9 Student Wellness Tips

Going to university is such an exciting time. You’ll be living away from home for the first time, being independent, and have a new place to explore.

Unfortunately, it can also be quite stressful, scary and daunting. It’s therefore so important to look after your mental and physical health. Our nine student wellness tips will help you do just that.

  1. Meditation

No matter how busy you are, you can always find 10-20 minutes a day to take some time out and focus on you.

Just sitting quietly and clearing your mind can do wonders for your stress levels, while good breathing techniques can help put you in more of a relaxed state. By breathing deeply, you will send oxygen surging through your bloodstream, which should help you calm down.

If you’ve never tried it, now is the time.

  1. Exercise

Even exercising once a week will help with your stress levels.

Doing at least two hours of exercise a week will make a difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing. At uni, you’ll have loads of options for exercise by joining one of the sports teams – this is also great to meet new people. By becoming a member of the campus gym or signing up to dance classes etc, you will have an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

  1. Sleep well

Good sleep is ideal to help reduce stress. It isn’t always the easiest to sleep well in new and unfamiliar surroundings, so you’ll need to do a few things to promote the best sleep. Make your bedroom as comfy and homely as possible, ensure it is dark and quiet, try to implement a sleep routine including meditation, and stick to the same sleep schedule. The latter means going to bed and waking at the same times each day – no lie ins at the weekend unfortunately!

  1. Eat well

A varied and healthy diet is imperative at uni. When you’re tired, an oven pizza, ready meal or takeaway all seem like great options, but it won’t help in the long run.

Vitamin C helps with your immune system and can also aid with reducing stress – orange juice and fresh citrus fruit is therefore ideal. A meal including leafy greens in the evening will help you sleep better, while vitamin D supplements can assist with boosting your mood in the autumn and winter months.

Here’s a list of suggested foods which help you sleep.

  1. Take breaks

This includes from your study and from social media. Yes, you want to do well on your course, but studying too much without taking a break can be detrimental. Switch of and ignore your social media accounts for a while – instead of focusing on what others are up to, simply get out, meet people and enjoy yourself.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

University is a learning experience. You’re learning about being an adult and about life in the real world, but this also applies to your course too. You won’t know everything straight away so don’t expect to excel immediately. Also, if you miss a deadline, don’t worry and fret too much – these things happen, and you have plenty of time to make up for it.

  1. Listen to music

Music can help calm you down and make you feel relaxed. If you’re feeling stressed or you’re struggling with a piece of work, try some calming classical music.

  1. Laugh and have fun

Laughing loud increases oxygen and blood flow which is known to reduce stress. Uni is such a fun and exciting time – make friends with your house or flat mates, go out, have a laugh and make sure to enjoy yourself.

  1. Speak to someone if you need to

If you feel like you’re struggling a little, it’s so important to not keep it to yourself. Often if you bottle your problems, it can seem so much worse than it actually is. You’ll feel loads better by simply vocalising it.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to family or friends, you can speak to student counselling in a confidential forum or seek the advice of your personal tutor. That’s what they’re there for.

Stay well, make the most of your time at university and don’t forget to look after you!

Read our mindfullness guide for some additional tips or guide on how best to sleep before an exam.

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