King Size Vs Super King: Which is Right for You?

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 28th Jul 2023

King Size Vs Super King: Which is Right for You?

Buying a new bed is a big commitment. Not only are you investing your hard-earned cash in a product you need to be able to rely on to meet your sleep needs, you’re also committing to a purchase that will be around for the next 7-8 years+. So, in the battle of king size vs super king, which option is the right fit for you?

Well, when deciding between a king size and a super king bed frame or mattress, there’s a lot to think about. From the space available to accommodate your new bed in your bedroom to your budget, there’s a lot of forward-thinking that needs to be done before you buy.

In this guide, we’ll explain the key differences between king size and super king. We’ll also take you through the key things to think about ahead of your splurge. Scroll on to find the right fit for your space in our king size vs super king comparison.

King size vs super king: how do the sizes compare?

Size is a big factor to think about when buying a new bed. You need to make sure you have space in your bedroom to accommodate the bed and you need to ensure that the bed you choose offers you and any bedfellows enough space to get the great-quality sleep you need. So, in the comparison of king size vs super king, which one measures up?!

Let’s start with king size beds. A king size bed frame measures approximately 150cm in width x 200cm in length. And a king size mattress also adheres to these measurements (150cm x 200cm).

Super king beds, as the name suggests, are a little larger than king size ones. Measuring in at 180cm in width x 200cm in length, super king bed frames and super king mattresses are 30cm wider than king size options.

But what does this actually mean?

Well, a standard single mattress is 90cm wide and 190cm long. So, a super king mattress is the same width as two single mattresses laid side by side. A king size mattress is 30cm smaller in width than two single mattresses laid side by side. But both king size mattresses and super king mattresses measure 200cm in length, which is 10 cm longer than a single.

King size vs super king: why does size matter?

A family of four squashed onto a king size mattress.

When you’re choosing a new bed, size really does matter. You can do all the homework in preparation for choosing the best mattress fillings and comfort level for your sleep position and preferences but, if a mattress is too small, it will have a negative effect on the quality of sleep you achieve.

And it’s important to remember that your new bed and mattress needs to accommodate all those usual suspects that climb on in throughout the night (ergo kids and pets) as well as you and your partner. And you need enough room to be able to switch up position while you sleep too.

A mattress that is too small can result in the dreaded roll together. It can also leave you feeling too hot, over-crowded, twisted into uncomfortable positions, and maybe even result in you falling off the bed.

And space becomes even more detrimental to your sleep quality if you sleep with a bed-hogging partner. One US-study found that 21% of married people feel that their partner takes up too much space in the bed (1).

As far as size goes with beds, generally bigger is better. The bigger the bed, the bigger your share of the sleep space will be and the better your sleep quality will be too. So, if you’re deciding between a king size bed and a super king bed, if you have room for a super king bed go for it. Every single time.

But that doesn’t mean that a king size bed doesn’t offer adequate space for two sleepers. The space each sleeper has might be marginally smaller than that offered by a single mattress but, a king size is a big step up from a double bed.

A double bed measures 135cm wide x 190cm long. This equates to a sleep space just 67.5cm wide per person if the double bed is being shared by a couple. A single bed offers a sleep space that is 90cm in width which is the same space offered per person on a super king bed. And a king size offers 75cm per person. So, if your bedroom only has enough space to accommodate a king size bed, it’s still a substantial improvement on a double.

King size vs super king: what to think about

If you’re trying to decide which size is right for you, there’s a lot to think about. We’ll guide you through the key things to consider in the battle of king size vs super king. Before buying you should:

  • Measure your space: The first step on your mission to decide between a king size and a super king bed is to find out exactly how much space you have available. There may only be 30cm difference in the width between the two sizes but that could be the difference between one of you having to forgo a bedside table or not. Once you’ve measured your space, write down the measurements and measure it again. It’s vital that this first step is done properly.
  • Calculate your budget: An important step with any big purchase is to confirm affordability. Look closely at your monthly incomings and outgoings and work out an affordable budget for your new bed before you head off on your shopping spree (be it in-person or online)!
  • Consider spreading the cost of your splurge: And at Bensons, we do offer various payment options to consider. If all that is preventing you from taking the plunge and opting for the super king over the king size is the price tag, maybe spreading the payment would be more affordable. We offer interest-free finance subject to credit checks for all orders over £500. And, the more you spend, the longer you’ll have to pay off your purchase. Our payment plans are available in 10-month up to 36-month terms. We also offer Klarna pay-in-3. This allows you to split your splurge into three equal and more manageable chunks.
  • Think about who you share a bed with: Okay, and here it’s important not just to think about your partner. It goes beyond who you choose to share you bed with and takes any of those night creepers who like to get in on the co-sleeping fun into consideration too. Whether you like it or not, buying a new bed doesn’t automatically stop pets and children from crawling into your bed in the dead of night. Sorry, but it’s true! And, thinking about who shares your bed might just give you the push you need to go bigger.

Once you’ve considered all of the above, you’ll be in a much better position to decide who’s victorious in the battle of king size vs super king.

King size vs super king: which should you choose?

The option you should choose is the bed size that’s right for your space, sleep requirements, and budget. Although we do believe bigger is better, it’s not necessary for everyone.

Your personal situation will also play a part in which bed you choose. And solo sleepers might feel that an oversized bed is a waste of space. But equally, those same bachelors and bachelorettes can be the king of their super king bed if their heart desires and their bedroom can accommodate.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to this conundrum. And if you can justify to yourself why you chose king size over super king (or vice versa), then you’ve made the right choice for you which is all we really want at Bensons.

What are my king size and super king mattress options?

At Bensons, we offer a huge range of mattresses from a collection of top brands in small single, single, small double, double, king size, and super king sizes. We have also made it our mission to cater for all types of sleepers too. So, whether you sleep on your back, side or front; run hot or cold; have allergies or suffer from restless leg syndrome; or are a light sleeper, we’ve got a king size or super king mattress that’s ideal for you.

Here are some of the different king size and super king mattresses we offer:

  • Memory foam mattresses: If you’re a fan of plush support, a memory foam mattress could be ideal. It conforms to the natural contours of your body as your sleep and relieve pressure points resulting in a revitalising night’s sleep.
  • Hybrid mattresses: Hybrid mattresses are generally a combination of springs and memory foam, gel or latex. The springs work to offer targeted support and even weight-distribution while the memory foam, gel or latex delivers premium support and a luxuriously comfortable sleep surface.
  • Pocket sprung mattresses: Pocket sprung mattresses feature individual pocket springs. These springs are then wrapped in fabric pockets to allow them to move independently, which results in them responding appropriately to your various pressure points. Pocket spring mattresses are a great choice for every sleep position preference too.
  • Latex mattresses: This naturally cooling mattress material delivers high levels of bounce and responsiveness. Latex mattresses are usually made up of several layers of latex foam, and latex-hybrid mattresses are made using a combination of layers of latex foam and springs to supply both deep pressure relief and premium support.
  • Orthopaedic mattresses: An orthopaedic mattress encourages you to sleep with a healthy spine alignment which in turn promotes a better quality of sleep. As the name suggests, orthopaedic mattresses are influenced by orthopaedics, a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the bones and muscles.
  • Open coil mattresses: An open coil mattress is made with supportive metal springs to ensure your comfort. Practical, supportive, and affordable, open coil is one of our most popular mattress types.


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