What Is A Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Posted by Sarah Harris - Head of Design and Development on 14th Dec 2022

What Is A Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Remember when a mattress was just a mattress? A bit of material and a basic filling layer wrapped around some springs? Thankfully, the world of mattresses has grown and grown in recent years as manufacturers realised the importance of mattresses and the need for different types to suit different needs .No longer is buying a new mattress as simple as choosing the one that fits your bed base. No, you’ve got decisions to make. Multiple decisions.

Springs or foam, memory or latex? Open coils or pocket springs? Standard double or king size? And let’s not even get started on adjustable beds and their potential benefits. It’s a lot to think about, so let’s take it one step at a time, starting with one of our very favourite bed types, the pocket sprung mattress.

A pocket sprung mattress is eternally popular amongst our customers, providing the perfect balance of support and comfort. However, choosing a pocket sprung mattress still requires a whole lot of research, because there’s a broad range to choose from at a variety of types and price points. Luckily for you we’re here to help, with the complete lowdown on your mattress with pocket springs, from how they’re made to their many benefits.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Slumberland Natural Solutions 2000 Mattress

Slumberland Natural Solutions 2000 Mattress

With so many mattress types to choose from it can be a challenge to know exactly where to start. So, let’s begin right at the beginning. What is a pocket sprung mattress? What makes it different from other mattresses and who’ll love this type of mattress?

How is a pocket sprung mattress constructed?

A pocket sprung mattress is made with springs built using a responsive hot-tempered metal. This hot tempering process makes sure that springy coils stay strong for years to come, while keeping their all-important coil shape. These bouncy coils are individually enclosed in fabric pockets, usually made of polyester or cotton.

Sometimes you’ll find different sizes and types of coil used in different areas of your mattress, for example an extra layer of mini springs create a comfort layer as they are more able to confirm to body shape and are very resilient in holding their shape.

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Pocket sprung v open coil mattresses

Toulouse Ortho Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress

Sealy Cadiz Firm Support Open Coil Mattress

When looking at sprung mattresses, you’ll usually encounter two types: pocket sprung and open coil mattresses. So what’s the difference? And which is better?

  • A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs encased in fabric pockets, usually sonic welded, which means the polyester is heated and so fuses together.
  • An open coil mattress will usually supply more movement because the springs are connected. This means more transfer of movement (e.g., the whole mattress will move when you move)
  • A pocket sprung mattress is better at isolating movement because its springs aren’t interconnected
  • Open coil mattresses tend to have more ‘bounce’ making them more popular amongst those who like a softer, sinking mattress feel
  • Pocket sprung mattresses, thanks to their individual springs, are supplied in a range of comfort levels making it easier to find your bed, your way®

Who is a pocket sprung mattress good for?

In short, just about anybody will find a mattress with pocket springs comfortable. With a wide variety of pocket sprung mattresses available to suit all sleepers and all pockets, they’re an easy pick for the bed baffled.

Robust and durable, a pocket sprung single mattress can be a great choice for a kid’s room where beds are tested to their very limit. Comfortable and supportive for most sleepers, a pocket sprung mattress is also a perfect pick for guest rooms that are likely to play host to a wide variety of people with different body types and sleeping positions.

Considered to be particularly good for side sleepers –and around 60% of us sleep in this position(i)- pocket sprung mattresses are also available to suit back and front sleepers.

The benefits of a mattress with pocket springs

Now you know all about how a pocket sprung mattress is made and how it’s different to other sprung mattresses. But what are the real-life benefits of those individually crafted springs? How are they going to help you to get a better night’s sleep? And can they help ease specific complaints like bad backs and sore necks?

Pocket sprung mattresses for great support

Generally speaking, the more springs in a mattress, the more supportive it is. And since an open coil will, on average, contain between 300 and 800 springs compared to the 1000 plus found in most modern pocket sprung king size mattresses, it’s probably fair to assume that pocket sprung mattresses are going to give you that improved support.

If you’re dealing with a back problem, hip issues, a dodgy neck or other aches and pains, a pocket sprung mattress could help you to find the comfort you need to sleep well and wake with less discomfort. Those individual springs, you see, allow the mattress to better conform and adjust to your body.

The excellent support provided by individual springs means that these mattresses are also a favourite with heavier people who require more durable hold from their bed.

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Pocket sprung mattresses for less motion transfer

Bird's eye view of a man and woman in bed asleep. Woman has her arm flopped across the man's chest.

Does your partner fidget, toss and turn at night? Restless legs, unable to find a comfortable position or waking for regular loo breaks? Sleeping with a partner who can’t stay still can really mess with both of your sleeping patterns and, in turn, can cause arguments and resentment.

A pocket sprung mattress could help both of you to enjoy less fractious nights. Because of those individually constructed springs, a good pocket sprung mattress will minimise motion transfer – the bounce on your side of the bed every time your other half turns over, sits up or shuffles about.

The individualised support of pocketed springs can also minimise the issue of roll together (when you both sink into the middle of the mattress) and help those couples with a larger weight variation sleep comfortably. For the ultimate in co-sleeping comfort, opt for a super king size pocket sprung mattress for space and support.

Pocket sprung mattresses for pressure relief

We mentioned before that pocket springs can be particularly beneficial for side sleepers. This is thanks in large part to the pressure relief that these individual springs offer.

Side sleepers can often wake with shoulder, hip or knee pain at some point in their life. However, choosing a mattress that offers good pressure relief can help to make this a less common problem. Conforming to your body, springs will give joints gentle support where needed without feeling too firm around the areas prone to discomfort.

If pressure on your joints is a real problem, combining supportive pocket springs with a pressure relieving comfort layer of memory foam or latex can really help.

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Pocket sprung mattress hybrids

Clima Airstream Memory 6000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

On the subject of comfort layers, there’s a huge number of hybrid mattress options out there. These clever mattresses combine a supportive and hardwearing pocket sprung centre with a top layer made from an alternative mattress material.

Why combine mattress types?

A hybrid mattress could be the perfect choice for you if you can’t choose between beds. Providing all the benefits of a sprung mattress with the pros of another mattress type also allows you to address a number of issues at once. For example, if you need the support that’s supplied by pocket springs but the superior pressure relief of memory foam sounds like it’ll provide more comfort, a pocket sprung memory foam mattress could just help to improve your sleep.

A sprung mattress with inbuilt temperature regulating gel or foam, like the Clima Airstream Memory 9000 pocket sprung double mattress, could help to combat the sleepless nights suffered by those who run hot.

For us, the chief benefit of hybrid mattresses is the number of options this kind of bed gives you. With hybrid designs you’re almost certain to find the perfect bed for you, whatever your sleeping position and whatever might be keeping you up at night.

Why pocket springs are ideal for hybrid beds

Several rows of pocket springs.

Pocket springs offer loads of benefits for all sleepers. It’s why they form the core of most hybrids. Durable and supportive, they add an extra layer of reliability and comfort to a mattress that might otherwise bea little one dimensional.

There are other potential benefits too. For example, they won’t usually need flipping (though you do need to turn them regularly).

Different types of hybrid mattress

What options are available to you when it comes to hybrid mattresses? Well, the better question may be what isn’t available. The beauty of a hybrid mattress is that they really do feel customised to suit you.

The most popular types of hybrid mattress might feature any of the following:

  • Memory foam: memory foam minimises pressure on joints. It does away with motion transfer and contours to your body, helping you feel supported
  • Latex: latex offers good support without the all-encompassing sensation of memory foam. With no time needed to reset to your body shape, latex can provide excellent relief from joint pain and pressure
  • Alternative foam types: gel foams, such as iGel, help to regulate temperature, ideal for hot sleepers. Simpler foam toppings, such as polyfoam, meanwhile help to keep costs down while still allowing for a comfort layer
  • Micro or mini springs:some mattresses contain areas of micro springs. These smaller springs add reactive support where it’s most needed
  • Pillow top: a pillow or box top is pure comfort. Stitched onto the mattress, this top may be filled with memory foam, latex wool& other natural fillings or a polyester padding, providing soft plushness.

Choosing a pocket sprung mattress

With so many options to choose from, where do you start when it comes to pocket sprung mattresses? It’s a big investment and so selecting the best bed for you can be a daunting process. Let us guide you through the basics…

Are more springs better?

When you take your first foray into the world of pocket sprung mattresses, you’ll probably notice that there’s a wide array of choice when it comes to the number of springs in a bed. But does this matter?

To some degree, yes, the number of springs does make a difference. After all, the more springs your mattress has the more supportive it usually is. However, it’s always worth keeping in mind the overall quality of a mattress too. In many cases, a hybrid mattress, for example, may contain slightly fewer overall springs but the additional technology crammed into that mattress more than makes up for its lower spring count, especially if you’re seeking overall comfort rather than firm support.

What is the right mattress firmness for me?

As a rule, the comfort level you need from your mattress will depend on a few simple things:

  • Your sleeping position: more often than not back and front sleepers will benefit from a firmer mattress. Meanwhile, side sleepers will enjoy the extra give and contouring supplied by a medium or even softer comfort mattress
  • Your body issues: problems with your back? Sore hips, knees or shoulders? Firmer mattresses can help to distribute pressure which can help if you have a bad back as they encourage your body to maintain good posture throughout the night, evenly spreading pressure and preventing your spine from curving as much as it would be able to in softer mattresses
  • Your body weight: we’re all different, and some of us have a frame that demands a bit of extra support while others are featherweight enough to sleep on a washing line. If you’re on the lighter end of the scale, a softer mattress can provide enough hold, while heavier individuals will need a firm mattress to give them the support they need
  • Personal preference: our bodies are normally pretty good at telling us what we need. And so usually you’ll know better than anyone – even our sleep experts! - the comfort level you need

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The right mattress for a better world

We’re all increasingly aware of the damage that a mattress can do to the environment. It’s just one of the reasons that we at Bensons for Beds are committed to net zero through the BRC Climate Action Road Map.

To help improve your sleeping comfort while putting less strain on the planet, opt for a bed that incorporates eco-friendly and natural materials, like those found in the Eden Project endorsed Luxurious Earth collection from the Royal Warrant-sporting Hypnos brand. ReActivePro™ pocket sprung, these sumptuous, Earth-friendly mattresses are made with unbleached cotton, organic wool and other environmentally sound, hypoallergenic materials.

Your pocket sprung mattress at Bensons for Beds

Simply by Bensons Beam Pocket Sprung Mattress

We understand that even once you’ve got all this information under your hat choosing a mattress is still a pretty overwhelming task. After all, a mattress is no small investment for any of us. That’s why our Bensons for Beds teams are trained to know mattresses like the back of their hands. So when you pop into your local store ready to shop we can give you the support you need, both as a sleeper and as a shopper.

Not only do we know our bed ranges – from pocket sprung singles to king size memory foam and, of course, adjustable beds – inside out, we can also guide you towards the very best bed for you. All based on how you sleep, where you sleep and your own specific set of needs. And because everyone’s different, our smart sleeppro® system is on hand to help us (and you) better understand exactly what you need when it comes to a mattress. Using up to the minute technology, sleeppro® advises customers on their ideal comfort level, the perfect starting point on your mattress buying journey.

Of course, it’s not just choosing your new bed that we can help with. We at Bensons for Beds will do the lot. We’ll help arrange finance if that’s what you need. And we can get delivery sorted too, free of charge and at a time that suits you. We’ll even take your old mattress away to be recycled, making your new purchase completely guilt free.

So drop into your nearest Bensons for Beds store to get started on your way to your perfect night’s sleep. Alternatively, to order or for more info, pick up the phone and dial 0808 144 6160 to talk to our knowledgeable, friendly phoneline team.

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