Posted by Bensons For Beds on 24th Mar 2020

How to Assemble a Divan Bed | Sleep Hub | Bensons for Beds

A divan bed has many benefits. They’re stylish, comfortable and a fantastic space saver, with ample storage beneath the mattress to store anything you don’t want in sight. What’s more, most divan beds come with wheels, so you can transport and rearrange them with ease. Divan beds are also incredibly easy to set up, unlike other bed frames, divans require minimum effort to be assembled, meaning you can transform your bedroom in minutes. Here’s all our tips on how to assemble a divan bed.

How can I attach the wheels on a divan bed?

Most divan beds come with wheels, this handy feature makes them easy to move for cleaning or bedroom rearranging. Don’t worry, attaching the wheels to your divan bed couldn’t be simpler. On the underside of the bed base, you’ll find slots specifically for the wheels. Insert the wheels into these slots and they should click into place. The wheels can also be removed just as easily, so if you’re ever moving your divan bed to a different room you can rest assured knowing it will fit through any door frames. Once you’re happy with the position of your bed, simply click the wheels into the stop position to avoid them moving and you’re good to go!

How to clip together a divan bed?

Divan bed typically come in two halves which join to complete the bed. This makes them much easier to fit upstairs and through door frames on delivery – plus, breaking the bed into two pieces makes it easier to move from bedroom to bedroom if you’re ever redecorating. Don’t worry, clipping your divan bed together is simple. Clipped together with U-clips the two bases are joined with the metal clip to form a secure base.

How do I attach a divan bed headboard?

Now you’ve come to attaching your headboard to the divan base. If your headboard requires setting up the first step is to attach the legs to the headboard. Headboards usually come with holes already drilled in the legs and the headboard – simply align these holes and securely attach with screws. Next, you need to locate the pre-drilled holes in the base of your divan. Screw one bolt into the hole – this will then leave an exposed bolt for you to slide your headboard struts into. The final step is to tighten the bolt to ensure the headboard is secured safely in place.

My divan squeaks when I move – what should I do?

Sometimes divan beds can start to get a bit squeaky over time. There are a few ways you can fix this:

  • Tighten the joints. A squeaky bed is often the result of joints becoming looser over time. Tightening and joints or screws on your bed is often a quick fix for unwanted squeaking. To do this, use a screwdriver or wench.
  • Use WD40 or a few drops of vegetable oil if you know the exact place the squeaking is coming from. Although keep in mind this could stain the upholstery if it splashes so use sparingly.
  • Check the floor. It’s a possibility that the cause of the squeak is actually the floor, not the bed. A good way to check this is by moving the bed out of the way and walking across that part of the floor. If it squeaks when your bed moved it will squeak when you walk on it!

How can I make my divan bed last longer?

Your divan bed has been designed to last, but there are things you can do (or not do) to ensure longevity:

  • Don’t overload the drawers. While divan beds are fantastic storage solutions, the temptation can be there to adopt an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality for mess. Only place lightweight items such as linen and clothing in your divan bed and avoid going over 20kg of weight per drawer.
  • If you have an adjustable divan bed, only get into bed when it’s in the flat position, and never sleep in the bed when it’s raised as this can cause damage to the mechanism. Avoid putting any force on the end of the bed while it’s in the upright position.
  • Avoid standing or jumping on the bed at any time.
  • Use a mattress protector to prolong the life of your mattress.

Visit our bed frame care guide for more info on how to keep your bed frame looking and feeling newer for longer, and for more sleep tips and advice, be sure to keep an eye on the Bensons Sleep Hub.