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How Much Weight Can a Bed Frame Hold? | Sleep Hub

When it comes to choosing your perfect bed, there will be plenty of things you’ll need to consider. You’ll want one that offers comfort, style and promises a great night’s sleep, but you’ll also want to choose the right bed that caters to your body type, weight and sleeping position.

This will of course impact your choice of mattress but will also affect which type of bed frame you go for. When researching, you’ll probably be asking yourself how much weight can a bed frame hold?

Here’s where you should begin.

How much weight should a bed frame take?

From the outset, it’s important to know the maximum weight a bed frame will have to take. If you’re sharing the bed with your partner, you’ll need to calculate your combined weight. You’ll also need to consider the weight of your chosen mattress and if more than the two of you will be using the bed, for example if the kids will be joining you at the weekend. All of this makes a difference.

What is meant by the weight capacity of a bed frame?

Each individual bed frame will have a different weight capacity, provided by the manufacturer. This is the maximum weight that a specific bed frame will be able to take. Always remember, that the weight capacity must include the weight of the mattress too.

How do I know the weight of my mattress?

The size (single, double, king sized etc.) and type of mattress ( iGel, memory foam, latex) you choose will impact on its weight. If you’re concerned about the potential weight of your chosen mattress, you will be able to get this information directly from the manufacturer.

Do mattresses have a maximum weight per sleeper?

All mattresses should have a maximum weight per sleeper. This will vary on the size and type of mattress, but 16 stone per person is a good guide.

Which type of bed frame is better suited for heavier people?

It’s important to look for two things when choosing the right bed frame:

  • Firstly, you should opt for a bed frame made out of sturdy and strong material, such as solid wood or metal.
  • Secondly, consider a bed frame that distributes your weight evenly. You even have the option of selecting a bed frame that has been specially reinforced to take more weight.

What happens if I choose the wrong type of bed frame for my weight?

If you choose the wrong type of bed frame that doesn’t evenly distribute your weight, this can cause it to sag in the middle. This can impact the quality of your sleep and won’t support your body adequately.

What should I do if the weight between myself and my partner varies a lot?

If there is a big discrepancy between you and your partner in terms of weight, this will play a part in the type of bed you’ll be able to choose. When it comes to the bed frame, it will be key to look for one that distributes the weight evenly across the frame to ensure you both have adequate support.

In terms of the mattress you choose it may be best to opt for a pocket spring mattress as it can cater to both of your weights, due to the individual small springs housed in the mattress.

Once you have your perfect bed it’s key to look after and clean both the mattress and bed frame adequately to make sure your bed is always an inviting place to be.

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