Posted by Silentnight on 6th Nov 2020

How to Utilise Under Bed Storage | Sleep Hub

One way to keep on top of your bedroom clutter is to introduce underbed storage. Silentnight have provided some great tips on how to organise under your bed, maximise space and minimise mess.

How do you organise a small bedroom?

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious bedroom to sleep in. With more and more of us living in cities, bedrooms are getting smaller- but are belongings seem to be growing. Which can cause a problem when trying to keep things clean and tidy. To tackle this issue, we’ve got some easy advice;

Keep clutter in check and take old clothes to the charity shop to free up space.

Find creative storage solutions such as hanging storage and hooks on the back of doors and cupboards.

Go minimal with furniture and furnishings.

Choose multi-purpose bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers that doubles as a nightstand or a space saving storage divan beds.

How do I organise my divan drawers?

Separate yours belongings
If you share your bed with a partner, it’s worth dedicating a draw or side to each person. This way, things won’t get mixed up and you can stay on top of where things belong.

Use storage boxes or organisers
To keep things organised, using storage boxes or separators helps keep different items separate and allows you to organise the space into sections. For example, one section for winter jumpers, a smaller one for ties and boxes for loose items.

Roll clothing
This hack is a real space saver! Instead of folding clothes or blankets, try rolling instead. This saves space and keeps items in good condition.

Use vacuum pack bags
If you’re really looking to maximise space, a vacuum pack bag is a good option. Removing the air allows you to pack a lot more into the space. However, this storage solution works best for items you don’t use very often.

Why we recommend under bed storage
At Silentnight we believe that a divan bed with storage options will really maximise your bedroom storage space. The Silentnight Choices collection has a range of divan sets with storage options you can choose from to suit you. The divans are built to be long lasting and durable but for peace of mind we also offer a 5 year guarantee.

The advantages of this type of under bed storage are that it looks sleek and stylish, whilst protecting your belongings. It’s also really easy to reach and ideal for smaller living spaces.

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