What Does Your Bedroom Furniture Say About You?

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 29th Jun 2022

What Does Your Bedroom Furniture Say About You?

Are you more mix than match when it comes to bedroom furniture sets? Or do you like your bedroom furniture to have an elegant uniformity? Whether you embrace a more “jumble sale chic” approach to bedroom furniture or prefer a perfect matching bedroom set, read on to discover what your bedroom and bedroom furniture choices say about you.

Minimalist bed sets and clutter-free bedrooms

Ezra Ottoman Bed Frame

Ezra Ottoman Bed Frame

According to an article from the BBC (1), a minimalist bedroom, devoid of trinkets and keepsakes, suggests that the sleeper is an introvert. It could also be a sign that the occupant “cares about control” and that “chaos could be disturbing to them."

Well, keeping chaos out of the bedroom certainly sounds like a great idea, but what if you yearn for the minimalist look but can’t bear to get rid of all your stuff?

The answer is simple – storage – and lots of it.

What bedroom furniture sets are best for storage?

Bexley Furniture Collection

Bexley Furniture Collection

If you find the thought of a fuss-free bedroom appealing, a simple, yet stylish bed set like the Hip Hop range of bedroom furniture would be a great choice. The wooden veneer design gives off on-trend earthy vibes and the clean, uncomplicated style fits perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic. The bedroom furniture set features a beautiful bed frame, bedside tables with drawers, a chest of drawers, a tallboy, and a wardrobe and are available in white, or oak effect. You may only want a few of the pieces or prefer to have the complete set, depending on how much room you have and how many things you need to put away.

For something completely different, check out the Bexley collection. This range manages to combine post-modernism with a minimalist look. Or, to put it another way, the Bexley collection of bedroom furniture channels 1960’s space-age chic while still managing to be completely on trend.

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What does a messy bedroom say about you?

Messy Bed

You may think it doesn’t take an expert to know what a messy bedroom says about a person. Yet, before labelling a person with an untidy bedroom disorganised or lazy, it’s worth noting what Professor of Psychology, Sam Gosling, has to say on the matter:

“...If you do have a messy space, people might come to wrong assumptions about your overall personality”.

So, although your room may look like a toddler’s run in and ransacked the place (or they actually have) it wouldn’t be fair for others to assume that you’re an all-round messy person – but the truth is, they will.

In fact, according to the BBC article from which Gosling is quoted, if you don’t want people to think you are “less agreeable...less kind, warm or sympathetic” then you should aim to have a tidier bedroom.

One solution is to keep your bedroom door firmly shut and hope nosey visitors don’t “get lost” on their way to the bathroom. Alternatively, you could tuck everything away in an ottoman, a divan bed with drawers, and of course your wardrobe, and chest of drawers. Whether you choose to do so neatly is entirely up to you.

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The Insta-worthy bedroom

Penelope Ottoman bed frame, Bedside table, and Bedding Box

Penelope Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame with Penelope Bedside Table & Penelope Bedding Box

Is your bedroom the backdrop of many a selfie? Could Vogue happily use your boudoir as the setting for its next big shoot? If your bedroom is as glamourous as they come, Professor Gosling has a few things to say about your bedroom and what it’s really revealing about you.

Besides indicating that you’re an extrovert, who loves inviting people to your home to see how wonderful it is – be that in real life or online – a glamourous bedroom could mean that you aren’t exactly being original. Gosling suggests that having the same wall prints or décor as many other people “Could indicate a lack of interest in different ideas and other people”.

Or it could just suggest you have the same really good taste, as a lot of other people…

Whatever your preference, we think it’s always good to follow your own sense of style and create the perfect bedroom for you.

How to match bedroom furniture

If matching bedroom furniture is your goal, then the best approach is to purchase a complete bedroom set. You may also want to consider buying it all at once rather than piece by piece to avoid missing out on vital pieces if that particular line is discontinued.

We took an Instagram poll on bedroom furniture, and over half of the participants agreed with this perspective, with 55% stating that when they replace their bedroom furniture, they do so all at once. Bensons for Beds offers bedroom sets in all kinds of designs, making sure you have can find a bedroom set to suit your own individual style.

The Edgemont Furniture Collection provides polished rustic charm, so is great for those wanting a more natural look with a chic finish. The range includes, a bed frame, a 3 + 2 drawer chest of drawers, and a wardrobe with drawers.

Fans of the modern, stripped-back wood look will want to take a peek at the Ezra Collection which features a stylish vanity table or desk, depending on how you want to use it. For a bolder style, opt for the charcoal models.

For a completely different look, consider the Sicily range which offers a huge choice of wardrobes and drawers which you can team with the beautiful Sicily bed frame.

Does all my bedroom furniture have to match?

Penelope Ottoman Blanket Box

Penelope Ottoman Blanket Box

Despite the fact that 67% of our Instagram poll participants stated that they prefer their bedroom furniture to be matching, over half of you then said that you’d still slot in a mismatching piece if you loved it. So, you may decide that just one or two particular pieces of bedroom furniture would fit in with the style of your current bedroom. On the other hand, you may love that vanity table/occasional chair/bedside table so much, you simply don’t care if it matches the current style of your bedroom.

For customers that do love to match all their bedroom furniture, we provide matching blanket boxes and bedside tables which are available in six tempting colours from the Penelope collection.

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Bedroom furniture that fits right in

In addition to boasting an impressive collection of bedroom furniture sets, Bensons for Beds also provides those single pieces that can slip seamlessly into all sorts of bedroom designs.

The following range of bedside tables are ideal for adding to your bedroom as they complement all manner of design preferences:

The Camillo Bedside Table

Camillo Bedside Table

This stylish little number is an elegant piece that gives your bedroom an instant hit of Art Deco glamour. 

The gold embellished round top nestled on sleek golden legs is perfect for bedrooms decked out in traditional elements. The Camillo also fits in when you want a single eye-catching piece to store all your bedroom necessities.

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Tatum Bedside Table

In keeping with the current trend for circular bedside tables, the Tatum’s contemporary style seamlessly blends fashion with function. 

The etched panel design gives it a slight rustic aesthetic while the angled spindle legs give it that minimalist appeal.

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The Keaton Bedside Table

    Keaton Bedside Table

Be captured by the eco-chic charm of the Keaton bedside table and enjoy the perfect place to store your bedtime bits and bobs. 

The chocolate walnut tones allow the elegant bedside table to complement all kinds of on-trend bedroom designs. 

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Bedroom furniture sets and more at Bensons for Beds

Enjoy browsing our collections of bedroom furniture and choose the ideal sets for your bedroom. To place an order, simply visit our Furniture Collections and choose a complete bedroom furniture set or select pieces that you love. You can also give us a call on 0808 144 6160 to place an order now.


(1) https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/1cd61c5f-4784-4a12-ac88-ae6e0c8c4bad

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