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Chris Hardy

Product Copywriter

Chris Hardy

Product Copywriter

Working at Bensons

How long have you worked at/with Bensons for?

I’m just coming up to 6 months, and it has flown by! I’m massively excited to see where the Bensons journey takes me.

Why Bensons?

I grew up watching old VHS recordings of films taped off the TV from the 80s and 90s, and there wasn’t one that didn’t include the old classic Bensons for Beds “jingle”. It was part of the soundtrack of my youth! So when the opportunity came up to become a copywriter for the company, how could I say no?! It’s such a fantastic company to work for, and I’m grateful to be a part of such an historic British company.

Relevant Qualifications

12 years of digital marketing experience

·      11 years of copywriting experience

·      6 years of SEO driven content creation

What Chris' colleagues have to say about them:

When it comes to Chris, their colleagues have nothing but positive things to say. They describe Chris as a dedicated and hardworking team player who always goes above and beyond to help out. Whether it's assisting customers or lending a hand to their coworkers, Chris is always there to support the team. But it's not just their work ethic that makes Chris stand out. Their colleagues also appreciate their great sense of humor and positive energy. Chris has a way of bringing a smile to everyone's face and creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace. Chris is someone that their colleagues can always rely on. They are dependable and always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it's covering a shift or offering guidance, Chris is there to support their teammates. Overall, Chris is a valued member of the team at Bensons for Beds. Their dedication, hard work, and positive attitude make them an asset to the store. Their colleagues feel lucky to have Chris on their team, as they bring a sense of camaraderie and positivity to the workplace.



What do you specialise in?

As someone who has had a lifelong love of the English language, and its capability to create nothing short of magic when used effectively, I simply try to specialise in using it to the best of my ability. Whether that be a quick and punchy tagline, or a novel. As Noam Chomsky said, “language is a process of free creation”, and I see it as a privilege to be creative every day.


Industry experience

12 years of digital marketing experience. 11 years of copywriting expertise. 6 years of SEO-driven content creation.

Chris Hardy

Industry experience

I have worked within the Furniture industry for 4 years developing new and exciting product across various product types.

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