Posted by Bensons for Beds on 1st Jan 2020

How to Take Care of Your Bedding | Sleep Hub

We all hope for a good night’s sleep, and at Bensons for Beds, we thought we’d give you some top tips for a comfy, restful night. We can’t promise you’ll never yawn at work again, but we’ll give you the best chance for a cosy night in bed. Read on for more.

Another Clean Sheet!

Before you put your sheets in the washing machine, ball them up –this helps rid them of unwanted dirt. We recommend washing the sheets once for every week you use them. Sheets may ‘pill’ (get uncomfortable itchy bits) if they share a wash with clothes, so you’ll end up doing more scratching and less sleeping. Nobody wants that!

Mattress Matters

A mattress cover is worth owning. Without one, dust and sweat will gather on your mattress (not the loveliest mental image, we admit!). That’s not all though –turn your mattress round once per season to help longevity, and ventilate your room if it’s getting too dusty. Cleaner air and a cleaner mattress are key to a snug snooze.

Pillow Talk

Keeping pillows fluffy isn’t yet a British sport, but our preferred method owes a debt to one. To revitalise your flat pillows, put two (stain-free) tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet in the dryer – medium heat, and they’ll be comfy enough to serve you well. Changing pillowcases frequently helps keep your face looking and feeling clean. Game, set and match.

What’s Best For Your Blanket

Keeping your blanket sumptuously soft and clean is nice and simple. Machine wash for 5 minutes, machine dry for 10 minutes until your blanket is merely damp, then dry it outside (hopefully the weather’s nice!), to ensure it avoids any damage.

We’d Love To Read Tips:

From snug sheets to perfect pillows, we’ve collected the best advice here at Bensons. If you have any top tips which we haven’t mentioned, leave a comment below, or tweet us using #BensonsBedTips.