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Harlow Ottoman Bed Frame

3.8 out of 5 stars
Harlow Ottoman Bed Frame 3.8 out of 5 based on 16 ratings.
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Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Matt and Lucie
"Great bed with plenty of storage underneath, ideal for storing suitcases, extra bedding etc. Comes well packaged, plenty of cardboard and plastic wrapping to dispose of. As for assembly it can be done in 1.5 hours easily, not sure how it’s taking all day for some people to assemble??"
Reviewer: Dan
"Instructions were clear, took me around 3 hours to build on my own and an hour of that was unpacking. I may put a strip of velcro underneath the mattress to stop it moving, as it's slightly smaller than the frame."
Reviewer: Diane
"Benson delivered the bedframe within a wk of ordering. Communications excellent regarding the delivery and ETA . One of the largest boxes was so heavy ,nearly killed the 2 delivery men taking it upstairs! We purchased this for our 18yr old son. wanted a good quality bed to last . This we have .NB , even at sale price it was quite expensive but after seeing others certainly worth paying the extra. The electronic remote raising arm for the ottoman works smoothly and was easy enough to put together , guessed it would probably take some time to put together even without having to deal with slats, but felt wed paid enough for the frame and mattress so declined the £60 fee to have the men build it. What a mistake! It took the 2 of us all day ,Id like to think we[re pretty good at putting things together and the instructions are easy to follow. But all said and done there are hundreds of screws,bolts ,washers! The problem was just getting some screws into the main frames werent all lined up so were a bit frustrating to say the least. So well worth paying to get them to do the fitting ,only at least by doing it yourself if your a perfectionist like we are id be concerned that they might get frustrated with it and rush the build as theyd only be alloted a certain amount of time on the day to complete the build and may not do a satisfactory job as we have. Ok you can call them back if theres a problem , but who needs that hassle. Massive storage space . Good ,well padded headboard ,ideal to rest against when sitting up watching tv in the bed. Would agree with another review that the bedframe is slightly larger than the mattress so mattress does move about slightly ,so i knocked off one star. "
Reviewer: Jonathan Crockart
"the best bed I could ever have. Amazing storage and superb quality"
Reviewer: Bob and Jenny
"I was really looking forward to assembling this bed. Dowloaded the assembly instructions on-line so I had studied what was to be done. Drivers rang 20 minutes before arrival and were at my house by 8am which gave me the whole day to build it. They were quite helpful and carried the boxes upstairs for me. It took all of the day till 5pm to complete the task but that included unpacking, which took forever; checking all the bits, which there are a lot; building the bed, which was hard work but fun; disposing of all the packing material, loads of cardboard and clingfilm. No way can this be done in 1.5-2.5 hours. The only issue I had was aligning the pin into the hydraulic hole. Finally discovered that this has to be fully opened to align the holes. A lovely bed and built like a battle ship. Would have liked option of casters as it quite heavy to move for cleaning behind headboard. "
Reviewer: MAGGIE
Reviewer: Chris
"As in previous comments, it took ages to assemble, the storage is great. The one thing that annoys me, the mattress doesn't fit snug and is always sliding, I'm constantly pushing it up, to prevent the pillows from sliding down. "
Reviewer: Vicky & Adam
"I ordered the bed and after reading some of the reviews I was not looking forward to building it. It arrives in 4 largish parcels all very well packaged, unpacking the components it turns out is the longest part of the procedure, follow the very good instructions and all will be fine, from start to finish it took me and Vicky about 1 1/2hrs... also the locking feature on the bed is a great security feature... "
Reviewer: Sue & Jay
"Fantastic Bed ..... yes took a while to assemble.....if you follow the instructions, you will be fine ..... best bed I gave ever purchased "
Reviewer: Stu
"Its well made solid construction the instructions were very clear and I had it built on my own in a few hours. Just as others have said it is way bigger than the mattress which makes no sense at all you could easily lose a few inches on every side and it would fit exactly. "
Reviewer: Frankie
"This bed is as people say difficult to build, but that is because it has a complicated system to make it work. It took me and my partner fair few hours but the instructions are clear and all of the parts are very neatly and carefully packaged. As long as you are patient, have common sense and you can pick up medium weight parts you will be absolutely fine.

I don't agree with comments regarding the gap at the top/bottom of bed. There is a very small lip at the bottom to allow the mattress to be lifted but with a duvet on you would never notice this and I certainly haven't found it makes me trip over the bed.

My only annoyance was that I ordered as an exchange paying a high penalty and then immediately on buying the bed it showed with £100 discount on the website. Surely Bensons knew this was coming online and could have either waived the penalty or offered us the discount rather than just rinsing us of more money."
Reviewer: L
"Came in a zillion tiny bits and pieces and took a very handy man about 3 hours to assemble. During the assembly, had to really struggle to make bits fit together, and given that the parts are metal and very heavy this was a huge struggle. The mattress also does not fit snuggly on the base of the bed - so there is always a gap on either side - just as Jo East has mentioned in the above review."
Reviewer: jane hollas
"This is a very nice and bed frame, plenty of storage in the base. However unless you are very handy and strong you will need to get some help to assemble it as it needs to be assembled from scratch, that means every screw and bolt. "
Reviewer: Jo East
"This takes a minimum of 2.5 hours to put together (ex shopfitter very handy). However that is not why I have given it 2 stars. It was not apparent in the shop (and we are still to go back and investigate), but the mattress is approximately 3 " shorter than the base! This means that you either have a gap at the top of the bed where your pillows fall down or you have an unsightly black shelf sticking out at the bottom, this can be covered by the duvet but the result is that you constantly trip over the bed frame as you walk around the bed (your brain makes you believe the edge of the bed is where the mattress finishes). This is an epic design flaw...why make the bed frame longer than the mattress???? "
Reviewer: Abi & Connor
"Delivery was absolutely spot on, Drivers called us 15 minutes before they delivered. Everything was very well packaged and they were in and out within 5 minutes. Will be building the bed today - However we absolutely loved it in the Showroom. "
Reviewer: BOB BED

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