What Are Vegan Duvets?

Posted by Emma Carlton - Buying and Merchandising Manager on 11th Aug 2022

What Are Vegan Duvets?

Whether you’re new to the world of vegan duvets or have been searching for the perfect vegan duvet for a while, we’ve got some interesting info for you.

From what it means to be vegan, to the benefits of animal-friendly duvets, dive into our handy guide to vegan duvets and beyond to find the perfect animal-free cover for your needs.

What does vegan mean?

The word vegan is thrown around more readily than a hot potato (slathered in vegan spread obvs), but what does the word vegan actually mean?

Veganism is not a new fad as many would have you believe but is actually a term that has been around since 1944. It was on this date that Donald Watson formed the Vegan Society. He created the word Vegan by combining the first three, and last two letters of “vegetarian”. It’s believed Watson chose this word because veganism was “the beginning and the end of vegetarianism.”  (1)

However, it wasn’t until 1949 that a definition of veganism was publicised by Leslie J Cross, who stated that to be vegan was to:

“Seek an end to the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man.”  (2)

It’s quite clear from this definition that veganism applies not only to food, but to other everyday items too, including duvets.

Why would a duvet not be vegan?

What could possibly be in a duvet to make it not vegan, you may ask? Well, the word duvet itself hints at the fact that some duvets are far from being vegan. “Duvet” is derived from the French for down, down being the feathers of a bird.

In fact, you may have heard duvets called eiderdowns, which is actually the term used for the soft feathers that lie beneath the tougher outer feathers of a duck. It’s these eiderdown feathers that mother eider ducks use to line their nests in preparation for their hatchlings.

To create duvets filled with these types of feathers, ducks are farmed and plucked, which makes it easy to see why vegans want to steer clear of these kinds of duvets.

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What else could make a duvet unsuitable for vegans?

As vegans want to avoid any materials and products that contain animals, materials like silk, and wool would be avoided too. Some duvets contain silk thread or fabric, and many may even feature wool as a filling. However, more and more manufacturers are realising that duvets can provide warmth in winter and a cool cover in summer, without needing to contain any products from animals.

Why isn’t silk vegan?

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworm caterpillars.  (3) It’s believed that this luxurious material was first utilised in China during the 3rd millennium BC. As silk is taken from an animal, it’s considered non-vegan. The reluctance to use silk is even more understandable when you learn that the silk worms are often boiled in their cocoons to keep the silk fibres of the cocoon intact. The more palatable concept of “Peace Silk” sees the fibres being taken once the silk worms have left their cocoons. However, as Peace Silk is still a material that is derived from animals, it’s not a vegan product.

Why isn’t wool vegan?

Three woolly sheep and two shorn sheep in a field.

Again, wool is something that is taken from an animal, and would therefore not be considered vegan.

What’s a vegan duvet?

A vegan duvet is a bed cover that has been made using materials that aren’t derived from animals. Rather than being restrictive in the materials that can then be used, a vegan duvet can be made using cotton or polyester, and even bamboo. Many duvets are what those in the vegan know call, “accidentally vegan”. This means that even though the manufacturer may not be advertising their product as vegan, it is accidentally so as it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. It’s always advisable to check with the manufacturer if a product is 100% animal-product free before purchase.

Can non-vegans use vegan duvets?

Of course! Vegan duvets are enjoyed by all kinds of people, from champion cheddar chompers, to the dedicated dairy-free.

Benefits of a vegan duvet

Slumberland All Seasons Duvet

Slumberland All Seasons Duvet

Some animal products such as wool, and feathers can bring people out in hives, make them sneeze, or experience some other unpleasant allergic reaction. This is why even non-vegans can be keen to find duvets made from non-animal sources.

A vegan duvet can help you embrace your vegan lifestyle. There’s no need to compromise on your beliefs when you can keep cosy and warm without using any animal products.

What else can duvets be made from?

We have “accidentally” vegan duvets available in a range of non-animal materials, including:

  • Polyester climate control fibres - these fibres have been designed to help keep you warmer in cold weather and cooler when temperatures rise.
  • Hydrocool™ treated covers  - this treatment allows the covers to absorb then evaporate moisture to help regulate temperatures as you sleep
  • Dacron polyester - a hypoallergenic polyester that is resistant to mildew, mould, and stains (4)

Staples & Co Fresh Balance 10.5 tog duvet

Staples & Co. Fresh Balance Duvet

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Take a look at our entire collection of duvets and find the right duvets for you and your family. Whether you’re on the lookout for hypoallergenic duvets, duets with a touch of silk, or you prefer an animal-free duvet to snuggle up to at night, find them here at Bensons for Beds.


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