Best Kids Mattresses for Teenagers

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 29th Jun 2023

Best Kids Mattresses for Teenagers

Teenagers love their bedrooms. Given half a chance, most would spend the entire weekend lazing in bed Netflixing, TikToking, BeRealing and doing all sorts of other very important smartphone-based tasks that us adults just don’t understand (so don’t even try, you’re so embarrassing). They also really like sleep too, as you’ve probably noticed.

Because most teens practically live in their beds, it’s important that their mattresses are as supportive as possible. A teenager’s mattress should provide them with the comfort they need for a good night’s sleep as well as giving reliable support to their growing body at every stage of development, from child to adulthood.

But with so many mattresses on the market, yet very few specifically designed for those important teenage years, choosing the right mattress for your teen can be tough. Especially given that the last thing they’ll want to do is schlep around bed shops with you on a Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, we at Bensons for Beds have the complete lowdown on children’s mattress choices suitable for teens of all ages and at all stages, helping you to get ahead of the game and minimise the pain of shopping with an unwilling child with much more important things to do.

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Best Mattresses for Teenagers: Why Sleep is So Important for Teens

We’re all aware that young children need a lot of sleep to help them to function, learn and develop. But what about teenagers? Is sleep less important as kids get older? Should young adults really be wide awake ‘til 2am? And are they taking the mick when they tell you they really need that ludicrously late lie in?

Is getting enough sleep important for teenagers?

A good night’s sleep is just as important for teenagers as it is for younger kids. In teens, sleep can affect:

  • Physical health: supporting the immune system, hormones and muscle and tissue recovery, good sleep is a must for every system of the body. This is especially so for teenagers who are still going through major physical changes. A lack of sleep may even put teens at higher risk of health problems, including diabetes, later in life (1).
  • Mental health: does any modern parent not spend an inordinate amount of time fretting about their teen’s mental health? In addition to making teens irritable and grouchy, prolonged sleep loss has been linked to delayed emotional development (2). Teenagers who sleep less could be more likely to experience depression and anxiety (3) too.
  • Learning: with exams looming, teens are under a great deal of pressure to perform well academically. Experts, teachers and parents all know that a great night’s sleep is must for memory, attention span and concentration. Research also shows that a lack of sleep makes kids more likely to space out in class, harming their academic performance (4).
  • Decision making and safety: according to researchers, teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to make risky choices like drink driving, using drugs and riding a bike without wearing a helmet (5). Drowsiness caused by lack of sleep can also make accidents more likely, whether your child is on wheels or feet

How much sleep do teens need?

Experts say that teenagers do, in fact, require more sleep than most adults – around eight to ten hours a night (6). But don’t be too quick to shout ‘told you so!’. Those early nights that you’re convinced your teen should be getting? They’re not necessarily the solution. In fact, sleep nerds say that when your kid’s telling you they’re just not tired at 11pm it’s not a cut and dried case of defiance. Actually, teens’ sleep drive builds slowly and their melatonin (the hormone that makes us sleepy) production doesn’t kick in until late. Meaning that late to sleep/late to wake habit is completely natural and it’s early school starts that are keeping your teen off their sleep schedule.

Since wecan’tdo anything about early classes, how can parents make sure their teenagers get enough sleep? Perhaps letting those late rising Sundays slide is a good start. And for the rest of the week? It all starts with a mattress that’s comfortable enough for uninterrupted, refreshing rest…

Choosing a Kids Mattress: Different Mattresses for Different Ages

Your kid has a perfectly good bed already so do they need a whole new mattress just because they’ve made the transition from tween to teen? Perhaps not immediately but, as you’ll already know from the first twelve or thirteen years of your not so little one’s life, what they need in a bed will change just as often as they do.

As well as getting taller, children also become heavier as they age, meaning they’re likely to need better support, if nothing else. They may also have changed their sleep position as they’ve grown up, meaning that they could need a mattress that supports them in a different way. And it’s not just their sleeping position you’ll need to think about, it’s aches and pains too. Many teens will suffer from growing pains in knees, hips and other joints while others may put pressure on muscles and joints through playing increasingly challenging sports. In this case, your child may need a mattress which provides specific support in the places where they’re experiencing discomfort the most.

How often should I replace my child’s mattress?

Putting aside the need to change your teen’s mattress to suit their changing body, a mattress should be upgraded on a regular basis, regardless of a child’s age or the stage of life they’re in. Consider how long your current children’s mattress has been in service. Most bed experts will tell you that even a really great mattress needs replacing every six to eight years (7) and that’s bearing in mind the more careful use of adults. Consider the rough and tumble terror your child’s mattress has been through and chances are it’s time for a change.

If you’re not sure whether a mattress needs upgrading you can look out for a few simple things. If the mattress is dirty and stained it’s often a good sign that it’s time to invest in something new and fresh. You’ll also want to buy new if a mattress sags or has broken springs. Another sure-fire sign? If your child is struggling to get comfortable at night but can’t quite explain why, it could well be time to hit the mattress store.

Do teens of different ages need different mattresses?

As the parent of any seventeen year old will tell you, kids change an awful lot between those first teenage days and fully fledged adulthood. Not only do they grow like that backyard bramble, their body will change in incredible – and slightly terrifying – ways too. Teen boys in particular will, on average, almost double in weight during their teen years (8).

So yes, chances are that the mattress that suited their lightweight twelve and thirteen year old bodies won’t provide the support that a hulking sixteen year old needs. This means that your child is likely to need a different mattress in those last few years of their teens than they were comfortable sleeping on when they could still speak to you without their eyes rolling out of their heads.

The Best Mattress for Teens: What To Look For

Knowing that at some point you’ll need to purchase a new mattress for your growing teen, what should you look out for? While there are some rules that are universal when it comes to choosing a mattress, including choosing based on your sleeping position and areas where you need more support, there are some specifics you’ll want to focus on when selecting a mattress for a teenager:

Good all-round support

The best mattress for kids of any age offers reliable support, and this becomes even more important as your child gets older and their body gets heavier. Bear in mind that a young teen of thirteen is likely to weigh significantly less than an older teen, meaning that theywon’trequire such a sturdy mattress. Once those pounds have gone on you may need to upgrade to a firmer bed for the improved support a larger body requires. The Jay-Be Graffiti Art Deep e-Pocket Mattress is a great choice for growing kids, its e-Fibre comfort layers offering reliable support and comfort for growing bones and muscles.

Hardwearing build

Few kids of any age will go out of their way to take care of their expensive belongings, and this can be especially true of furniture. Clumsy oafs that they are, teens are especially prone to causing costly damage to the home as they learn to deal with elongated limbs and a new centre of gravity. A mattress may take the brunt of this carelessness so be sure to look for a well-constructed mattress that’s built to stand up to wear and tear.

The right temperature

Changing bodies and hormonal gymnastics can mean that your teen finds it hard to regulate their body temperature. This can lead to hot and sweaty nights for some. If night time temperatures cause problems for your child you might prefer to steer away from memory foam mattresses, some of which can raise the body’s temperature. Or, even better, opt for a mattress with built-in temperature control to combat hormonal sweats. The Jay-Be Graffiti Art e-Sprung Mattress, for example, features an open cell structure and breathable layers to help keep teens cool while they sleep.

Suitability for more than just sleep

From watching TV to texting their friends, tapping out essays on their laptops and playing computer games, thanks to modern technology, teenagers are able to conduct their most important business from the comfort of their beds. This means that not only does a mattress need to support their prone forms as they sleep, they also need good support when sitting up on the edge of the bed too. Fortunately, many mattress manufacturers recognise the importance of edge support and so you’ll find many beds now incorporate this, keeping mattresses from sagging on over-used sides.

Personalised comfort

Tall or short, well-built or dainty, front sleeper or side snoozer. All teenagers are different. That’s why picking the first mattress you see is no good. Bensons for Bed’s sleeppro system can help you to find the right mattress to suit your teen, while our Sleep Hub is full of top tips for creating a bedroom made for a great night’s sleep.

Mattresses for Teenagers: Introducing the Flip

Raising teens is an expensive venture. If it isn’t new clothes they’re after, it’s payment for a school ski trip, subs for summer football camp or the very latest digital device. So when it comes to decking out their bedroom, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to save. And while we don’t recommend skimping when it comes to choosing a mattress that promises comfort, support and uninterrupted sleep, we’re all for clever ideas that make life easier and potentially save you a few precious pounds. Enter the Slumberland Flip 2-in-1 Mattress, created an Bensons for Beds.

Slumberland flip mattress on wooden light oak bedframe with matching bedside tables situated in a white and olive green teenager's bedroom

Two sided for adaptable comfort

Designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep from the age of eleven right up to nineteen, the Flip mattress has a clever two-sided system. For those early teen years, a softer side cradles lighter bodies, while a firmer side is designed to provide enhanced support into adulthood. Using this mattress really is as easy as flipping it over when the time comes – usually around age fifteen or when your child tips the scales at 55kg. But how does it work? Spring science! The Flip’s spring system is designed with variable geometry at either end of the mattress. This means it offers different responses to weight and pressure depending on which side is in use. So there’s no need for a whole new mattress when your child reaches that difficult ‘suddenly ginormous’ stage.

Reliable support to the very edge

Not just a gimmick, the Slumberland Flip is built with a whole host of smart technology chosen to make sure that your child’s growing body is well cared for. In addition to providing the support needed for good spinal alignment, this hardworking mattress also provides the comfort every teenager needs for a restorative night’s sleep so they’re raring to go the next morning (or a little bit more so than usual anyway). In addition, the Flip’s Comfort Edge system provides four firmer outer rows of pocket springs for minimised roll-off, edge-to-edge comfort and improved durability.

Comfort and durability for all

Built to last and incredibly comfortable for just about every body, the Slumberland Flip mattress is designed with a New Life foundation layer on its firmer side so that it feels like a whole new mattress while continuing to tolerate the wear and tear of teenage life. This high resilience foam layer is responsive and cosy for an always great night’s sleep and with Temperature+ there’s no need to worry about foam raising the body temp stakes. Keeping asleeper’s body at a reliable 37C, this clever treatment wicks away moisture, regulates temperature and even helps to rehydrate the skin. Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, the Flip is also treated with Pro-bio, providing a natural defence against harmful pathogens and nasty smells while taking care of good microorganisms and skin flora.

What's more, our Slumberland Flip mattress, designed with the growing and changing needs of teens in mind, has just won Product of the Year 2024.

Find the Best Mattress for Kids and Teens at Bensons for Beds

Offering a wide variety of mattresses for beds of all sizes, plus much more besides, Bensons for Beds is your one stop shop for everything bedroom. And when it comes to choosing a mattress for your teenagerwe’re on hand to make the process as pain-free as possible. Our expert team can guide you through every step, from deciding on the right firmness for your child’s weight, height and sleeping position to getting you set up with home delivery.We’ll even take their grotty old mattress away for recycling.

In addition to mattresses designed with kids and teens in mind, like the reliable and highly accredited Jay-Be range, we’ve also got awhole host of bedsespecially for young people of all ages as well as bedroom furniture to help you to create a cohesive look while encouraging them to tidy away after themselves (although we’re making no guarantees).

It’s not just kids Bensons for Beds can kit out either. As one of the UK’s leading bed experts, we’re able to help the whole family get a great night’s sleep thanks to our innovative approach to your Sleep Wellness.As well as getting you set up with the perfect bed to suit your needs, however you sleep, we’ll also make the boring bits simple, with finance options including Klarna’s Pay in 3 and our minimum five year guarantee on all beds, mattresses, sofa beds and furniture.

To discuss your or your teen’s mattress requirements or to place an order just drop in to your nearest Bensons for Beds showroom or give us a ring on 0808 144 6160 to chat with our friendly and helpful phoneline team.


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