Best Beds for Heavy People

Posted by Bensons for Beds on 24th Mar 2020

Best Beds for Heavy People

Settling into bed at night after a busy day is like the feel of seeing sunshine peek through the curtains after a week of rain. In fact, we’d go so far as to say there’s nothing better than getting into bed, relaxing in comfort and getting some well-deserved sleep.

However, if you consider yourself to be heavier than many people, trying to get quality sleep is not always so straightforward.

You might find that your mattress is not quite as comfortable and supportive as you need or that your bed squeaks or creaks as you move around, waking you or your partner up with the noise.

Finding a divan base, bed frame or mattress which give you exactly the right level of support alongside a great night’s sleep can be tricky for anyone. And it can be even more of a challenge if you’re more solidly built or you consider yourself to be overweight.

Here we look at just how much weight a bed can take before considering some of the best mattresses and bed frames for heavy people, starting with mattresses:

What are the best mattress types for heavy people?

When looking for a new mattress, consider firmness, material, the number of springs and weight limit.

Mattress firmness:

When it comes to choosing the best mattress firmness for you, we highly recommend popping into one of our nationwide stores. Using our exclusive sleep pro® technology, our sleep advisor colleagues instore can show you your pressure points and how much support each mattress firmness type would provide you. It only takes a few minutes and it’s such a worthwhile thing to do, to help you determine the ideal mattress for you to invest in.

Generally speaking, the best mattresses for heavy people are those which are specifically built for maximum support and durability.

You should avoid soft mattresses and go for one which is either firm or extra firm instead. This will help to support you and encourage spine alignment while keeping mattress sagging at bay.

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Mattress materials:

A high spring count combined with firmer fillings can help to avoid your mattress sinking or sagging.

Think about the amount of compression that can occur within the different materials mattresses are made up of. As much as we like to imagine we’re sleeping on the best cushion in the world, the thing that makes mattresses different is that you can’t re-plump them.

It’s useful to know, in general, the more fillings a mattress has, the more settlement will occur. A mattress with a foam core and latex top layer like the Slumberland Clima Control Latex Backcare Mattress is a good option for minimum compression.

Slumberland Clima Control Latex Backcare Mattress

Slumberland Clima Control Latex Backcare Mattress

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Look for a mattress with temperature regulation

If you tend to get warm easily, you may also struggle to keep cool in bed.

If this is an issue for you, then a mattress which has temperature regulating technology may help.

Try an iGel mattress which offers phase change material and moisture wicking technology for a fresher feel.

iGel Advance 2000 Mattress

iGel Advance 2000 Mattress 

The number of springs in a mattress:

Artisan Grand Mattress on Blue Artisan Divan Bed Set

Staples & Co Artisan Grand Mattress

The general rule with springs is the more springs, the more support. A mattress like our Artisan grand mattress has a total of 6000 springs, including 2000 full-size individually wrapped pocket springs and 1000 mni pocket springs at its core, with an additional 3000 mini pocket springs in its sumptuous pillow top layer.

Mattress weight limits:

All mattresses should have a maximum weight per sleeper. This will vary based on the size and type of the mattress. Around 16 stone per person is a good guide to start with for standard mattresses.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to mattresses, as we all need something different to suit our sleep style and to keep us comfortable during the night. The best mattress for you will always come down to your preferences and needs.

Now, onto bed frames…

How much weight can a bed frame hold?

Firstly, we should say all our beds are tested to British Standard BS EN 1725 which is a strength and durability test.

As general guidelines, for a single bed with mattress, the weight limit is around 16 stone and for a double bed or larger, it should be able to hold two people at around 16 stone each.

As with all guidelines, they are just guidelines – even a very light person can cause damage to a bed if they throw themselves onto it, bounce on it like a trampoline or on in some cases, if they just stand on the middle of it to change a lightbulb.

The best bed frames for heavy people

When you’re choosing a bed frame, it’s important to look out for different factors which can have a real impact on their suitability for you.

Sturdy materials

Heavier people should opt for a strong bed frame which is made out of a sturdy, robust material such as solid wood or a metal, such as steel.

These materials are designed to be more supportive and can offer more durability, making them the best bed frame for a heavy person.

Be sure to check the weight capacity if a divan or an ottoman bed catches your eye.

Even weight distribution

When choosing a bed for a heavy person, you should also consider a bed frame which distributes your weight evenly.

If you’re worried that you will be too heavy to sleep comfortably on a standard bed frame then you have the option of selecting a bed frame which has been specially reinforced to take more weight.

If you choose a bed frame which doesn’t distribute your weight evenly then this can cause the bed to sag in the middle. This can impact the quality of your sleep as it will not support your body adequately. Poor quality sleep can lead to both mental and physical health issues.

Go for a larger bed frame

If you’re heavier, it’s likely that you’ll need a bit more room in bed too. Opt for a strong double bed frame or try a king size or super king size to give you and your partner much more room to spread out and sleep comfortably, without disturbing each other.

What should heavy people avoid when it comes to choosing beds and mattresses?

If you’re heavier, you should avoid bed frames which might not be as strong as beds made from sturdy materials or offer you the level of support that you need.

You may find that this can lead to an inability to get comfortable in bed and therefore interrupted or poor-quality sleep. It can also mean that the bed wears out very quickly and that you might find yourself shopping for a new bed sooner than you anticipated.

What should I do if the weight between myself and my partner varies a lot?

A weight variation between partners is a common issue when it comes to choosing a bed frame.

If there’s a big discrepancy between your weight and your partner’s weight, this will play a part in the type of bed you will be able to choose.

When it comes to choosing a bed frame, it is key to look out for one that distributes weight evenly across the bed frame. This will ensure that you both have adequate support while you are sleeping.

When choosing a mattress, it may be best to opt for a pocket sprung mattress as these are better able to cater for both of your weights, thanks to the numerous individual small springs which are housed inside the mattress itself.

You should turn the mattress every few weeks to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly. This will help to prevent the mattress from sinking in one place over a period of time.

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