Zip and Link Mattress Guide

Posted by Emma Carlton - Buying and Merchandising Manager on 28th Mar 2024

Zip and Link Mattress Guide

We’re not going to lie to you, every time we think we’ve got to grips with the world of beds along comes some boffin with a newer, brighter idea ready to disrupt everything. Not so long ago it was memory foam mattresses, then it was hybrids. And just as we thought we could get comfortable and put our feet up along came zip and link beds!

Not that we mind. We love new bed technology because it means that we bed obsessives get to present you, our lovely shoppers, with a whole new option for bedroom comfort. And so we’ve spent days, nay weeks, learning all there is to know about zip and link mattresses, the latest product to change the world of sleep. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to the mattress that’s about to make those tense bed shopping arguments a thing of the past.

What is a Zip and Link Mattress?

So just what is a zip and link mattress? Why are we so excited about their arrival? And are they going to revolutionise your mattress shopping experience not to mention your nightly sleep?

How does a zip and link mattress work?

Let’s start with the basics, just what is a zip and link mattress? Very simply, zip and link technology, sometimes called zip and lock, allows for the combination of two different mattress types in one double or larger bed. These two mattresses simply zip together, right in the centre, creating a bed that will suit both you and your partner, no matter how different your sleep preferences.

Can I combine any two zip link mattress designs?

A zip and link mattress is bought as a set which means that you won’t be able to combine two completely different mattresses from two entirely different brands. However, there’s plenty of choice within each zip and link offering, meaning that however you and your partner may choose to sleep you’ll almost certainly find a combination that will suit you both, whether that’s soft comfort and firm support, ultra-firm and medium comfort or any other blend of comfort levels.

Will I be able to feel the zip in my zip and lock mattress?

Mattresses are designed with comfort in mind so wouldn’t it be a shame to ruin all that hard work by adding a chunky zip right down the centre? The bed experts that design zip and link mattresses for brands including Staples & Co and Hypnos really do know their stuff and have endeavoured to make those handy zips as unobtrusive as possible. So while you may notice a slight separation between the two different mattresses you certainly won’t be disturbed by a large piece of metal digging into your back while you try to sleep.

Will a zip and link mattress fit my bed?

A zip and link mattress doesn’t change size of a mattress. Most beds, however, will be able to absorb this extra size. Whether it’s a standard double or a king size zip and link mattress that you’re shopping for be sure to measure your bed frame well before you begin shopping to avoid any frustrating mistakes when your new mattress arrives.

Will a Zip and Link Mattress Move Around at Night?

iGel Advance 2050i Zip & Link Mattress for couples

Zip link beds are made for sturdiness, with a zip on both the top and the bottom joint where the two mattresses meet. This means that your new mattress will hold firm without slipping or shifting, no matter how much you or your other half might move around at night.

Mattresses For Couples: Is a Zip and Link Mattress Right For You?

Does a zip and link mattress sound like the answer to your prayers? Before you take the plunge here are some things it’s well worth considering…

A zip and link mattress might be right for you if…

You can’t agree on a mattress comfort level

Do you love a soft, sumptuous mattress that you can really sink into while your other half demands something firmer, like a concrete floor or a plank of wood? If there’s simply no middle ground for the two of you when it comes to bed buying, a zip together mattress might just be the answer to your prayers. This solution may be especially welcome if one of you suffers with spinal or joint issues that could be potentially are eased by sleeping on an ultra-firm orthopaedic mattress. But remember, our zip and link mattresses are only available in one firmness level up or down. Unfortunately, any more than this could put too much pressure on the zip and cause it to break.

You sometimes need separate beds

If you’re shopping for a room that will use two separate beds, a zip and link mattress and bed can provide you with much needed extra flexibility. Whether it’s in your own bedroom or in a guest bedroom, the ability to bring two beds together or pull them apart as needed can be a real boon, giving the whole room brilliant flexibility. Combine a zip and lock mattress with two single bed bases for a set up that’ll work for every occasion and every combination of room sharers. Remember, zip and link mattresses can only be transformed from one bed into two if you have a zip and link bed base. In zip and link mattresses, the zip runs north to south. In zip and link divan bases, the divide also runs north to south, allowing you to separate it into two individual beds and reunite it as one generously sized bed as and when needed. Many standard divan bed bases run east to west. As such, using one of these with your zip and link mattress would result in an inability to take advantage of the flexibility of this mattress technology.

You and your partner have very different body types

If one of you is significantly heavier than the other you may find it tough to compromise on a mattress that suits you both. This is quite simply down to the fact that larger bodies require firmer support, while the smaller among us can tolerate a softer, less supportive mattress. A zip and link super king bed can give you both the right level of support and the space you need for all night comfort.

Your house makes getting furniture inside difficult

Narrow doors and awkward staircases can make getting a normal double or larger mattress into the bedroom a frustrating task, if not completely impossible. If you live in a tiny terrace or an awkward apartment, a zip and link bed could save you a whole lot of stress, allowing you to bring two smaller individual mattresses upstairs.

Zip and Link Beds may not be the Answer if…

You just need more space

The only way to get a bigger bed is, well, to buy a bigger bed. If you’re feeling the squeeze a zip and link mattress in a similar size won’t give you any more room to spread out and so it may just be time to invest in a new, larger bed frame and mattress.

Your partner snores or fidgets

While a zip and link mattress may help to minimise motion transfer by keeping your sleeping surfaces separated, it won’t necessarily solve the problem of a partner who’s a pain to sleep with. That said, a new mattress suited to their body and way of sleeping could potentially help to reduce snoring or tossing and turning.

The Zip and Link Mattress and More: Our Guide to Bed Shopping

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 02 Zip & Link Mattress for couples

Whether it’s a zip and link super king mattress, a guest bed or a mattress for your kids, there’s a lot to take into consideration when investing in a new bed. Before you take the leap, consider the following:

What size bed is right for your bedroom?

Probably the first question you’ll want to ask before hitting the shops, the size of the bed you’re about to buy is pretty important. Obviously if you’re only mattress shopping you’ll need to ensure that the mattress you choose is the right size for your bed (measure this because some manufacturers’ beds fall outside of standard sizing). However, if you’re buying a new bed frame as well as a mattress the world is, within reason, your oyster. Refer to our home measuring guide to help you take reliable measurements and avoid disappointment. Don’t forget to measure doors and corridors to be sure you can get your bed up to the bedroom too!

Are you certain that you know the comfort level that’s right for you?

We all think we know exactly the mattress comfort level we need, however the mattress firmness scale is nothing if not difficult to understand. Since one man’s medium is another man’s soft it’s important to get reliable advice when it comes to choosing a mattress, especially when you’re going to the effort of selecting a zip together mattress design. Fortunately we’re here to help with a clever system designed to help you figure out the perfect bed comfort level for your body. Call into any Bensons for Beds showroom to take advantage of our smart sleeppro® technology.

What mattress type will suit your needs?

The mattress market is more saturated than ever before, with a mind boggling array of mattress types to choose from. So how do you know whether you’re a committed fan of springs or a memory foam kind-a guy? A latex fan or more inclined towards a hybrid set up? The best way to know is to spend some time trying out a variety of different beds in store. But before you go, be sure to get some research under your belt by reading our complete guide to different mattress types. Bear in mind that zip and link mattresses will only give you so much flexibility and that you won’t be able to combine mattress types. The solution? Be prepared to compromise!

Our Favourite Zip and Link Mattress Choices

Staples and Co Artisan Grand Zip & Link Mattress for couples

If you’re sold on the zip and link concept but don’t quite know which one you want, we’re here to help! Here are just a few of our favourite designs, from mattresses designed for spinal support to luxe mattresses that will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The best zip and link mattress for aches and pains

Bad backs, joint and neck pain can make sleeping tough for anyone, leaving you feeling exhausted throughout the day. If one or both of you needs additional support, the Sealy Orwell Posturepedic zip and link mattress can potentially give you just that. Available in firm and medium, this mattress is designed with AlignSupport® spring technology for long-lasting, consistent support.

The best zip and link mattress for natural comfort

Constructed using natural materials, such as Talalay latex and British organic wool, the Hypnos Natural Earth 05 zip and link super king size mattress provides excellent support and pressure relief. Hand-tufted, this UK-made mattress blends luxury and technology for the perfect night’s sleep.

The best zip and link mattress for temperature control

If bedtime leaves you cold or, for that matter, you find yourself getting too hot at night, iGel could be the answer. Containing iGel Advance Graphene for 7x faster heat transfer than memory foam and intelligent temperature regulation, the iGel 3500i plush top zip and link mattress could deliver a sleeping temperature that’s just right, all year round.

The best zip and link mattress for luxury sleeping

Combining 6000 premium pocket springs and targeted mini springs, the Staples & Co Artisan Grand zip and link mattress promises a luxurious night’s sleep. Manufactured with natural organic fibres, including alpaca wool and hemp, all encased in a sumptuous Belgian damask cover, this high end mattress is hand-tufted and features a cosy pillow top for that hotel bed feel.

Begin Your Zip and Link Mattress Buying Journey at Bensons for Beds

Buying a new mattress can be quite the challenge, which is why at Bensons for Beds we ensure that our staff have all the information and training they need to help you to make the right choice for you. You can even begin your bed buying adventure at home with our informative Sleep Hub articlesanduseful bed buying guide.

Instore we use our own sleeppro® system to help you to find the right mattress comfort level for your body and the way you sleep and, once you’re armed with that information we can direct you to sample beds that you can take your time trying out. And if, despite all that research and testing, your zip and link mattress just doesn’t work out you’re armed with our generous 40 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Ready to start the journey? Drop into your nearest Bensons for Beds showroom or call us on 0808 144 6160 to place an order or for more advice.

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