Maximalism in the Bedroom: How to Nail the Design

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 15th Sep 2023

Maximalism in the Bedroom: How to Nail the Design

Maximalism is a hot topic in the world of interior design right now. Whether you’re already a fan of maximalist bedroom design or are just curious to learn a little more about what it involves, we’re on hand to help.

For decades, leading interior designers have favoured the “less is more” aesthetic of minimalist design. But, despite the calming effect that is easily achieved through minimalist décor, maximalism is on the up and up.

If you’re looking to create a vibrant, eclectic, and quirky bedroom that is completely reflective of your personality, maximalism may be ideal. It’s a design concept with self-expression at the very centre of the idea. So, why not stamp your personality on your most personal of spaces – your bedroom.

In this guide we’ll explain the key elements to incorporate into your maximalist bedroom design. We’ll also shine a spotlight on some of our products which would be a great basis for those wanting to achieve the look. Read on to find out more about maximalism and how to make it work in your sleep space.

What is maximalist bedroom design?

Let’s start with the basics! Maximalism is all about embracing bold colours, busy patterns and juxtaposing furniture choices. And it’s not a new trend either.

So, where and when did maximalist design originate? Well, in short, there are a few theories.

Many believe that Art Nouveau is one of the first examples of maximalism (1). Art Nouveau is an international style of art that first emerged during the 1890s. It embraces visual energy, abstract concepts and the “more is more” mantra that is concentric to maximalist design.

Maximalism as an interior design concept also first emerged in the Victorian era (2). During this period, the wealthiest members of society embraced maximalism through displaying a mixture of art and ornaments collected from different (and often juxtaposing) locales and time periods.

And in the early 1980s, the Memphis Group shone a light on maximalism and new wave interior design (3).

Important design elements in maximalist decor

While trying to embrace this interior aesthetic in your sleep space, there are a number of techniques you can adopt. Explore elements that can help you achieve a maximalist bedroom design below:

  • Unique shapes. Look for unusual shapes while pulling your design together. These shapes can be highlighted in both furniture and architecture as well as introduced to a space using repetitive wallpaper.
  • Layer patterns and colours. Layering is a really usefultool that can help you create a cohesive maximalist bedroom design while juxtaposing colours, materials and patterns. Layering can help to tie colour themes and design elements.
  • Vibrant colours. A bold colour palette is key when it comes to maximalist design. Choose vibrant colours that contrast and complement each other (4).
  • Introduce some drama. Maximalist design is all about creating different pockets of space that catch the eye within a single room. In a bedroom, adding a decorative feature ceiling light or choosing a stand-out bed frame are just two of the ways in which this could be achieved.
  • Embrace knick-knacks and ornaments. Incorporate plants in decorative pots, framed photos, ornaments, and shelving filled with anything and everything that reflects your personality. This will help to tie the whole bedroom together.
  • Have fun with textures. Throw the rule book out of the window and mix and match textures and materials freely. Wool and wood, metal and marble, cotton and crochet – nothing is off the table.

A great way to look at maximalist bedroom design is as controlled chaos. So many different elements may seem chaotic on paper but, it all comes together in the end. Every new colour and design element you add to the bedroom only enhances visual interest. Effectively, you are creating a feast for the eyes.

Can minimalist design be paired with other interior styles?

Absolutely! Maximalism pairs well with many different design styles. It’s commonly fused with boho interior design. The two overlap somewhat with the demand for natural materials, old colours and contrasting elements. And so, when combining minimalist design with those free-spirited boho vibes, it’s hard to see where one influence ends and the other begins.

And the pairing of maximalist design with other interior design styles doesn’t stop at boho. Classic furniture, industrial interiors and even Scandi bedroom designs can all be elevated by incorporating maximalist elements. As soon as you’ve gotten to grips with how to achieve an interior design brief, have fun bending the rules and create something that is truly unique and completely you.

How to create a maximalist look in your bedroom

If you want your bedroom to be vibrant, joyous and utterly quirky, here’s what you need to bear in mind.

Maximalism: Combine classic and contemporary pieces

Vintage and classic furniture pieces are a great visual tool when it comes to actualising your maximalist bedroom design. So, whether you’ve inherited your grandparents’ dresser or have some old pieces you’ve been wondering what to do with, why not try them out in your new sleep space?

Or, try adding vintage frames, prints, or decor to contrast with your contemporary bedroom furniture pieces. Maximalism is all about throwing the rule book out of the window. And in a design world where anything goes, the only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination.

Snooze Nocturne Ottoman bedframe

Choose a bed that makes a statement. For maximum impact in a maximalist bedroom, we love the Snooze Nocturne ottoman bed frame in deep, moody blue. Pair it with your vintage and classic furniture. Then add the accessories that are reflective of your personality, and you’ll easily achieve the feel you’re striving for. Breathe some free-spirited fun into your bedroom.

Maximalism: prints, patterns and textures

Your maximalist bedroom needs to appeal to the senses. Repetitive prints and patterns that showcase juxtaposing textures is just one of the ways in which this can be achieved.

Fitzgerald Upholstered ottoman bed in mustard yellow with a maximalist printed wallpaper as the backdrop

Art deco prints make a fabulous addition to a maximalist bedroom. Think art deco-inspired wallpaper, the Fitzgerald upholstered ottoman bed frame, and some scatter cushions also adorned with a similar or contrasting pattern to that featured on your statement wallpaper. Whether you go all in on a single theme or choose to mix and match different elements of several, choosing one commonality can help you to achieve a cohesive maximalist bedroom design.

And be sure to layer different patterns, prints and textures within the space. Florals can be paired with stripes, and stripes work well with geometric patterns, and geometric patterns complement paisley prints. Mix up materials to further contrast different patterns and embrace textures to give your bedroom a tactile appeal (5).

Maximalism: Choose contrasting, vibrant colours

When it comes to maximalist bedroom design, the “go big or go home” mentality comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to use bold and striking colours. Colours like teal, red and, even mustard yellow can all feature in a cohesive and eye-catching sleep space.

And embracing colour in the bedroom isn’t quite as tricky as you might think. Patterned wallpaper next to painted walls, juxtaposed by your favourite oxygen-producing plants are the basic elements needed in a maximalist bedroom design. If you’ve gone full-colour on the walls, adding a wooden bed can help to tie the space together. 

Edgemont light wooden bedframe to incorporate in maximalist bedroom design concepts

We love the Edgemont wooden bed frame for this design concept. With its light wood-effect finish, all you need is a funky bedding set and a few eclectic scatter cushions to create that visual mix of the natural, the comfort, and the colour demanded by maximalism.

Finish the look with accents of contrasting colours. Soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, throws, and cushions will help to tie your maximalist bedroom together.

Maximalism: Introduce some eclectic artwork

Maximalist bedroom design focuses on the more is more attitude. And so, why wouldn’t you seize the opportunity to adorn your walls with contrasting visuals?

Art is all about personal preferences. And in your maximalist bedroom – the most personal of all the rooms in your home – your personal preferences should be celebrated.

A maximalist wall of art featuring an eclectic collection of images, prints and different coloured frames in various sizes

To help to create a cohesive space, you can display artwork from similar colour palettes and contrast them against your bedroom walls. Or why not leave one wall in your bedroom a neutral colour and build an entire gallery of visual stimulation? Choose your favourite photographs and prints, frame them in a mix of traditional and contemporary decorative frames in a whole range of colours or natural wooden tones and create a feast for the eyes.

Learn more about the benefits of bedroom wall art in our blog post here.

Maximalism: Comfort is central

Maximalist bedroom design is all about creating a welcoming cocoon (6). And this is key to executing the look and feel of maximalism effectively.

A maximalist outdoor palette bench loaded with colourful cushions and surrounded by various plants

But it’s easy to get caught up in the overall look of the space and completely forget about the bedding and pillows needed to soften the execution. By adding plenty of pillows, you’ll create an inviting and cosy retreat that will welcome you with open arms at the end of each and every day.

Final thoughts

Our diverse collection of bedroom furniture, beds, pillows, and duvets offer something for every fan of maximalist bedroom design. Helping you to choose your bed, your way®, here at Bensons for Beds we combine expert knowledge with the latest sleeppro technology to make getting that all important great night’s sleep easier than ever before.

For more inspiration while designing your bedroom visit your nearest showroom or call us on 0808 144 6160.



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