Large Family, Small House: Sleeping Solutions for Big Families

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer on 28th Jun 2023

Large Family, Small House: Sleeping Solutions for Big Families

Whether it’s a newly blended family or a home for three or more generations, finding space for everyone can be a challenge if your clan is more than two plus two. Even in a large family house with plenty of bedrooms, giving fair and equal space to every member of the crew isn’t easy and can result in arguments, tears and lingering resentments.

But with some clever configuration and the right furniture pieces, it’s possible to make the most of even the most awkward home, giving each family member the space they need to live comfortably and sleep well. Want to know how to maximise space in a small house? Need some tips for the fair sharing of space in a bedroom? Or just want to make sure everyone in your large family is as comfortable as possible? Read on to learn more.

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Making Space for a Large Family: Things to Consider

When it comes to making room for all, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Fair space distribution for blended families: when bringing two families together there are bound to be difficulties, especially if step siblings are involved. Take care to evenly and fairly distribute bedroom space and involve kids in decisions to smooth the transition
  • Helping visiting children to feel part of the family: a change in family dynamics can mean kids living apart from a parent for much of the time. Be sure they’re don’t feel like a spare part during stays by creating a space that feels permanent
  • Going beyond bedroom space: modern bedrooms need to be everything –office, classroom, gym, play space and more. Making space for work and play is important too so everyone feel is able to get what they need to do done
  • A place for the whole family: part of being a family is spending time together so be sure to create spaces where you can gather. A dining room table is ideal, not least because numerous studies show that eating together has benefits for children’s development. A dining table can also be used for games, homework and family chats
  • Privacy for children: time together is important but so is personal space, especially for teens. Respect boundaries with rules around privacy and by creating room for alone time, especially where children have to share a bedroom

Making Space for Children: Small Bedroom Ideas

Even with plenty of space to play with, making a bedroom work for kids is no mean feat. When they’re confined to a box room or have to share it’s even harder. However small your child’s bedroom there are some things to bear in mind:

Don’t compromise on beds

A good, supportive bed is a must so don’t be tempted by temporary solutions, even if they mean more space. Whichever bed you plump for, top it with a good mattress designed for growing bodies. Taking kids from tween to adult, the Slumberland Flip 2-in-1 mattress is ideal.

Bunks and loft sleepers save on space

While for sharers bunk beds are a must, with a trio bunk bed making even a three-kid share possible, mid or high-sleepers maximise floor space without compromising on comfort. The best loft-style beds, like the Stompa Auburn mid-sleeper, include built-in storage or a desk, meaning less furniture to buy.

Seek clever storage solutions for children’s bedrooms

Smart ways to pack away are vital for kids of all ages. Whether it’s under-bed boxes on wheels or hanging pegs, giving your child easy-reach personalised storage helps give them independence and puts the tidying up onus on them (bonus!)

Room for work and play is a must

A child’s bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. Making space for hobbies and homework is important and clever solutions like flip-down desks or storage boxes that unzip into a playmat can help your child to feel at home in their space

Making Space for Life: Multiuse Spare Bedrooms for a Large Family

The smaller your home the more ingenious you’ll need to be when it comes to making space for everyone to do their thing. This is particularly the case where large families with wide ranging ages are concerned – the needs of a toddler and the needs of a teen are pretty different. Likewise, a multi-generational family set-up will need to consider the requirements of older family members as well as the nuclear family. This may include mobility aids in bathrooms or making shared spaces like kitchens and living rooms more accessible for those less steady on their feet.

One way to maximise the space you have in a home is to make spare rooms work harder. That bedroom that’s only in use at every other week when a stepchild stays or during weekends when grandma comes to visit? Furnish it with a spacious ottoman bed and you’ve room to store everything you’ll need for a basic home gym, including dumb bells, yoga mats and even a small treadmill. A dressing table, meanwhile, can be a desk for weekday work or after school revision or for hobbies while a wardrobe can hide an ironing board and even a washer/dryer if you need a dedicated laundry room. Large closets and under-bed storage mean that you can easily sweep away evidence of a bedroom’s alternative use, giving visitors a personal space that won’t feel like a second thought.

Making Space for Sleep: Small Master Bedroom Ideas for a Large Family

The master bedroom is your sanctuary, especially when there’s family in every other corner of the house. Keep it that way by following our top tips for a serene, multipurpose master:

A place for everything and everything in its place

Organisation is key for a bedroom that you can drift off in without stress. Assign items like laptops, phones, clothing and toiletries their space and stick to a regime of putting everything away before you turn in for the night.

Storage beds for clutter-free living

Storage beds can be a lifesaver in small bedrooms. While select models of divan beds offer handy drawers as an option. These are ideal for linens and clothes. Ottoman beds can hold a wide range of items, even those unwieldy bits that you just can’t find a home for elsewhere. And all out of sight too.

Furniture sets keep things streamlined

For a sleek look and plentiful storage, choose a matching furniture set using pieces from a range like the Lorenzo collection, which includes wardrobes designed with light-reflecting mirrors to maximise vertical storage and create a feeling of space.

Space for baby but it’s not baby’s space

When you live in a small home you might just have to put baby in a corner. And with baby comes a plethora of stuff. While there’s little you can do about the intrusion of a cot and changing station, you can hide away baby clutter in functional but attractive storage solutions like a plush ottoman box.

Making Space for a Large Family at Bensons for Beds

At Bensons for Beds we understand the importance of making a bedroom space work hard. So whether it’s a small shared kids bedroom, space for visiting nannas or a master that doubles as an office we can help you to find the furniture you need.

From high sleepers to convenient trundle beds and king size ottoman beds boasting storage space galore,we’ve got you covered. Oursleeppro systemwill ensure your mattress is just right too – no Princess and the Pea problems here!

To place an order or pick our brains visit a store or call us on 0808 144 6160.

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