How an Adjustable Bed Could Change Your Life

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 9th Nov 2022

How an Adjustable Bed Could Change Your Life

Have you ever tried an adjustable bed? If not, this is your reminder that an electric bed with adjustable positioning could help to improve your sleeping posture. The possible results? Oh, just a better night’s sleep and the potential to relieve those physical discomfort points. Got to be worth a try right?

While it’s true that adjustable beds, sometimes referred to as mobility beds, are most popularly used by the elderly, they can offer potential benefits to users of all ages and physical abilities. Adapting at the touch of a button, an adjustable bed might provide relief from pain or snoring and can help to make that last chapter before bed all the more absorbing, giving you the support you need to sit upright more comfortably.

And if you thought that an adjustable bed meant NHS-chic, think again. Here at Bensons for Beds, we have some of the most stylish adjustable beds UK-wide. Because, although commonly associated with hospital beds, adjustable beds are a very different proposition, offering some similar features but in a user-friendly package designed to fit into your home and your lifestyle. Adjustable beds have now become a luxurious choice for those wanting to use their beds for reading, watching T.V, and even working on a laptop in bed.

Unlike your average bed, an adjustable bed provides you with a myriad of possible positions with no need to construct inventive pillow-based solutions or go through the hassle of noisy midnight rearrangements. Instead, an adjustable bed will adapt to suit you with the tap of a finger. Which could mean less fidgeting to find the ideal sleeping position, less likelihood of waking up with aches and pains and more comfortable, supportive use of your bed when you’re awake and active.

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What is an Adjustable Bed?

Tech Motion Plus Adjustable Bed

Tech Motion Plus Adjustable Bed

So, what makes an adjustable bed? Well, this is an item of furniture that does what it says on the tin. Powered by electricity, a mobility bed or recliner bed adjusts at the touch of a button, raising and lowering at the head and foot ends to provide you with the perfect position, whether you’re cosying up for a good night’s kip or sitting tall for breakfast in bed. Connected to a remote control, the best adjustable bed allows for incremental adjustment, meaning that you’ll enjoy the perfect position for you no matter your height, weight, body shape, favoured sleeping position or pain points.

Recliner beds v hospital beds

Home adjustable beds are based on hospital profiling beds but feature simpler technology, more intuitive operation and infinitely better-looking finishes, as well as the option for that all important double size. This makes them a great choice for users of all ages. They’re free from safety rails and don’t have those clinical extras, like hooks for IV bags and lifting and lowering capability, added to make hospital beds practical for healthcare workers. Instead, our adjustable beds combine practicality and style, giving you a little extra independence and a great heaping of comfort without compromising the bedroom décor you’ve worked so hard on.

Adjustable bed frames for gadget gurus

You’ve plugged your living room lights into your Alexa, your phone can unlock your car from a distance and even your exercise bike is connected to the internet. So why is your bed still so primitive?

Adjustable beds are at the cutting edge of bed 2.0 technology (disclaimer: we just made that term up) thanks to their plug-in connection. This means they don’t just adjust for comfort, many also offer those little extras to make life easier. Think USB connections for charging your phone to Bluetooth, giving you the option to control your bed from a smartphone or tablet.

Mattresses for recliner beds

While we’re on the subject of bed tech, let’s talk mattresses. At Bensons for Beds, our adjustable beds are sold with mattresses included. So you’re not just getting the bed frame, you’ve got a complete, ready-to-use solution delivered straight to your bedroom.

And the mattresses which are supplied with adjustable beds? Well, they’re pretty blinkin’ good. Even at the less expensive end of the mobility bed spectrum, you’ll enjoy the best in modern mattress technology. The Bensons for Beds Pocket Memory Motion Divan Bed Set, for example, gives you a hybrid mattress with 1000 hand-nested pocket springs topped with sumptuously deep memory foam. Throw in adaptive technology for body temperature perfection and edge-to-edge support and you’ve got so much more than just adjustability. And on top of all this, you can also choose from three different comfort choices. Gosh, we do spoil you.

The Tech Motion Plus adjustable bed is another great choice. Available in three different shades and with a choice of comfort ratings, this beautiful bed effortlessly combines style and function.

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Adjustable beds and better sleep

We all sleep differently(1). Many of us sleep on our sides, some on our backs and, more unusually some people sleep on their fronts. Some curl up, some stretch out. Some of us run the full gamut of sleep positions over the course of our nightly eight hours.

But however you sleep, there’s one thing that we’re sure of. An adjustable bed can give you the flexibility you’ll need to help you enjoy reliable spinal support and better comfort. And with that handy remote control to hand at any time, if you need to change it up, even at 3am, it’s simple to do so. Quietly, quickly and with minimal disturbance.

Adjustable beds for daytime bed users

During the COVID19 pandemic, we found ourselves getting increasingly familiar with every nook and cranny of our homes. Working at the dining table, studying in the kitchen or taking exercise classes in the conservatory, our houses and flats – and our bedrooms - became multipurpose spaces.

According to experts, we’re spending more time in our beds than ever(2), thanks in no small part to the rise in portable technology, such as lightweight laptops, smartphones and tablets. But, of course, a bed is a less than practical seating solution and using devices, or even just reading a book, in bed can cause back and neck issues. Choosing an adjustable bed may minimise the potential for damage while also making sitting up in bed, whatever your reasons for doing so, so much more comfy.

How Can an Electric Bed Improve Your Comfort?

Tech Motion Adjustable Bed

Tech Motion Adjustable Bed

Ever sighed at the ceiling at 2am and decided that beds just aren’t designed with you in mind? An adjustable bed could just be the solution to those nights spent tossing and turning.

Are adjustable beds suitable for everyone?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, adjustable beds might previously have most commonly been used by the elderly or bed bound but they can potentially offer benefits for just about everyone:

  • Homeworkers who work from bed
  • Watching TV in bed
  • Reading in bed
  • Snorers and people with sleep apnoea
  • Those recovering from illness, injury or surgery
  • Pregnant sleepers
  • Those with mobility issues

How Can Mobility Beds Improve Independence?

When we’re young we take for granted our independence. We can open jars without assistance (well, most of us can), we drive ourselves from A to B, we’re able to safely whip up a chicken curry and we can spring in and out of bed without a second thought.

However, as the years pass, it becomes increasingly clear that our bodies aren’t always up to the tasks we’ve set for them. Things that used to be a breeze can become a real pain in the backside and when that happens, younger relatives often start dropping hints about home help or residential care.

Getting in and out of your electric bed

Most people find, as they age, that movements and tasks they once took for granted start to get a little bit difficult. This can affect everyday jobs such as:

  • Getting dressed
  • Preparing meals
  • Getting up and down stairs
  • Showering and bathing
  • Getting in and out of bed

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of solutions out there to make life that bit easier, from easy reach grabbers so you don’t have to bend down to pick a jumper out of your bottom drawer to foot cleaning bathmats and kettle tippers. And, of course, there are adjustable beds too. These could make sitting up and lying down easier, doing the work for you and taking the stress out of getting in and out of bed each day.

Easy to use, a mobility bed can contribute to giving elderly or disabled users the independence to begin and end their day as they choose, without assistance. This won’t just improve your own quality of life, it can also save on care costs and give worried family members peace of mind.

A better night’s sleep for improved cognition

Pocketflex Optima Adjustable Bed

Pocketflex Optima Adjustable Bed

When we sleep well, we perform better (3). Whether that’s at work or while carrying out basic day to day tasks. We’ve all been there. You didn’t get a wink of sleep last night and not only have you spilt your morning cuppa but you’ve put your car keys in the fridge and called your daughter by your cat’s name, not once but three times.

So how can an adjustable bed help?

Quite simply, an adjustable bed can help to improve comfort, even for users that find it difficult to get settled at night. When correctly adjusted an electric bed may help to ease aches and pains or assist you in finding the right position to relieve the pressure or discomfort that can occur in a traditional flat bed. The result? The potential for uninterrupted, deep and restorative sleep, which can, in turn, help to keep your brain fit as a fiddle (4).

Can an Adjustable Bed Help…?

Still not sure whether an adjustable bed could do wonders for you? Buckle in!

Is an adjustable bed good for my bad back?

If back pain is causing you problems, it could be time to invest in a new bed.

Many people with back issues find that simply lying down is extremely uncomfortable, preferring to sleep with hips raised or even sitting upright. An adjustable bed may just help you to find the ideal position to take pressure off of your back for improved rest.

Could an adjustable bed soothe a sore neck?

Up to 70% of us will suffer from neck pain at some point in our lives (5). It’s an issue that’s only going to get more common with the rise of ‘tech neck’(6), caused by smartphones and poor working posture.

An adjustable bed can help realign the position of your head and shoulders, hips and legs for an improved sleeping experience. This may relieve pressure on your neck, spine and joints.

Will I need a mobility bed after surgery?

Major surgery in the offing?

Often recommended for use after spine surgery, an electric bed could help to make a lengthy recovery more bearable. Not only does this type of bed give you a variety of comfortable, pressure-free sleeping positions, it also makes sitting up in bed to chat to guests and eat meals easier.

Can an electric bed improve heartburn?

If you feel the burn when lying down, you may find it more comfortable to raise the head of your bed – it’s common advice for those with heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux(7).

While plumper pillows or books under the head end of the bed offer a makeshift solution, an adjustable bed is more reliable. Raising you gently to an incline, these beds provide support with less risk of morning aches and pains.

Could an adjustable bed improve circulation?

Ever heard of the zero gravity position? Developed by NASA (8) to reduce pressure for astronauts travelling to space, this elevated position can be recreated in most adjustable beds.

Not only could the zero gravity position help to minimise pain, it also promotes better circulation and may help to alleviate swelling. This potential for improved circulation also suggests that sleeping in zero g could support the heart too.

Will an adjustable bed stop me snoring?

Believe it or not, snoring is a rising cause of divorce in the UK, with 12% splitting over the issue(9). It might sound extreme but snoring can be a major source of stress for co-sleepers.

Thankfully, your partner’s nocturnal rumblings could be helped by an adjustable bed. While sleeping flat on your back can cause blocked airways, a slight elevation may help to reduce this issue, minimising snoring and even reducing incidences of sleep apnoea(10).

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Adjustable Beds at Bensons for Beds

We know that an adjustable bed is a big financial commitment, however many of our customers agree that they’re well worth the investment, helping to improve comfort, support good health and bolster independence. We also have a range of financing options that can help to spread out the cost of your adjustable bed.

Stylish, modern adjustable beds

Your bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. A workspace, a dressing room, a place to exercise and a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind … whatever you use your bedroom for it’s important that it looks great.

So whether you’re a vintage queen or prefer a sleek, modern look, we have the bed to suit your style. Take this Tech Motion Adjustable Divan Bed Set. Available in a range of subtle earth tones, this divan adjustable bed frame has a prettily upholstered finish that fits with a variety of headboards.

An electric bed for both of you

An adjustable bed frame can also be a real problem solver too, helping partners to tackle snoring and reduce motion transfer. A split king or super king adjustable bed, for example, not only gives you acres of sleeping space it also features two individual mattresses. This means you can not only choose your preferred mattress firmness for each side, but individually adjust your position without disturbing your partner as well.

Choosing your adjustable bed

Making buying a bed as easy as a Sunday morning lie-in, the team at Bensons for Beds can help you to find your bed, your way. Using advanced SleepPro technology, we’ll make sure you’re as comfortable with your new bed as you are tucked up in it.

So, shop online, pop into your local store, or give us a call on 0808 144 6160 for more information.


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