What is a Divan Bed? Everything You Need to Know | Sleep Hub

Posted by Bensons for Beds on 24th Mar 2020

What is a Divan Bed? Everything You Need to Know | Sleep Hub

So you’ve decided you need a new bed but what next? When it comes to choosing the right bed and mattress for you, there’s actually a lot to consider. You’ll need to think about the style you like, how you like to sleep and what else you might need from a bed. After all, beds aren’t just for sleeping!

You’ll also need to consider the space you have in your bedroom. And if adding a larger bed to a room will sacrifice much-needed storage space, then a divan bed could be the ideal choice for you, as it offers helpful additional storage space in its base.

Here we take a deep dive into exactly what divan beds can offer you so you can decide if a divan bed is the right choice for you.

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What exactly is a divan bed?

A divan bed is a bed which is made up of a specially designed base plus a matching mattress.

The base is generally made from a wooden frame, which helps to make the bed both durable and long-lasting. This base is then covered in fabric, to give it a clean, stylish finish.

Perhaps the best thing about a divan bed is the fact that it comes with under-bed storage drawers. This means that you can make use of what is otherwise a wasted space underneath the bed base. Pop your linens, towels, seasonal coats, shoes, or really anything you like down here.

Most divan storage beds are on wheels. This makes them a popular choice if you're a serial furniture rearranger, as they are incredibly easy to move around. They’re also handy for cleaning as you’ll be able to move your bed across the floor to easily access that dust-harbouring space underneath.

Don’t worry though, you won’t go whizzing round your bedroom while you sleep. The wheels on a divan bed can be fixed in place to give you a stable bed.

Divan beds come in a variety of different sizes. Whether you’re on the hunt for a single divan bed with storage to add to a guest bedroom or you’re thinking of a super king size bed to make a statement in your master suite, our divan beds come in a range of sizes to compliment the space you have available.

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What is the difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed?

Divan beds and ottoman beds can be easily confused since they both offer storage options in the base of the bed frame.

However, the main difference is how the storage is accessed.

Divan beds have drawers on either side of the bed which are pulled out whereas with an ottoman bed, the frame and mattress itself is lifted to access the storage underneath.

A divan bed is a good choice if you need to access your belongings regularly, as you can very easily pull out the drawers to find what you’re looking for.

Does a divan bed come with a mattress?

Some divan beds come with a mattress included in the price. These are called divan bed sets. Together, a divan base and mattress will create a luxury sleep experience. With a divan bed set, you have a variety of mattress options available.

This means that you can find a mattress that suits your sleeping style and requirements. Choose from iGel, memory foam and orthopaedic mattress. You can also select your firmness rating, depending on the amount of support you need while you sleep.

If you’re not sure which mattress is right for you, then check out our  mattress buying guide for more advice and information.

Are divan beds easy to assemble?

Yes, divan beds are relatively straightforward to put together.

Divan beds usually come in two halves, which can be joined together to make the bed. This makes it easier for the bed to be taken upstairs and for it to fit through doorways.

These two halves can be simply clipped together and then popped into place.

How do I fit a divan bed together?

Clipping your divan bed together is simple and straightforward – you’ll be enjoying a lovely slumber before you know it! The two bases are joined with a metal clip which forms a secure divan base.

You may also need to attach wheels to your divan bed, if it comes with them. On the underside of the bed there are slots for the wheels. Just insert the wheel into the slot and click into place. You can remove these just as easily – handy if you’re moving house or moving the bed through a narrow gap into another room.

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide to putting your divan bed together, then check out our comprehensive  guide here . You’ll be relaxing on your new divan in no time!

How do I attach a headboard to a divan bed?

Divan beds often come without headboards. This gives you greater flexibility as you can then choose a headboard you love and switch it up when your tastes change, without needing to buy a whole new bed.

It should go without saying that you should always read any instructions carefully and follow them as they are set out.

If you’re buying a new headboard for your divan bed, you’ll first need to measure the distance between the screw holes on the both the bed and the headboard to be sure that they line up. Then you’re good to go!

First thing’s first, you’ll need to attach the legs to your headboard if they aren’t already fixed together. Headboards will usually have holes drilled into the legs and corresponding ones in the headboard itself. You’ll just need to align these holes and then screw them securely together.

Next up, you’re looking for some holes in the base of your divan bed. There may be bolts already in place here or you may need to screw those in yourself. Line up the holes in the legs of the headboard with the holes in your divan base and screw the bolt in.

And there you have it – you’re ready to make the most of your new headboard. Prop your pillows up against it and enjoy with a good book or a Netflix binge.

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Does my divan bed come with storage?

Divan beds can come with drawers for under bed storage. This means they’re a great choice for smaller bedrooms, where your storage space might be limited. At Bensons for Beds, our divan beds come with a choice of integrated drawers.

You can choose from 2-drawer which has a drawer at either side of the bed, perfect for if you share a bed with a partner, 4-drawer with two drawers at either side or 2+2 divan beds. These have two drawers at either side of the bed which are different sizes.

There are two large drawers at the foot of the bed and then two smaller drawers at the head. This gives you plenty of room to access any furniture when the drawers are open. There’s nothing worse than squeezing around your bed because there isn’t enough space!

The storage is easily accessed too, as with divan beds, there’s no need to lift anything or disturb the covers on your bed. Just pull open the drawers to access your things. Close them again once you’ve finished to subtly hide your storage space.

Do divan beds take up a lot of space?

Of course, the amount of space taken up by a divan bed will depend on what size of divan bed you go for.

A super king size is the largest size of divan bed available and will inevitably take up more space than a double or king size divan bed with storage.

However, divan beds take up less space than some other types of bed, thanks to their compact build. A divan base usually fits flush to the mattress with no additional space at the front, back or sides.

And don’t forget the most important space-saving aspect of a divan bed – the concealed under bed storage! If space is at a premium in your bedroom, this will help to reduce the need for additional cupboards and give your bed a clever dual purpose.

Is a divan better than a slatted bed?

When it comes to beds, no one bed is better than another -it’s different strokes for different folks.

Both divan beds and slatted bed frames have their advantages and disadvantages, and the one you choose will depend on which suits your needs and gives you the very best night’s sleep.

Divan beds don’t take up much space in the bedroom and offer you additional storage space which you might not be able to utilise with other bed frames.

You can also switch up your headboard easily, giving your bedroom an instant update when it needs it.

A divan bed may be more durable than other types of bed frame. Slats may break if excessive weight is applied to them, whereas divans are more able to absorb weight and distribute it evenly.

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