​First Time Buyers: What To Look For in the Bedroom and Beyond

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer on 23rd Feb 2023

​First Time Buyers: What To Look For in the Bedroom and Beyond

Buying a house for the first time is exciting. It’s also intimidating, confusing and scary. There’s a lot to think about. Can you afford it? Is the location right? Are you a new build kinda person or is that Victorian conversion more you? Whether it’s a starter apartment or forever home, we’re sure you’ve got a long list of wants and needs.

Though the kitchen and living room are likely top of your ‘gotta be perfect’ list, don’t forget to keep bedroom preferences in mind too. We’re talking space for your dream furniture. We’re talking bathroom access. We’re talking storage aplenty. And we’re talking all the room you need to create your boudoir of dreams.

From the questions you simply have to ask, to what to look for in your first homeowner’s bedroom, read on for our guide for every first time home buyer.

Your First Home: What To Look For When Buying a House

A man and woman stand together as a hand in the forground passes the man some house keys.

When looking for your first home you might be tempted to try anything. There’s nothing wrong with broadening your horizons. However, don’t be swayed by estate agents’ upsell. Instead keep our house buying S-words in mind.

  • Spot: location is everything. Consider local amenities, schools (if that’s relevant) and proximity to work. If it feels too far it probably is. Don’t be swayed by talk of up-and-coming neighbourhoods unless being a trailblazer is part of your plan. Spend time in an area to understand whether it works for you.
  • Space: if a garage or garden is a must don’t compromise. Not willing to do work? Don’t set foot inside a fixer upper. Have a list of spaces you need. Know what you’re willing to live without and what’s a must. If it doesn’t offer the must-haves it’s not the house for you.
  • Style: it can be hard to pinpoint just what you’re looking for when it comes to home style. Just know this: décor can be changed. Layout, however, is harder to change. If you hate open plan and don’t want to do building work make sure your estate agent knows it.

A Whole New Bedroom: Considerations For Your New Room

On to that bedroom. What needs to be on your first-time buyer checklist, UK home seeker?

Virage ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

Virage ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

  • Size: according to experts (1), the optimum bedroom size is 4 x 4M to 4.5 x 4.5Mi. This gives you space for a large bed and room to manoeuvre.
  • Storage: look for built-in storage or space for freestanding furniture. Consider what space you’ll need in terms of clothes. Also, keep other bits and bobs that won’t fit elsewhere in the home in mind.
  • Bed and Furniture space: always wanted a TV bed? Have an heirloom dressing table that simply can’t go? Measure up and make sure it’ll fit. Be sure to check access for getting awkward furniture pieces in too.
  • Windows: check the placement of windows. Are you overlooked? Will road noise or passers-by keep you awake? Will you get morning sun? Consider how all these things will impact your sleep and routines. Bear in mind the cost of blinds or curtains for large or awkwardly shaped windows.
  • Bathroom: how important is access to a bathroom? If you’re a late-night loo visitor or have mobility concerns, you won’t want to tackle stairs to get to the nearest WC. Is there room to add an en-suite if that’s on your list of desires? Will you be disturbed by a toilet on the other side of the wall?
  • Décor: yes, wallpaper can be changed. But if you don’t have time or money to do it now, can you live with it as is?

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Kids and Pets: House Viewing Questions For All The Family

Image is the interior of a house. A dog sits in a cardboard box and is being patted by a young boy and man. A woman looks on smiling as she carries a closed cardboard box..

Whether it’s a partner or a pet, chances are you’re not making this move alone. Keep these things in mind to minimise stress and arguments:

  • Room size: when it comes to kids’ bedrooms space is everything. If you’ve more than one child, never underestimate the importance of fairness. If one bedroom is significantly smaller than another be ready with bribery and space-saving style hacks.
  • Space for play: it might be a bedroom big enough for sleepovers or a home gym. Whatever you and the family do in your spare time be sure you’ll have space for it. That includes somewhere to tidy away equipment or toys.
  • Storage: important in any home, sensible storage is even more vital for a family. This could mean a loft or garage where Christmas decorations can be shoved away. Or it could mean built-in bookshelves or a cupboard for toys. If it isn’t ready built-in, look for space where clever solutions could be employed.
  • Family time: you all need your own space, but you’ll also want shared areas that work. Can you fit in a dining table for family meals? Is the living room spacious enough for family movie night? Will a sofa big enough for you, your other half, and the dog fit?
  • Outside: as well as garden space you’ll also want to check the local area. Dog owners – are there good walks nearby? If you have kids, can they play in the street or walk to the park?

Keep Cool and Measure: Our House Viewing Checklist

A first viewing is all about the vibe. When it comes to a second or third, you’ve got sensible, dispassionate work to do. Having a house buying check list is a must. This property viewing checklist should be exhaustive. Why? So you know exactly what work you’ll need to do to bring a house up to scratch. It can also inform negotiations with the seller.

So what should be on this checklist? 

There are biggies, such as knowing about planning permissions and whether a flat is leasehold or freehold. 

If you see potential in your prospective bedroom, will you actually be able to the changes you want? 

There are also the smaller things:

  • Do doors stick? 
  • Do sockets and light switches work? 
  • Are there cracks in ceilings? You don’t want to be looking up each morning to a cracked or damaged ceiling. 
  • It’s also sensible to measure rooms and doorways. This tells you whether your existing furniture will fit or if you need to buy a new bed and bedroom furniture to fit your new boudoir.

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Furnishing Your New Bedroom At Bensons For Beds

Hattie Bed Frame

Hattie Bed Frame

A new home means a new start. And what better way to ring the changes than with an all-new bedroom? At Bensons for Beds we can help you to create your perfect space. We offer a wide range of great beds and best-selling mattresses. We also use sleeppro® technology to find the perfect bed for you. Need furniture? We’ve got that too. Whatever your style, from mid-century cool to sleek and modern, there’s a range you’ll love.

To order or for advice drop into your local store or call us on 0808 144 6160.

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(1) https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/room-sizes-how-to-get-them-right

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