Trending Bedroom Aesthetics

Posted by Rachel Marshall - Brand Manager on 25th May 2023

Trending Bedroom Aesthetics

Spring can be the ideal time for a revamp of home decor. With this in mind, we’ve looked at some of the most popular bedroom trends to help provide some inspiration for turning your bedroom into your sanctuary.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re one of the many in the UK who look to the internet for bedroom decor inspiration, with #bedroomdecorideas having 122 million UK views on TikTok overall as of May this year. To help narrow down your search, we’ve analysed Google search data with TikTok views to discover the most popular trends.

The Most Popular Bedroom Aesthetics in the UK 

Style Combined Views

(Google & TikTok)

Boho 70,105,400
Modern 21,305,400
Gothic 3,601,300
Victorian 1,501,000
Rustic 1,200,720
Shabby Chic 879,480
Scandi 461,200
Transitional 453,820
Traditional 176,840
Industrial 149,280


Ezra Ottoman Bed Frame

Ezra Ottoman Bed Frame

Boho bedrooms consist of white walls, pine furniture, greenery and hardwood flooring. Creating a bohemian look in the bedroom is the most popular trend at the moment with over 70 million combined views on Google and TikTok. What’s more, our deep dive showed that searches for ‘boho bed covers’ are up 22% in the last 3 months, and 57% in the last year. Whilst canopies also seem to be growing in popularity, with ‘canopy for bed’ generating 14,800 monthly searches - up 22% in a year.

Adding to the boho aesthetic, plants in the bedroom are becoming more common and, from our research, it’s clear that people are looking for low-maintenance options with searches for ‘fake plants for bedroom’ up 50% in the last year.

As for living plants, vines seem to be a popular option - with ‘vines for bedroom’ generating 720 average monthly searches. Searches for ‘air purifying plants for bedroom’ are up 52% in the last year.


In contrast, the much less minimalistic and much bolder, modern bedroom aesthetic was the second top trend collating over 20 million combined views. Think sleek styles, patterns and bold colours, this contemporary style is eye-catching.

The data revealed this trend was down to a granular level as online users search for ‘modern dressing table’ with 2,900 searches every month and ‘modern bedside lamps’ generates 1,600 monthly searches, that’s an increase of 23% in the last year.


An even starker contrast to the other trends, the gothic bedroom came in third for a style that’s continuing to grow in popularity. Currently at combined views of over three million, this is the trend for those who prefer dark wood, sombre colours and traditional styles. The data showed searches for ‘gothic bed’ are up 49% in the last year as more and more people opt for bold, traditional styles.

Trending Bedroom Decor Colours

Colour Combined Views

(Google & TikTok)

Pink Bedroom 49,002,900
White Bedroom 19,903,600
Black Bedroom 16,304,400
Green Bedroom 12,006,600
Red Bedroom 6,100,880
Grey Bedroom 4,605,400
Purple Bedroom 3,401,600
Blue Bedroom 2,003,600
Beige Bedroom 936,300
Silver Bedroom 915,320

‘Pink bedroom’ is the most popular colour option, with forty-nine million views on TikTok in the UK. Our research showed that the top-searched pink furniture item is a ‘pink sofa bed’ at 2,900 monthly searches, suggesting that many may be giving their spare bedrooms a blushing of pink.

Results for other colours include ‘white chest of drawers’ - which generates 33,100 monthly searches - and ‘white wardrobes’, which generates 27,100 average monthly searches. ‘Black bedside table’ also generates 18,100 monthly searches.

How To Create an On-Trend Bedroom Interior

Your bedroom should embody your personality, but it doesn’t hurt to keep up with the fashion, too. Our experts have put together the first steps you should take when it comes to redecorating your bedroom.

Choose A Trend That Suits Your Personality

Firstly, start by choosing the trending style that most suits you; are you looking to create an open, spacious sanctuary where you feel relaxed? Are you looking to have splashes of colour from wall to wall? Or, are you looking to keep your bedroom traditional, with few distractions to allow for a sleepy slumber?

Mix and Match Your Furniture

Once you’ve made your choice, start browsing for the bedroom furniture that best suits your chosen aesthetic. Filter by material or colour and mix and match your favourite styles to help you achieve your chosen look. Start with the essentials; a centrepiece bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and a dressing table.

Enhance With Bedroom Accessories

Now the basics are in place, it’s time to add the hints of your style throughout. Whether this is plants in the bedroom for boho chic, a velvet ottoman for a gothic style or a wood-carved headboard for a rustic style - the devil is in the details when it comes to achieving your bedroom style.

In need of more inspiration? Travel through time with us and look at how bedroom decor has changed over the years as we look back at bedroom styles from the 1920s to the 2020s.

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