Sleep Wellbeing

  • bunk bed

    Are bunk beds safe for your children?

    17 December 2018

    Kids love bunk beds as they’re fun to sleep in and are great for sleepovers, whereas we love them as they’re a convenient way to make the most of the space in for smaller bedrooms. But are bunk beds safe for children to sleep in? The answer is yes absolutely, if you buy the bed…

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  • How the Christmas party affects your body, in 24 hours

    6 December 2018

    The Christmas party is always a festive highlight; however new research shows office workers are likely to have the worst night’s sleep of the year, when they finally make it to bed. In a recent poll, 65% of staff attending their work Christmas party said they had less than five hours sleep on the night,…

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  • How often should you change your mattress?

    30 November 2018

    Your mattress plays an essential role in your sleep cycle, and getting that right means you’ll always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. According to experts, we should change our regular mattress every seven years to ensure the best night’s sleep. However, there are several other indications that it could…

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  • 8 Essential student sleeping tips

    7 November 2018

    A lot of people think that uni students go for short lectures, sleep in the rest of the day, watch TV and generally have it easy. In fact, the opposite is true. University is an incredibly demanding and often very stressful time, which can have a negative impact on sleep. Here are our tips for…

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  • How firm do I need my mattress?

    26 October 2018

    The right mattress can help you sleep and relieve pressure on your back while you slumber. The wrong mattress can be detrimental to the quality of sleep you get and your body. When making your choice, there are a variety of things you need to consider from mattress type, firmness and your sleeping position. Here…

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  • Student sleeping

    The effects of napping at uni

    26 October 2018

    A nap can be really enjoyable. It’s a quiet escape from the rest of the world and a chance to recharge your batteries ready for the rest of the day. Sometimes they can be really beneficial, other times less so. If you’re thinking of getting your head down for a few minutes or a longer…

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  • Woman sleeping

    Bensons for Beds announces partnership with Sleep Expert

    24 October 2018

    Bensons for Beds today announces an exciting new partnership with Sleep Physiologist, Stephanie Romiszewski. Stephanie has been appointed as Bensons’ official Sleep Expert and will be working with the retailer to offer expert advice on how to get the best night’s sleep possible. Stephanie will bring her straight talking and realistic approach to sleep, and…

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  • What is the ideal temperature to sleep in?  

    26 September 2018

    To get the best possible sleep it’s so important to ensure your bedroom is the ideal temperature. If things are too hot, or too cold, this can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.   Why does the temperature of the room matter?   Your body heat peaks in the evening before you go to bed but drops…

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  • Environment therapy: creating a multi-sensory bedroom

    17 September 2018

    Your bedroom should be set up to help you sleep. From choosing the right bed, fitting blackout curtains, or banning the TV. Every bedroom decision should go towards creating a space that promotes quality and healthy sleep. Nothing does that quite like a calming and peaceful environment. Think of your bedroom as your space to…

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  • How children can be affected by a house move

    17 September 2018

    Moving to a new house can be a stressful time for everyone. As parents, you’ll be coordinating all manner of things and keeping your fingers crossed everything runs smoothly. But when it comes to the kids, they’ll be uprooted to new surroundings, will move away from their friends and potentially have to change school. It…

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  • Resetting Your Sleep Cycle

    23 July 2018

    We all have an inner clock or scheduler that helps us fall asleep at night and wake in the morning. It’s called the circadian clock and is individual to each person, which is why you may be ready for another episode of your favourite box set at 10pm while your partner is fast asleep. Certain…

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  • Music and sound to help you sleep

    21 June 2018

    Earlier this year, DJ Tom Middleton put his talents to an unusual test. Having suffered from insomnia himself while touring, he set about creating an album that puts the listener to sleep. In his own words; he said he’d set out to create music that people don’t actually end up listening to. Through relaxing music…

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  • Everything you need to know about mattresses

    20 June 2018

    Mattresses are just a thing you sleep on, right? Wrong, they can truly make or break a good night’s sleep. And not only that, the wrong mattress won’t just interfere with a solid eight hours, it can potentially harm your back and neck, leaving you aching throughout the day. So where do you start when…

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  • 10 Summer sleep hacks

    5 June 2018

    In the UK, we spend so much of our time wishing it was summer. But when we do get finally a spell of hot weather, we love to complain. The commute is stifling, stuffy, and unbearable. The office isn’t made for the heat, and it’s just too hot to sleep. If you suffer from sleep…

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