​What Is Spring Count and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by Polly Neal - Product Development Assistant on 30th Mar 2023

​What Is Spring Count and Why Does it Matter?

The world of mattresses can be a confusing one. With so much to consider –size, firmness, construction, material – picking out a new mattress can be a minefield for the uninitiated. But don’t worry, as always we’re here to help.

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a new mattress you’ll want to choose the type that’s just right for you.

Despite all the exciting new technology entering the bed market, sprung mattresses still make up the vast majority of all those sold herein the UK. And when buying a sprung mattress you’ll quickly notice that manufacturers really like to bang on about spring count. Which might have you wondering, how important is the number of springs in your mattress when it comes to comfort? Let’s take a closer look at what spring count really means...

Open Coil and Pocket Sprung Mattress Matters: What is Spring Count?

When buying a mattress with springs the spring count is likely to be one of the most important things you’ll consider. So what is spring count? It’s exactly what it sounds like – the number of springs inside your mattress.

It’s important to remember that the number of springs, or coils, in your mattress will vary based on the size of your mattress – so a pocket sprung single mattress will, of course, feature fewer springs than a pocket sprung double mattress. Although spring counts in pocket sprung mattresses can vary, spring counts shouldn’t go below 600. We suggest opting for mattresses with spring counts of no less than 1000.

Other than the type of mattress you choose –pocket sprung or open coil, latex or memory foam – spring count may be the next most important factor to consider. After all, the number of springs goes a long way to determine just how supportive a mattress is. Simply put, more springs equals more support.

So will more springs mean a firmer mattress? Not necessarily. Firmness depends on a number of factors including the thickness and density of a mattress’s fillings and the gauge (or thickness) of the springs themselves.

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Should I Choose a Pocket Sprung Mattress or Open Coil Mattress?

When it comes to a sprung mattress, you’ll see two basic choices; a pocket sprung mattress and an open coil mattress. But what are the differences between these two options?

  • Connected or unconnected springs: the main difference between the two mattress types is that in an open coil mattress the springs are made using one continuous wire but held together with a helical wire while pocket springs are individually crafted and encased in fabric pockets. This means you’ll experience less motion transfer sleeping on a pocket sprung mattress and it’s possible to create areas with different levels of support.  
  • Different coil shapes: generally an open coil mattress will contain hourglass-shaped coils (usually Bonnell or offset coils) which are designed for responsiveness. A pocket spring is more likely to be straight. This distributes wear evenly so the centre is more durable.
  • Spring count: usually you’ll find that an open coil mattress contains fewer springs. We’re talking between 300 and 500 compared to the 1000 and up you’ll find in a pocket sprung mattress.
  • Heat retention: thanks to the air flow between springs, an open coil mattress will generally be cooler than its encased counterpart. That said, this may be dependent on other factors such as the quilted or tufted fabric used.
  • Mattress weight: because of the number of springs packed into a pocket sprung mattress, these tend to be heavier than open coil mattresses, which are ideal for those who struggle to turn or lift a weighty mattress.

The iGel Mattress and More: All About Hybrid Mattresses

iGel Advance 30001 Plush Top Mattress

iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Combining a range of the latest mattress technologies, these mattresses are able to harness the best features of different mattress types and combine them for unrivalled comfort and convenience.

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, you’ll often see pocket springs combined with memory foam. These hybrids provide the responsive support of springs with the pressure relief supplied by high tech foam. They may help those who suffer with joint pain, as these mattresses gently support hips, knees and shoulders. Increasingly springs are combined with latex or with temperature responsive gel. These mattresses address the issue of heat retention which puts some people off of memory foam.

Often thicker than basic sprung versions, hybrid mattresses don’t require a reduction in spring count to make space for that extra layer, and so you’ll find plenty of options containing upwards of that magic 1000 spring number. Many are designed to include similar coil distribution as sprung-only mattresses, with extra support where it’s most needed. This means you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a classic inner-spring mattress with the plush comfort of a soft, pressure-relieving layer in one clever package. When choosing a hybrid mattress the combination of materials and distribution of springs is just as important, if not more so, than spring count.

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The Best Mattress: Springs and Hybrid

Knowing that upward of 1000 springs is a safe bet and that 2000+ is even better, the following mattresses may well be considered to be among the best.

Best pocket spring mattress: if numbers matter look no further than the Staples & Co Artisan Superior mattress with its 5000 premium pocket and mini pocket springs.

Best open coil mattress: the Sealy Cadiz offers zoned support via a PostureTech core support spring unit. Temperature regulation and anti-allergy treatment make this open coil mattress suitable for most.

Best eco-friendly sprung mattress: not only are mattresses in the  Hypnos Luxurious Earth collection made with natural, earth-friendly materials they also contain innovative ReActive Propocket springs designed for the ultimate in relaxation and pressure relief.

Best hybrid memory foam mattress: with 2550 pocket springs and a Sensaform memory foam comfort layer, the Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 9000 mattress gives you the best of both worlds.

Best sprung mattress for hot sleepers: if 3500 pocket springs isn’t generous enough, the iGel Advance 3500i plush top mattress also includes intelligent temperature regulation and graphene technology for cool, pressure-free comfort.

Best orthopaedic spring mattress: the 2000 pocket springs of the Staples & Co Restore Eco Ortho 2000are topped with a pressure-relieving latex layer for the ultimate in body support.

Best kids’ sprung mattress: kids need specific support as they grow so the Jay-Be Dual Support Memory E-Pocket mattress is ideal. More than just spring count, this mattress is configured to provide sprung support where younger bodies need it most.

Making Mattress Buying Easy With Bensons

eve hybrid duo plus mattress

eve hybrid duo plus mattress

However many springs you’re looking for and whether you’re keen to take an open coil, pocket sprung or hybrid mattress home, be sure to pop into Bensons for Beds before you make that all important decision. Here we’ll use our  cutting edge sleeppro®technology to help you select the perfect mattress firmness for you. Our team also have the inside track on all the very latest mattress innovations to ensure you’re always getting the very best night’s sleep.

To find out more drop in or give us a call on 0808 144 6160.

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