Christmas Gift Ideas from Bensons

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 20th Nov 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas from Bensons

Here it comes again. That time of year where you’ll have to start wracking your brain for the perfect gift for your other half, how to pay for that pony your youngest wants and where on earth to find a present that won’t offend Auntie Jean (because you don’t need a repeat of last year’s slanket debacle). Yep, it’s Christmas shopping time. It’s that bit of the year that some of us love and some of us loathe. It’s the time when you’ll have to decide between facing the hoards on the High Street (the reward: a gluh wein at the crowded, cold but quite lovely Christmas market) or giving in to online shopping (the reward: a cup of cocoa while wearing your very best reindeer pyjamas). It’s the moment when you’ll have to make some hard choices: who do you love enough to spend the big bucks on? Will Bill from Accounts think those comedy Secret Santa gifts are funny or should you stick with sensible socks? If you buy that expensive present for your partner will you create an embarrassing Christmas gift imbalance situation?

It can be the most wonderful time of the year but, let’s be honest, it can also get a bit stressful. Unless, of course, you have the brilliant team here at Bensons for Beds on your side. With our festive guidance and merry advice, you’ll have those big Christmas purchases made in next to no time. So pop on a bit of Wham, grab yourself a warm mince pie (brandy cream optional but very much encouraged) and settle in for Bensons for Beds’ ultimate guide to Christmas gifting.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Her and Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him

A lady pulling on the carefully tied Christmas ribbon to open her Christmas gift. A beautifully decorated tree is visible in the background

Sometimes a practical gift is the best gift of all, especially when all other ideas are, let’snot beat around the holly bush, likely to end up re-gifted or taken to a charity shop before next Christmas rolls around. This can be especially true when it comes to buying for your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

How buying Christmas presents for you both solves festive issues

We’ve all been there and we bet you have too. You’ve agreed on a budget, with your partner or with yourself, and you’re searching around, high and low, for the perfect little thing to make up those last few pounds. Will it be a musical tie or the amusing book that will inevitably end up loitering next to the loo? Whichever it is, you’ll both probably agree that you were best off saving yourself the cost and the bother. So what’s the solution to this annual quandary? How about buying yourself something special together? We’re willing to bet that, like many other couples out there, you’ve been putting off buying a big ticket item that your home could really do with.

The benefits of practical Christmas gifts

Alright, so a new headboard is hardly an Omega Seamaster and a mattress isn’t quite up there with a pair of Tiffany earrings but, with the cost of living rising ever higher, you might just be thankful for the opportunity to pick up something that you’d otherwise sweat over.

Why agree on a shared gift for the home?:

  • There’s no need to think of a present for a hard to choose for partner: anyone who’s ever had to buy for a dad, husband or boyfriend knows how it goes. Your ears prick up when they mention something they want but before you’veeven had a chance to open your notes app they’ve only gone and bought the blinkin’ thing for themselves. By agreeing to buy together there’s no need to wrack your brain for the perfect present and no chance for them to scupper you at the final hurdle
  • You won’t waste a penny: the maths makes sense here, we promise. Putting your Christmas spends into a big purchase means that there’s less saving-up to be done and less dough wasted on frivolous little stocking fillers
  • Friends and family can pitch in: it does get to a point, for most of us at least, where you can’t ask mum and dad to pay for your mattress. But if it’s a Christmas present? Ask everyone! They’ll thank you for making their Xmas shopping that bit simpler

The best Bensons for Beds gifts for you both

Combining the gadgetry that gives you something to do on the big day and the luxury that you want from a Christmas present, a tech bed, like the Aura ottoman TV bed, blends the practicality of a new storage bed with the luxe of velvet and the cinematic experience of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Delivered to your home within seven days, it can be with you in plenty of time for those Hallmark Christmas movies too.

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Christmas Gifts for Couples and Christmas Gifts for Mum

A home at Christmas time. The presents are nestled under the Christmas tree, the stockings are hung on the fireplace and twinkling Christmas lights festively light the room.

‘You know me, I like anything,’ ‘having the family together is present enough for me,’ ‘oh, I don’t need anything, save your money’…all classic festive mum sayings, leaving you with no option but to buy her yet another cat calendar and a box of chocolates. And as for your sister and her other half. Where to start with that minefield?

Big Christmas gifts doesn’t have to mean spending big

Whether buying for a parent, a sibling or a friend, it’s worth investigating if they’re after something for the home. Ask your dad and you’ll almost certainly find out that mum’s been hankering after a new wardrobe for thirty years (but is making do with the tumbledown old thing she got in 1989 for now). Chances are that there’s something your couple friends or siblings aren’t buying because it’s just too big an investment too. So why not get sniffing out that special something that they’ll actually want and use? Group together with other friends or family members who are doubtless as stumped as you and go big without breaking the bank.

Group gifts are fun and festive

Shopping alone is great and all but buying a group gift is the perfect excuse to start the festive fun early. It’s also an opportunity to do a good turn, making the Christmas shop a little bit easier for granny and grandpa and earning you brownie points with that aunt and uncle who usually opt for slinging a tenner into a card. Plus you get to play detective too, finding out through carefully constructed questions exactly what it is you should buy. And at the end of it all the face of confusion and then delight when your mum unwraps the hugest gift she’s ever seen in her life? Totally worth it (and you’ve got dad’s undying thanks too because all he had to do was transfer the cash and bask in thoughtful gift glory).

The best Bensons for Beds gift for couples

A practical gift with a touch of luxury, this Snooze ottoman storage box, delivered in 14 days, is a plush seat and handy storage all in one. We love the idea of wrapping other gifts – perhaps a morning breakfast kit complete with oversized mugs, luxury coffee beans, a subscription to a favourite Sunday paper and cute egg cups hand painted by their kids – and hiding them inside for a grown up Christmas stocking experience.

The best Bensons for Beds gift for mum

Mums love a dressing table and this Santana six drawer dressing table combines neat and tidy storage and a touch of glamour. Available for home delivery in six weeks (so get in quick!), this dressing table can be combined with the Santana stool and large Santana mirror, along with a tub of her favourite night cream, so she has plenty to unwrap on the day.

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Christmas Present Ideas for YOU (Because You Deserve It)

A lady wrapping Christmas gifts on a wooden surface. Berries, pinecones, and twine are scattered around

You’ve got Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for them and you’ve even conquered the biggest festive hill – Christmas gifts for men in your life! Isn’t it time you treated yourself?

Choosing a Christmas gift for yourself is a present to others

We know it’s probably not in your nature to think about buying things for yourself, especially at this time of year, but we think it’s a pretty smart move. If there’s something you’ve been wishing and saving for, like a new mattress or fresh duvets and pillows, speak now and save your friends and family the hassle of thinking of something themselves! Asking gift givers for a contribution to a larger item makes life simpler for them and means that you get something that you really want and will use for years to come. Win-win!

A present to yourself is the gift that keeps on giving

We’re so often given Christmas presents that we shove to the back of the wardrobe and forget about. And so it just makes sense, for you and for the environment, to look to gifts that you really want and will use on a daily basis. And when you climb under that cosy new duvet each night or pop your book down on a nice new bedside table, you’ll be grateful to yourself and grateful to those lovely gift givers for a present that you can put to good use and truly enjoy every single day.

The best Bensons for Beds Christmas gift for yourself

Give yourself the gift of a great night’s sleep with a new mattress like the Slumberland Natural Solutions 2800 mattress. Available for delivery in around three weeks, this plush eco-friendly mattress is easy to care for and easy to sleep on thanks to its 2800 pocket springs and its natural anti-allergy Pro-Bio treatment. But before you buy be sure to pop into your local Bensons for Beds store to take advantage of oursleeppro® system, which uses clever technology to help you find your ideal mattress firmness.

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Spread Christmas Cheer and the Cost of Christmas with Smart Financing

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, there’s no doubt about it. Between buying food and drinks to entertain the masses and making sure that everyone has their ideal gift, it’s easy to blow the budget in a spectacular fashion. Fortunately, here at Bensons for Beds we make spreading the cost of at least some of your Christmas spending simple.

Interest-free Christmas spending

With the option to pay for your purchases in wallet-friendly, bite-size chunks, our interest-free credit makes those big purchases possible. And with the option to delay payments until next year, the most expensive time of year just got less overwhelming.

Buy now, pay for Christmas later

With no fees for early repayment, our buy now, pay later scheme gives you six months without a single payment. With nothing to pay until we’re well into 2024, buy now, pay later means you can get your financial ducks in a row before monthly repayments begin.

Klarna cuts down the Christmas outlay

As simple as it gets, Klarna allows you to simply pay for your order in three monthly instalments, with no interest to pay whatsoever. Ideal for those big spend months, of which Christmas is king, Klarna helps you to plan your Xmas budget effectively.

Christmas Gift Ideas for All at Bensons for Beds

Christmas shopping just got easier with Bensons for Beds. Not only do we have those big buys that your family are going to thank you for, we also make getting them home easy. Yep, with Bensons for Beds there’s no need to wrangle your buys into the car or resort to hiring a van. We can deliver your purchases direct to the room they’re intended for and, for a small additional fee, our careful delivery drivers will assemble your flatpack too if required.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a lovely new bed frame, buying a smart wardrobe for your other half or chipping in on the adjustable bed your parents have been angling after, we’re here to help.

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