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How to Put Wheels on a Divan Bed | Sleep Hub

If you are looking to give your bedroom a fresh new look, then divan beds offer numerous benefits.

They’re stylish and comfortable as well as being a fantastic space saver, with handy storage space discretely disguised beneath the bed frame. And their compact build makes them a great choice for smaller bedrooms or bedrooms where storage space is otherwise scarce.

Most of our divan beds come with wheels, or bed castors as they’re sometimes known, which help to give you greater flexibility when it comes to moving your bed around.

Ordering a new bed is really exciting but it can also be a little daunting when the bed is delivered, as you may need to put it together yourself.

When buying divan beds, some people wonder if they’re difficult to put together as one element of their assembly requires attaching the wheels. Don’t worry though, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it sounds – putting wheels on a divan bed really is quick and easy job.

Keep reading to find out how to fit these wheels and you’ll be sleeping soundly in your new divan bed in no time.

Why do divan beds come with wheels?

Wondering why divan beds come with wheels? Well, it’s mainly to make your life a little bit easier. Most of the divan beds at Bensons for Beds come with wheels so that you can move your bed and rearrange your bedroom furniture with ease.

The handy addition of these wheels makes divan beds a popular choice for bedrooms and guest rooms. Attaching wheels to your divan bed also means that it can be easily manoeuvred for tasks such as cleaning and re-decorating. No more shimmying the bed over!

You know that stubborn dust that forms under the bed? Well, with a divan bed on wheels, you can just roll it to the side and vacuum or dust it away. And let’s face it, we’ll take all the help we can get with the household chores.

How do you attach wheels to a divan bed?

Attaching the wheels to your divan bed really couldn’t be simpler.

  1. First thing’s first, make sure that there’s plenty of space to move around the bed. You’ll need access to all four corners of the base, in order to attach the wheels.
  2. You’ll then need to lift the bed base so that you can get to the underside. You might need someone to help you with this as it’s easier to do with two people.
  3. If you can, it may be easier to put the bed on its end and then you’ll have easy access to the underside of it, without having to fiddle around underneath. This is definitely a safer option – you don’t want to trap your fingers (or anything else!) underneath the bed frame.
  4. You could also turn the bed base upside down to access the underside. However, you’ll need to turn it the right way again once you’ve finished which may be a bit trickier than just resting it on its side.
  5. On the underside of the bed base, you’ll find slots that are specifically for the wheels. There should be one in each corner, unless otherwise specified on the manufacturer’s instructions. Just insert the divan bed wheels into these slots and tap firmly until they’re in place.
  6. You should hear an audible click once they’re in the right place. Once they’re clicked in, they’ll be secure here and won’t move.
  7. If you’re struggling to get them to click in, you may need to give them a gentle tap with a mallet. Just be careful when doing this to ensure that you don’t damage the wheels.

And…that’s it! It really is as easy as that.

Adding these wheels will help you to position and rearrange your bed easily until you’re happy with where it is. Want to move it an inch to the left? No worries! You don’t have to pick up your bed, simply roll it into place.

Will my bed roll around if it has wheels on?

You might think that a bed with wheels will roll around freely, especially on wooden or laminate flooring. However, you don’t need to worry, you won’t go flying when you try to get into bed!

Once you’re sure about the position of your bed, you can simply click the wheels into the brake position and your bed will stay put.

Do you have to put wheels on a divan bed?

No, you don’t have to put wheels on a divan bed. Although the wheels are a handy addition, this doesn’t mean that you must add them. It’s completely your choice. Some divan beds don’t even come with wheels.

However, aside from easy manoeuvrability, fixing wheels to your bed can have other advantages too. Adding wheels to your divan bed can help you to access the under-bed storage more easily, rather than the base of the bed resting on the floor.

If you’re considering buying a divan bed then you might want to take a look at our article which explores everything you need to know about divan beds.

How to remove wheels from a divan bed

The great thing about the wheels on a divan bed is that they can be removed just as easily as they were attached.

This means that you can pop then on and off again whenever you need to move your bed. If you’re a serial furniture rearrange-r than a divan is just the ticket for you!

This is a handy feature of divan beds, which means that you can rest assured knowing your bed will fit through tricky door frames. Great news if you’re moving your bed from one room to another or you’re moving house.

The fact that the wheels are removeable also makes it easier if one of them happens to get damaged. You can simply remove that wheel and replace it with another, rather than having to buy a whole new bed. Replacement caster wheels are available to buy individually or in a pack.

You might want to take the wheels off if you prefer the look of the divan bed in your bedroom without wheels. If you need to move it, just clip them back into place in the same way you did before.

How to put the rest of your divan bed together

The wheels aren’t the only easy part of divan bed assembly – the good news is that the rest of it is pretty easy to put together too.

Divan beds usually come in two halves for easy delivery and so that they can fitup stairs and through doorframes.

All you’ll need to do is clip the two halves together and your new bed will be ready to welcome you.

If you need to know more about putting a divan bed together, then check out our guide to assembling one here for more helpful advice and information.

Once your bed is assembled with its wheels on and is in its desired location, you’ll be able to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

If we’ve tempted you, then have a look at our range of stylish divan beds with under-bed storage.

What is the difference between wheels and casters?

Some of our divan beds come with wheels while some come with casters. Often the terms are used interchangeably and the truth is that the two are very similar but there is a key difference.

Casters are a wheel of sorts, but their design is a little more sophisticated than a standard wheel. A wheel can only spin on a single axis, which means its movement is a limited. Casters, on the other hand, can roll in a straight line or in different directions.

How to maintain the wheels on your divan bed

Your divan bed and the wheels that it comes with are designed to last but there are some things you can do (or avoid doing) to get the most out of it and ensure its longevity.

Firstly, avoid the temptation to overload the drawers. While divan beds are fantastic storage solutions, it can be tempting to cram them full. After all, out of sight, out of mind! However, overloading them with weight can put too much pressure on the wheels, as well as the base of the drawers.

Only use your drawers for storing lightweight items such as linen and clothing. Avoid adding more than 20kg of weight per drawer.

We know it’s tempting but try to avoid standing or jumping on the bed. This can damage the bed base and the wheels, as well as causing wear and tear to your mattress.

My divan wheels squeak, what should I do?

If you find that the wheels of your divan are starting to get a little squeaky, you can try a couple of things to fix this.

Use WD40 or a few drops of vegetable oil on the exact place the squeak is coming from. Bear in mind that this could stain the upholstery of your bed if it splashes, so take care to use it very sparingly.

Check the floor. It is possible that it could be the floor that’s squeaking rather than your wheels.

A good way to find out whether it’s the floor or the wheels that’s the culprit is to move your bed out of the way and walk across that part of the floor. If it’s the floor, then it will squeak as you walk along it. If there’s no squeak then it’s got to be your wheels. Problem solved!

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