Bedroom Storage Hacks for Families Moving in Together

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 18th Aug 2022

Bedroom Storage Hacks for Families Moving in Together

Moving in together isn’t just exciting. It can be fraught with the potential for disagreements too. Especially if you’re blending two families with children. Not only is everybody likely to have differing opinions when it comes to décor, there’s bound to be compromises to make over space and storage. Especially bedroom storage.

According to the Office for National Statistics, two thirds of families in the UK are made up of couples in a married or civil partnership. Meanwhile the fastest growing type of household is one that contains multiple families. That means that more of us than ever before are negotiating the minefield that can be moving in together.

Perhaps you and your kids are moving in with a new partner or maybe you’re moving to a home with space for grandparents to live in. Even it’s just the two of you looking for a new home, with a view to extending your family in the future, there are a number of ways you can make the change more convivial than contentious. From clever storage wardrobe hacks to learning how to talk about the space you inhabit, we’re here to help make moving in together easier and less stressful for all of you.

Bedroom storage ideas for couples

Two women with eyes closed smiling with their heads peeking through clothes on a rack.

When moving in together, we all come with our own baggage – literally and metaphorically. It can be all too easy to let those boxes and bags get in the way of your new home joy. With some simple steps you can get ready to enjoy your new bedroom without the arguments:

1.Choose new furniture together

Often moving in together means pooling your existing furnishings. And if it’s only one of you moving house, that can mean making do with your partner’s old drawers and closets. However, we think there’s much to be said for shopping together, even if you’re only able to buy one or two key items.

Picking out a new bed or chest of drawers is a rite of passage for many couples and can be a great first step towards creating the home of your dreams.

2. A large wardrobe for storage is a lifesaver

When it comes to bedroom storage, we love a good wardrobe. Our top tip is to fill it with clever storage solutions (a shoe rack, scarf hanger, back of door hooks, even a secondary rail) to make the most of every inch, without cluttering it up.

Many of our wardrobes are part of a furniture collection, making it easy to create a smart, comprehensive look in your new bedroom.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

We all know how important it is to minimise waste. Recycling our old furniture can also help to save money too – important when moving in together.

From painting old wooden furniture to give it a fresh, new look to putting belongings that you no longer love up for sale or giveaway, there are loads of ways to reduce those trips to the tip.

We can help too. Check out our collab with the British Heart Foundation who can take away old beds and bedroom furniture for free when you buy new pieces from Bensons for Beds.

4. Opt for hidden storage for clutter-free living

Moving in together can mean doubling your clutter. If you both have a lot of items you can’t bear to part with,it’s important to be smart with storage.

We love ottoman beds, which give you oodles of storage space hidden away right under your mattress. These are ideal for keeping bedding and towels or out of season items out of sight yet easily accessible. Use storage boxes to keep items separated and reduce the need to dig deep for your stuff.

Bedroom storage ideas for kids

cardboard box labelled toys filled with toys and teddies sits on a wooden desk

Thought moving in together was an upheaval for you? It can be even tougher on your kids. You can help to make things smooth and simple by providing them with their own well thought out space where they can rest, play, do homework and sulk on their own terms. A few easy ways to help them make their bedroom their own, without living with untidiness, include:

1. Make storage fun

Storage is vital for children’s bedrooms because they really do accumulate a lot of small bits and pieces. Whatever the ages of your kids, opting for storage that brings a little bit of playfulness into their room can make keeping their bedroom tidy less of a chore.

One our favourite fun kids’ bedroom tips is mounting a small basketball net over their washing basket (three points for a sock slam dunk!). We also love using wheeled bookshelves and cushions to create a cosy library corner as well as colour coded boxes for crayons or blocks, which creates neat, colourful storage that also helps small ones learn.

2. Low level storage means it’s not all down to you

Under bed storage is a great idea for little kids, giving them no excuse not to help pack away Legos at the end of the day. Divan beds with drawer storage can help to keep all sorts of toys and clothes neatly out of sight while bunk beds and high sleeper beds leave space for low level storage.

Storage boxes on wheels are especially good for children’s rooms, letting even the littlest person trundle a toy box out to fill with dollies, dressing up or art supplies.

3. Declutter regularly for less stress

It’s the tip we love to bandy about because it’s the one that makes a big difference: keeping on top of clutter is the best way to stay organised, especially when it comes to kids rooms.

Because they’re constantly growing and changing, children need new stuff all the time, which leaves old clothes, shoes and toys to gather dust and take up space. Doing a seasonal clean out of their rooms can help to reduce clutter and make the most of storage. It could also help your child to build good habits for the future.

4. Choose furniture that stands the test of time

Kids grow fast and it’s only a matter of time until that unicorn wallpaper or car-shaped bed is the last word in embarrassing.

Choosing storage furniture that looks good and is reliably sturdy can help to save you money and safeguard against future arguments when your child goes through that Hulk-like transformation from adorable kid to grumpy teen.

Storage ideas for shared bedrooms

Sharing a space can cause squabbles to say the least. Whether it’s you and your partner or your children facing a new shared bedroom situation, it’s important to put those little things in place that will help make sharing space simpler…

Stompa Meadow Compact Bunk Bed

Stompa Meadow Compact Bunk Bed

1. Separate storage minimises arguments

What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours is all well and good until we’re talking clutter.

Whatever your habits when it comes to bedroom belongings, opting for personal storage space is a smart move.

We suggest having separate wardrobes or sections of larger wardrobes and your own chest of drawers, allowing you each to organise things exactly as you please. A tall boy like this Bergen 5 drawer narrow chest of drawers takes up minimal floor space so you’re more likely to have room for two of them.

2. Label everything

Every organisation maven on social media just loves their label maker! And there’s a good reason to invest in one, especially when sharing a bedroom.

We’re big fans of sturdy and fold down storage boxes for bedroom organisation. These can slide under a bed or stack up on the high shelf in your storage wardrobe. And though keeping things in boxes looks neater, it can make finding stuff difficult. Neatly labelling your storage solutions helps you to find what you’re seeking at a glance. It also means that a messy partner has no excuse for not putting things away in their correct place.

3. Opt for bedside tables with integral storage

Bedside tables are the ideal spot for your personal knick knacks, from medications and face creams to books and watches. They can get quickly cluttered though.

That’s why we recommend choosing bedside tables with drawer storage. These will give each of you just-for-me space for all of your things. It will also allow you to choose whether to neatly organise those items or just chuck ‘em in – after all it’s your bedside drawer so no one can judge. With three spacious drawers, the Edgemont bedside table is an ideal choice for whatever organisational approach you choose.

4. Choose matching furniture for streamlined style

Finding furniture that you all agree on can be difficult. But once you’ve settled on your style opting for a matching set that suits your needs can make shopping that much simpler.

Love sleek, modern style? Opt for a high gloss furniture set to help create a feeling of space. Glossy furniture looks especially good with mirrored wardrobes, which also do away with the need for a full length mirror.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, choose exposed  wood furniture. Wooden furnishings are especially good for children’s rooms. Not only is wood especially sturdy, some pieces can also be re-painted as tastes and fashions change.

A softer option may be the Penelope upholstered bed frame with its matching ottoman blanket box and bedside tables. Although not suitable for sitting on, this storage box for bedroom belongings is an attractive alternative to the traditional bedroom bench.

Beyond bedroom storage: be organised, even if it’s boring

San Diego Ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

San Diego Ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

Clutter can be a romance killer. It can also make you feel tooth grindingly stressed and cause unnecessary arguments. Those trailing wires and discarded toys can even result in accidents.

So while organisation isn’t always fun, it is kinda important. Kids, especially, respond well to clear instructions and structured routines so while putting away toys at the end of each day might be met with complaints deep down (very deep down) they actually appreciate those repeated daily tasks.

Agreeing on ground rules when it comes to tidying and even setting up rotas for housework and daily decluttering can help to make life easier. Stick ‘em in a family smartphone calendar or turn a kitchen wall into a huge blackboard and have the kids create a colourful to do list for all to see.

How we can help

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