How to sleep at a festival

Admittedly, getting enough sleep isn’t your number one priority when you’re at a music festival. And while Bensons for Beds don’t offer a bed you can take with you to a festival, we do value the science of sleep wellness. That’s why we’ve put this article together – to ensure you’re well-rested and ready to party. Here’s 7 tips to help you sleep at a festival.

Stay dry

Invest in a tent with a double skin to protect you from the elements. Even when the weather is dry and sunny, you’ll find single skin tents tend to create a lot of condensation which can cause damp. A double skin tent will help insulate the tent and reduce condensation.

Don’t sleep on the floor

Protect yourself from the cold, hard ground with an air mattress. Alternatively, the Mi Zone S Flex Airflow Roll Up Mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep by regulating your temperature and moisture levels. Featuring a convenient zip-around fastening, the cover can be taken off and washed. What’s more, this mattress comes rolled up in a convenient box, so you can take it into the festival with ease.

Take a pillow

Why not bring a pillow from home? Having your head raised above your body will make a massive difference and help your sleep. If you don’t want to take your best pillows, our Sleepmasters Essential Pillows offer a comfortable and inexpensive solution. Alternatively, make your own festival pillow by bringing a pillow case and stuffing it with clothes.

Get some earplugs

Small, convenient and cheap. Pack some earplugs for night time when you want to settle down for a few hours kip. The live acts may have finished but people will want to carry on partying at the campsite so it’s wise to invest in some of these if you value your sleep.

Pitch smart

Choose a good spot to pitch your tent – ideally a reasonable distance from the toilets and public walkways so you don’t get trampled on by other festival goers. Don’t camp too close to the main stages as this this is where it will be the noisiest – and the muddiest.

Go Glamping

An ideal compromise If you want to stay on-site at the festival but can’t survive without some home comforts. Simply rock up with your clothes for the weekend (and some other necessities) and your tent/cabin/caravan will be waiting for you! Many UK festivals have delved into this market as of late, offering glamping experiences with access to beds, fresh linen and even a ready-lit stove waiting for you on arrival. With access to such luxuries, getting some sleep should be easy.

Take an eye mask

Sleeping outdoors means you are likely to wake up with the rising sun. If you’d prefer to wake up on your own terms, invest in an eye mask.

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