Which Size Bedframe is Ideal for You?

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer, Frames and Furniture on 20th Sep 2022

Which Size Bedframe is Ideal for You?

You probably don’t give a great deal of thought to your bedframe. Most well-made bedframes will last for years and so, really, what is there to think about? It looks good and it’s just…there.

But there will come and time (and since you’ve clicked on this article we’ll assume that time is now) when that miniscule section of your brain dedicated to bedframes needs to kick in.

Maybe old faithful has finally given up the ghost. Perhaps you’re moving house or furnishing a whole new room. Perhaps it’s suddenly occurred to you that it’s time for a change in style – metal bedframe out and wood bedframe in or vice versa. Or maybe you need to upgrade or downsize.

The bedframe you choose will depend on a whole variety of things. From the room you’re furnishing to who gets to flop onto it, whether that’s you and your partner, guests or a child, there’s plenty to consider – colour, shape, bed tech.

The first and most important rule of choosing a bedframe, however, is to opt for the right size. And, as ever, we’re here to help guide you…

Types of bed frame

Decisions, decisions! From metal bedframes to upholstered beds and from the super king bedframe to the single bedframe, when it comes to the basis of your new bed, let us tell you – you’re truly spoilt for choice!

However, we think that choosing the type of bedframe you’d like to furnish your chosen room with is a good place to start, so shall we take a sneak peek at some of the possibilities?...

Metal bedframes: traditional and sturdy

Hugely popular in Victorian homes and experiencing a resurgence in recent years, metal bedsteads, such as our Harvard metal frame , look great in period homes and modern houses alike.

Though most commonly made of iron back in Queen Vic’s time, these days metal bed frames are usually constructed from lighter weight materials.

The benefits:

  • A well-made metal bedframe will stand the test of time, tolerating knocks
  • Lightweight and usually flat-packed most metal beds are easy to move
  • Easy to clean, a metal bedstead requires just a wipe with a dry cloth to look good as new

Harvard Metal Bed Frame

Harvard Metal Bed Frame

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Wood bedframes: tough and warm

From rustic oak to Scandinavian pine and mid-century teak, there’s almost certainly a wooden bedstead which will suit your style.

A timeless choice, the Genoa wooden bedframe looks great in any home, old or new. Meanwhile our Ezra Ottoman bedframe proves that wood can be modern.

The benefits:

  • Wooden furniture is as stable as it gets, holding firm for many years
  • The wide variety of wood types and colours make it easy to choose a frame to suit your space
  • Wood is easy to care for and to keep clean

Genoa Wooden Bed Frame

Genoa Wooden Bed Frame

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Upholstered bedframes: plush and luxurious

In and out of fashion over the years, upholstered bedsteads are having a real moment again. Covered in neutral cotton or tactile velvet like the Orianna Bed Frame , rock n’ roll leather or chic coastal linen, a fabric covered bed can really make a statement.

The benefits:

  • Upholstered beds bring a luxe look to every bedroom
  • Soft and tactile, an upholstered bed feels oh-so-cosy
  • Many upholstered beds (though not all) incorporate drawer or ottoman storage

Orianna Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Orianna Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Beds for your frame

Having the space you need to sleep well is of the utmost importance when choosing a bed. However, many of us have a tendency to stray off course when distracted with mustard yellow velvet or a shiny gold finial.

Heads up! It’s time to focus on finding the best bedframe for your body frame.

Beds for tall people

Ever found yourself jammed into a car seat, knees around your ears? Do 99.9% of trousers swing just above your ankles? Famed for your top shelf-reaching abilities? You’ve probably also struggled to find a bed that gives you room to stretch out.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the average height for a British man is 5’ 9”, while the average UK women is 5’ 3” [i]. With beds usually measuring 190cm, or 6’ 3”, in length, most people are well catered for. However, if you top out at over 6ft, you might find beds with footboards a real cramp. Meanwhile, footboard-free beds may just leave your poor tootsies out in the cold.

Most of our king size and super king size bedframes come in at 200cm, or 6’ 6”, giving taller users an extra couple of inches to stretch into. Additionally, the extra width in a king or super king bedframe gives side sleepers with long legs more room to manoeuvre.

Beds for mobility

Tech Motion Plus Adjustable Divan Bed Set

Tech Motion Plus Adjustable Divan Bed Set

Many customers struggle to get comfortable in bed due to pain or pressure. Some find getting in and out of bed a challenge. For those folk, we usually recommend an adjustable bed . However, it is important to seek medical advice if in any doubt.

With head and foot ends of the bed raised and lowered electronically via remote, an adjustable bed can help provide comfort and convenience for those with reduced mobility or back and joint problems . Available in a selection of attractive, modern finishes, these mobility beds look great in your bedroom too.

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Beds for your room

A big consideration when choosing a new bedframe is the room that it’s destined for. The size of bedframe you’ll choose for a dinky guest room is likely to be different to the size of bedframe you’d like in the master. This is also likely to impact your budget and style choices too.

The right bed for your bedroom

The master suite is usually the biggest bedroom in the house (unless you’re a very generous parent). This means you’re likely to have a bit more space to play with and, we’d guess, you’d like the biggest bed that fits your space and your budget.

Tempting as it may be to jump straight to the super king section of the store, we recommend taking a minute to think about whether bigger really is better.

Consider the space you have. Will a larger bed be too imposing? And will you have room to manoeuvre around it? Or is a big bed just a stubbed toe waiting to happen? We recommend whipping out your measuring tape and using our handy home measurement guide to help you choose the right size bed for your space.

In addition, it’s also worth considering prices. Generally, the bigger a bed the costlier it can be. Opting for a standard double bedframe could save you valuable pounds to put towards a better mattress – that’s the bit of your bed that’s really going to make a difference to your sleeping comfort.

A bedframe for guest rooms

When it comes to furnishing a guest room you’re likely to be restricted by size, making a single bedframe, double bedframe or a small double bed frame ideal.

The key to the perfect guest room is providing spacious comfort for your guests without compromising on useable space for you. Many of us use our spare room as a home office, hobby space or as a home gym, so we don’t necessarily have room for a large guest bed.

A good compromise in these cases is a bedframe with storage. An ottoman bed, which lifts up to expose spacious storage, is ideal for hiding exercise equipment away when guests come to stay. Meanwhile divan beds with inbuilt drawer storage are ideal for hiding away your laptop and notebooks, crafting bits or kids’ toys.

Sofa beds for small spaces

If your guest room really is tight, or if you don’t have a guest room at all, a sofa bed could give you a handy extra bed without lost floor space.

Our Livia sofa bed is comfortable and smart enough to take pride of place in the living room, folding down to create a small double bed.

Livia 2 Seater Sofa Bed

Livia 2 Seater Sofa Bed

Alternatively temporary guest beds now come in all shapes and sizes, from footstools that magically flip out to create a single bed to folding beds that can be trundled away and stored in your under-stairs cupboard. These smart small size beds make it possible to host guests without compromising on your personal space. The Hip Hop 3 in 1 Bed Frame stores the extra bed space within the bed itself!

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Beds to suit your family

Some of us love to snuggle up with another human being, choosing spooning and entangled limbs night after night. Some of us, however, value our personal space above all else. Whichever category you might fall into, there’s a bed for you.

Beds with space for you and your partner

Every couple has their own sleep style. Whether you’re all for getting up close and personal or you each retreat to your own side of the bed, what is well worth knowing is that sleeping with a partner is officially good for you [ii].

That said, sharing a bed can be fraught with the potential for arguments. Whether it’s space hogging or snoring, an inability to compromise on duvet weight or mattress firmness, there are plenty of situations that might have you considering a move to the spare room .

But don’t pack up your belongings just yet. Sometimes the solution is as easy as a bigger, better bedframe.

Difficulty compromising on in-bed comfort, and even snoring, could be resolved with the addition of an adjustable bed. These usually include separate mattress, individually controlled and with the option of different firmness ratings.

If your partner is a fidget or has a tendency to roll on over onto your side of the bed, then a king size could help save them from your midnight wrath. While the average double bed is 135cm in width, a king size bedframe will provide you with 150cm and a super king frame a massive 180cm. More limb space and less domestics? We’re in!

Beds with space for you and your kids

They told you about the nappies and they prepared you for the embarrassing stuff shouted out in the supermarket but nobody told when you had children that you’d be sharing a bed with the little cherubs.

Whether your children regularly demand sleeping space in your bed or the whole family likes to climb on board the SS Parents on a Saturday morning, a larger bed can provide just the space you need to avoid those roving elbows and knees.

Of course, there is another alternative. Upgrade them from a toddler bed to a children’s single like the Stompa Auburn Wooden Midsleeper bed as soon as they’re ready. Because big kids don’t need to sleep in with mums and dads.

Stompa Auburn Wooden Midsleeper Bed in White

Stompa Auburn Wooden Midsleeper Bed in White

Beds with space for you and your pets

Thought your kids were needy space hogs? Let us introduce you to dogs and cats .

More than happy to stretch across you, rest a paw on your face and let out noxious smells in their sleep…you really should be shutting Rover and Tiddles out of your room at night. But our pets are just so darn cute it can be hard to say no.

If you can’t bear to part with your hound at night, make space with a super king bedframe. This’ll give you a better chance of undisturbed leg room and mean less risk of poor Fluffy getting an unintentional boot while she sleeps.

Beds of every size

We know that finding the ideal bed to suit you and your room can be a real challenge. With so much to consider and almost too many options out there, it can be all too tempting to give up and stick with your existing bedframe!

So where to start? We recommend carefully measuring your space and making a list of your new bed must haves.

Whether you’re looking for a small bedframe for a box room, a first ‘big’ bed for your toddler or an all bells and whistles super king size adjustable bed for you and your partner , the friendly team at Bensons for Beds can help you to make those all important decisions. We’re on hand with help and advice to help you find your bed, your way and can answer any questions you have about bed frames and sizing. There’s also oodles of helpful info right here in our Sleep Hub.

Pop in to your nearest store for a browse or give us a call on 0808 144 6160 for more information or to order your new bed.


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[ii] Sleeping with a partner affects your sleep cycle in one striking way – study (inverse.com)


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