Posted by Bensons for Beds on 1st Jan 2020

How to Style and Decorate Small Bedrooms | Sleep Hub

Is your bedroom a little on the small side? Don’t let it cramp your style, make the most of a small bedroom. Discover how smart furniture and creative storage can make a difference...

Beneath the bed

Get savvy with under-bed storage. Our Divan and Ottoman beds offer built-in drawers and compartments – perfect for preserving precious floor space.

If your room is multi-functional, a Daybed could be the answer. Not only are they practical, but they make a great focal point in a study or second bedroom. Consider adding rolling drawers beneath to make the most of the under-bed space.

For the kid’s room, a Stompa bed gives you added storage, a study zone, or even extra sleeping space – perfect for last-minute sleepovers.

Aim higher

Remember that your room has eight corners, not four. Using the upper parts of a room will free up the floor and create the illusion of more space, so don’t build out – build up.


Run individual book shelves high above head height so that they don’t interfere with your floor space. If you want additional storage, add a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit either side of the bed and stack it with storage baskets. This way, you can ditch bedside tables to free up even more space.

Top tip: When hanging shelves, keep their depth to 12” to save much-needed space.

Built-in wardrobes

Floor to ceiling wardrobes allow you to use every inch of potential storage space. Plus, the tall, slim doors draw the eye towards the open ceiling, making the room appear larger.

Blanket box

Place an ottoman box at the foot of the bed to clear away clutter-culprits such as shoes, magazines and bags. For a boutique bedroom vibe, you could add some cushions to the top and use it as a seat.

Light and bright

It might not be possible to make your room bigger, but the right colour scheme will make it feel more spacious. Steer clear of large, bold patterns – these will only clutter a small space. Instead, opt for a light, neutral palette, and paint the ceiling white to make the room feel light and breezy.

Lighten up

Swap harsh overhead lights in favour of softer lighting to give your room a softer feel. Consider delicate wall-mounted lights and say goodbye to bulky lamps and wires.

Top tip: Make the most of your window space with sheer white curtains. They’ll allow the natural light to creep in and brighten your space during the day.

Add depth

Mirrors have the same effect as windows, lightening and brightening any room. Use one large mirror to enhance the sense of space, or hang a collection of mirrors together for a unique design feature.

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