure that your sleep and gaming environment is able to adapt to any and every scenario life throws your way.

And for those with restrictive floor space, a high sleeper gaming bed like the Rory high sleeper bed with a built in gaming-ready desk and shelves could be ideal. This type of gaming bed provides a space for gaming and a space for sleeping all squashed into the footprint of a single bed frame. 

7. Gaming Memorabilia Showcase 

An image showcasing a display of retro gaming memorabilia.

Personalising your gaming retreat is also a must. You'll want to be able to showcase your most prized gaming memorabilia, after all. Dedicate a corner, wall, alcove or half-wall (if that's all you need) of your bedroom to display any limited edition merchandise, autographed items, or even your retired collection of gaming consoles you may have. 

Investing in custom-built shelving or display cabinets is a good idea if you can bring it within budget too. These will protect your valuables while adding an air of sophistication to your gaming sanctuary. 

8. Smart Technology Integration 

Embrace the future with smart home technology. We're talking voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you adjust your gaming environment effortlessly. 

We're also talking about smart blinds. These can be used to adjust the lighting in your bedroom based on lighting conditions or the time of day.

And finally, we're talking smart temperature control systems to ensure you don't get too hot (or cold) during your gaming sessions. There's smart technology all around us. Embracing smart tech in your gaming bedroom is about finding the ones that cater to your needs.

Creating a Bedroom for a Gamer: Our Conclusion

A group of four friends smiling and gaming together with pizza, popcorn, and beverages at the ready.

Designing the perfect gaming bedroom is a very personal process. Think about smart technology, the look and feel you’re after, and don’t forget to work a dash of personality into the mix.

Your ultimate gaming retreat should be exactly what you want and need. But don'tforget that it needs to be functional as both a gaming space and a bedroom. And if you need any help with clever storage solutions such as modern sliding door wardrobes, ottomanstorage benches, or divan storage beds, we’re always on hand to help. Head to your local Bensons for Beds store, give our customer service team a call, or browse the website for inspiration.

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