How to Design, Style and Decorate Small Bedrooms

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 21st Oct 2022

How to Design, Style and Decorate Small Bedrooms

Is your bedroom a little on the bijou side? Perhaps you’re wondering how to begin the design and decorating process for a small bedroom, a guest room or a children’s room? Well, they say that the best things come in small packages and your bedroom doesn’t have to be huge in order to make a an impact.

In this article we explore a number of simple small bedroom ideas, designed to maximise every inch of the space that you’ve got to work with.

Read on to discover how being smart with furniture and coming up with creative storage ideas can make a huge (pun intended!) difference to a smaller sleep space.

Colour schemes for a small bedroom

Delphine Ottoman Bed Frame

Delphine Ottoman Bed frame

Arguably the most important step when decorating any room - be it a small or large bedroom - is to choose your colour scheme. The perfect colour palette can make or break a bedroom design. So here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Bright whites

One of the classic options for small bedrooms is white. Choose from bright, brilliant white for a contemporary small bedroom and warmer, creamy off-white tones to keep your sleep space looking and feeling fresh. White works especially well in a bedroom boasting plenty of natural light.

And for those that aren't a huge fans of white, there are other clean, neutral colours you can turn to. Beige and paler, softer greys are both examples of modern bedroom colours that work really well in smaller bedrooms.

Find out more about minimalist bedroom design in our blog post.

Soft pinks

If you prefer a cosier feel to your bedroom, soft pink tones make a great colour choice. Pinks instantly instil a welcoming and warm feeling to all spaces - including small bedrooms! And sticking to the lighter shades of pink will also help to reflect light within the bedroom, thus achieving the illusion of more space.

Bold colours

Don’t be shy. If you like a little colour in your bedroom, then go for it. Bold colours can work really well in the right space. Stick to a couple of shades which complement each other to keep it from becoming overwhelming. 

If you like colour but you’re scared to paint the walls, then you can add colour to your bedding instead. Add a matching rug and you’ve got everything you need for a stylish small space. For more info on designing a bedroom with bold and contrasting yet complimentary colours, check out our Maximalism in the Bedroom blog post.

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Top tips for your colour scheme

Anya Bedside Table

Anya Bedside Table

Sticking to one colour for the entire room and forgoing contrasts will help your space to feel larger. Keep furniture in the same colours as your walls and paint the ceiling the same too as this will make the ceilings seem higher.

Steer clear of bold patterns as these can make a small space seem cluttered. If you simply can’t resist then try to keep them to one wall, to make a feature, rather than wallpapering the whole room.

Bed ideas for a small bedroom

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom – after all, the clue is in the name! For smaller rooms, getting the right bed is a great way to save valuable floor space.

Beds with built-in storage

Beds are more useful than just to sleep on or in! There are so many creative dual purpose bed designs available that we urge anyone designing a small bedroom to consider this worth-while investment. With many built-in storage options to consider, you'll be spoilt for choice while picking out the perfect bed for your smallest bedrooms! 

Divan storage beds come with the option of drawers within the bed frame. These come in handy for a whole range of things including storing additional bed linen, towels, clothing, and even toys.

Ottoman beds deliver a generous storage space that is built into the bed frame base. The mattress lifts up so that you can access the entirety of the space below your sleep surface. This provides plenty of storage as you have access to the whole length and width of the bed frame, so fill your boots!

If you’re not planning on buying a new bed, utilising the space underneath the one you already have could be a good option. Choose some underbed storage boxes that you can use to organise all those essential bits and pieces. These can then be stored neatly out of site under the bed and can pulled out as and when needed.

Sofa beds for a small guest room

If buying a bed for a guest room, a sofa bed that optimises your space is a fantastic option, especially if you use the room for something else during the day.

A sofa bed can be folded out to make a comfy space for a guest to sleep and then folded back into a sofa when it’s not in use. This means that during the day you can use your guest bedroom as a snug, a home office or even a dressing room.

Sofa beds are also a great option if you live in a studio flat. When they’re packed away, your space can be used as a living area instead.

Headboards for a small bedroom

You might not think that a headboard takes up much space in a bedroom but some designs can be quite wide or deep, especially when every inch of space counts. Be sure to check the measurements of your single headboard and opt for less deep styles that fit flush to the wall.

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Beds for a small children’s room

Saturn Wooden Midsleeper Set

Saturn Wooden Midsleeper Set

If space is scarce in your children’s room, try a mid or high-sleeper bed. These beds are raised off the floor and have space underneath them. This space can then be used for storage or for another piece of furniture, such as a desk.

Bunk beds are a great space-saving option if you have two siblings who share a room. Bunk beds make best use of the height of the room, rather than having two beds which are both on the floor. Yay! More room to play.

Storage ideas for a small bedroom

We’ve already talked about clever underbed storage, but what else can you do to keep a small bedroom free from clutter?

Add a blanket box

Positioning an ottoman box at the foot of the bed in a smaller room can help clear away clutter culprits such as shoes, magazines and bags. For a boutique bedroom vibe, make it multi-purpose. Add some cushions to the top and use it as a seat for reading, or just resting when you need a break from all this bedroom designing, decorating and styling!


It might sound obvious, but wardrobes are a fantastic option for anyone wanting to save space in a smaller bedroom. Rails and shelving generally looks more cluttered. But a compact wardrobe design can help you hide all that clutter away. 

Sliding door wardrobes are a great idea too. As sliding wardrobe doors slide rather than opening out into the room, you won’t need to account for the additional space that the doors take up when you open them.

And mirrored sliding door wardrobes could be the ideal choice for a small bedroom. Benefit from an intuitive small-space furniture solution and reflect the light to create the illusion of more space with the simple addition of a practical, compact wardrobe.

Use quirky alcoves for storage

If you have any quirky shapes or alcoves in your small room, try adding some handy storage shelves here. Or a handy chest of drawers that feels almost as it it was made to measure can also help you make the most of this otherwise unused space.

Shelves are great for things that you’d like to be on display, such as books or ornaments, while cupboards can house the things that you don’t want to show off, like paperwork or extra bedding.

Use the height and corners of your room

When your bedroom is small, you’ll need to make the most of every inch of the space you have available. Remember that your room has eight corners, not just four, and look up to see where you can add storage space.

Add floating shelves above head height so that they don’t interfere with your floor space. Keep shelving depth to 12” to save space.

Floor to ceiling storage also works well. Try a shelving unit on either side of the bed and stack it with storage baskets. This way you can ditch the bedside tables to free up more space.

Use the space behind your bed

Some headboards come with built-in storage which means you can put everything you need here. And choosing a single bed for a small bedroom doesn't mean you have to forego a headboard altogether! Check out our stylish single headboard collection here.

And, if you don’t fancy buying a new headboard, you could add a shelf above the bed. All you need it a place to pop your books, bedtime drinks and anything else you need close to hand.

These options work especially well if you don’t have room for bedside tables at either side of the bed, or if you have placed your bed up against a wall.

Design touches for a small bedroom

Lorenzo 2-Door Sliding Wardrobe with Mirrors

Lorenzo 2-door Sliding Wardrobe with Mirrors

Now it’s time for the fun part – adding those all-important finishing touches to your small bedroom design. Accessorising can really add style to your bedroom and leave it feeling sleek and modern or cosy and welcoming, depending on the look you’re going for.

Add pops of colour

If you’re finding that your neutral colour scheme doesn’t leave much room for your personality, then don’t worry. You can add this back in with some of those key small bedroom design touches. Choose a few bold pieces like bedding or a lamp to draw the eye and break up the whites, beiges, or pinks.

Choose your lighting

For a softer feel, swap out harsh overhead lights for softer lighting. 

Change bulky lamps on bedside tables for wall-mounted lamps thus abolishing the essentiality of bedside tables.

Add mirrors and metallics

Reflective surfaces can lighten and brighten any room, thus giving us the illusion of more space. Add a large mirror on one wall to give your room a bright, airy feeling or add different sizes and shapes of mirror for a cool design feature.

Metallic accessories such as lamps, light shades, and ornaments are a great choice too. Not only are these right on trend at the moment but they’ll also have a similar effect to mirrors when it comes to reflecting light and giving a feel of having more space than you actually do.

Beautiful bedroom furniture for every home

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