Choosing the right colour to paint your bedroom using chromotherapy

Simple things like the colour you paint your bedroom walls can set the atmosphere and have a specific effect on you both physically and mentally. The impact of colour on us in this way is called colour therapy or chromotherapy – get it right and your bedroom will be your perfect sleep space.

Choose from these colours to find your personal preference:


The impact: blue has calming, cooling and relaxing qualities. They are said to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and help tackle headaches.

How it helps in the bedroom: it should help you get a good night’s sleep, waking feeling positive and happy about the day ahead.

The right shades: opt for sky blues, duck egg blues and navy.


The impact: purple stimulates creativity and the unconscious mind.

How it helps in the bedroom: if when you have a problem to solve you like to sleep on it, purple is a great choice as it will help your unconscious mind make decisions. It can sometimes however promote vivid dreams which can make you feel more tired when you first wake up.

The right shades: go for indigo to err on the side of calming and relaxing rather than too energising. Violet is ideal to really stimulate your creative side.


The impact: at the opposite end of the spectrum to blue, this warming colour is all about energising and re-invigorating the body, mind and soul.

How it helps in the bedroom: red is thought to energise the heart and improve your blood circulation. It’s also said to enhance the libido. For some it may be too stimulating to get a decent night’s sleep, so if you’re a poor sleeper already this may not be the best choice for you.

The right shades: it’s all about deep, warming and vibrant reds.


The impact: green is such an earthy colour that it links us directly to the natural world, in a similar way to blue. It’s also a balancing colour that is said to be soothing and relaxing both mentally and physically.

How it helps in the bedroom: get the right green and your bedroom will elicit a calm, soft and soothing vibe as soon as you set foot into it.

The right shades: soft and light greens are the way to go to promote sleep. Anything too vibrant may be too invigorating and stimulating, rather than a relaxing space to bed down.


The impact: you know how yellow makes you feel. It instantly brightens your day and it’s the same with yellow when used in chromotherapy – it serves to uplift your mood and stimulate the mind.

How it helps in the bedroom: yellow may be more suited to a creative space or a bright uplifting and airy kitchen. Too much yellow in the bedroom will work in the opposite way, bringing out too many thoughts that occupy your mind and stop you sleeping. If you get it right however, you can feel invigorated the moment you open your eyes after getting a proper rest.

The right shades: keep it soft and buttery for decent sleep.


The impact: representing the warmth of fire, orange is cheering and has a freeing action on the body and mind, showing new possibilities and options in life. It stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.

How it helps in the bedroom: many say that orange helps with sexual expression, but you may choose it simply for its cheering qualities and the way it helps you let go of things – forgetting the stresses and strains of the day right before bed is perfect.

The right shades: again, keep it soft and light, rather than too deep and dark.

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