How to Stay Mentally Healthy: Louise Pentland's Top 10 Tips

Posted by Louise Pentland on 5th Nov 2021

How to Stay Mentally Healthy: Louise Pentland's Top 10 Tips

1. Make lists! I love a list (I’m writing one now haha) because they mean I don’t have to hold onto everything in my brain all the time!

2. Little and often! Do something small every day that is just for you. Those little regular treats keep me going until a big special occasion.

3. Exercise! I’ll be honest, I’m not at all a fitness person but I do feel a LOT better afterwards.

4. Connect! Even if it’s just a five minute FaceTime, chatting to a friendly face is very uplifting. I don’t think I’d cope without this one!

5. Make your bed! The only thing I guarantee I’ll tidy every day is the bed. It makes a big difference to the whole room and helps you feel on top of things.

6. Early night! Having enough sleep makes a huge difference. Try going to bed half an hour earlier for a week and see how good you feel!

7. Don’t compare! Social media can make us feel everyone is living their dream life and then feel rubbish if we are not. Remember those little squares are just someone’s highlights and not the whole story. You’re doing fine.

8. Trees! I recently met a woman who told me that trees ‘cleanse your energy’. I’m not sure if I believe in that sort of thing but after a few big walks through greenery, I did feel a lot lighter so worth a shot!

9. Bubbles! Not the fizzy drinky kind (though I do love those) but the bath kind. Now we’re coming up to colder nights, it’s definitely a good time to have a deep soak if you can.

10. Less. This is my ultimate. When everything feels too much, schedule a day to do less. Duvet, yummy snacks, phone your friends, just stop the world and get off.