How to Assemble a Divan Bed

Posted by Bensons For Beds on 24th Mar 2020

How to Assemble a Divan Bed

How to put a divan bed together

A traditional favourite for good reason, a divan bed offers many benefits. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, divan beds are also fantastic space savers, with ample storage discretely concealed beneath the mattress.

But just how easy are they to put together? Will buying a divan bed that you need to assemble yourself leave you needing a lie down before you have finished building it?

Here are all of our top tips for how to assemble a divan bed. Arm yourself with these instructions beforehand and you will have your divan bed built in no time at all!

Are divan beds easy to assemble?

Yes, assembling a divan bed is actually very easy. Unlike other bed frames, divan bed assembly requires minimum effort, which means you can transform your bedroom within a matter of minutes. Which is music to our ears – and yours!

We recommend two people assemble divan beds, just to help avoid the risk of any injuries.

If you would like to know more about the many benefits of a divan bed, then check out our article which looks into what a divan bed is and whether it is the right bed for you.

Are all divan beds assembled in the same way?

Every bed is different, so it is always worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with the instructions before you start.

Some divan beds come with their own assembly instructions. So be sure to check for any manufacturer issued divan assembly instructions when you are putting together your bed, in case anything differs from our instructions.

If you have bought a divan set, this will come with the base and the mattress included. All you need to do with the mattress is place it on top of the assembled bed base – easy peasy!

Do you need any tools to build a divan bed?

Do not worry if you are not Bob the Builder, when it comes to tools. You won’t need many – if any - tools (or a fully loaded toolbelt) when putting a divan bed together.

You may wish to have a rubber mallet or hammer handy as this can be useful for knocking the wheels in if they do not click in straight away.

When your bed arrives, check that you have all the parts listed on the Bensons for Beds assembly instructions. These instructions should also tell you if you need any additional tools to put your divan bed together.

Usually, you’ll need:

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

What to do before joining two halves of a divan bed together

First, ensure that there is plenty of space in your bedroom to assemble your bed.

You will want to be able to walk all around the bed and be able to move it for some of the assembly. If you really need to, you should remove or rearrange your furniture to make sure you have got enough space to work with.

Once your bedroom is ready, it is time to start on your bed. Firstly, remove any packaging that comes with your new bed. Dispose of this carefully and recycle any parts that you can.

How to clip together a divan bed

Divan beds typically come in two halves which join together to make the complete bed. This makes it much easier for the bed to fit up the stairs and through door frames when it is delivered.

Separating the bed into two pieces also makes it easier to move from one room to another if you are redecorating. It also makes it easier when you move house.

Ideally, you will want to fit the feet to the base of the divan bed first before going on to attach the two halves of the bed together.

Clipping together the two halves is very simple. Your base will either have U clips or link bars, which allow the two pieces to attach together.

Fitting a divan base with U clips

Divan Base with U Clips Attached

Divan Base with U Clips

To fit together a divan base with U clips, turn both halves onto their sides and bring them together so that they meet in what will be the middle of the bed. Often these sides have square edges so that you will know which sides are which.

Where the ends meet, fit the U clips so that they clamp around both edges and hold the two parts firmly together. Once the clips are fitted, flip the bed back onto its base and then add the mattress to the top.

Fitting a divan base with link bars

Divan Base Link Bars

Divan Base with Link Bars

Linking bars/clips can be found on the inside of the divan bases. They can sometimes become slightly compressed during the journey to you, so you’re best to carefully open the clips by hand, before making sure the two parts are the right way up and bringing them together at the two flat ends.

You will find that there are pre-drilled bolt holes on each side. For a divan base with link bars, you will probably find it easier to fit the wheels before attaching the two pieces together.

Place the link bar along these holes so that they line up. Fix the two parts together by putting the bolts through the slots in the link bars and screwing them into the bolt holes.

Check that the two parts of the bed base are firmly together and then tighten the link bars into position.

Note: for Staples & Co divan bases, at one side of the base the clips should be connected right over left, while at the opposite side it should be left over right to ensure a snug fit.

How to fit a headboard on a divan bed

The last thing to do, before your bed is ready for your first night’s sleep in it, is to attach the headboard.

Divan beds do not usually come with the headboard included, which gives you greater flexibility when it comes to switching up the look of your bedroom.

The first step when attaching the headboard to your divan base is to attach the legs to the headboard. Some headboards come with these already attached but with others, you may have to do this yourself.

Our Staples & Co headboards and Simply Bensons headboards can be attached to either end of your divan base, so you can decide which end you’d like to use before piercing the fabric (the approximate location of where you need to pierce it is marked on the divan for you). Use your scissors to do the piercing, to allow the headboard bolts to go through the fabric.

Then, position the headboard against the head of the divan base and guide the headboard bolts through the back of the headboard and into the base. Screw them tightly to secure the headboard safely into place.

How to attach feet, gliders or wheels to a divan bed

You can attach feet or wheels (also known as castors) to your divan bed easily. There are a few different techniques based on the type of divan base you have, so we’ve listed our some step-by-step tips to help.

For Staples & Co divan bases

Castors and silver glides can be pushed into the silver sockets at each corner of the divan base. If you want to give these a tap with mallet that’s fine, but steer clear of metal hammers (or any metal objects) which could damage the feet or base.

For wooden and silver metal legs, these need to be screwed into the centre position, from each corner of the base. There will be stickers to show you where to do this.

For Simply Bensons divan bases

Simply push castors/wheels or glides firmly into position by hand, then give them a sharp tap with a mallet (again, as tempting as it may be, don’t use a metal hammer as this can dent or damage the feet and base).

If you’ve chosen legs for your divan base, these need to be carefully screwed in. If you feel any resistance, we highly recommend re-starting the process, rather than forcing the legs, so the threads don’t become damaged.

If you would like a more in-depth guide to attaching wheels to your divan bed base, then you’re in luck – we have got just the thing for you! Check out our article about attaching the wheels to a divan bed.

Open the divan drawers

Your divan bed should come with the drawers already in place so you do not need to build these or do anything additional to install them.

Usually, divan drawers have a strip of fabric inside them which attaches them to the bed base with staples. This helps to keep the drawers closed during delivery so they are not sliding about and so they do not come detached from the bed base.

You will need to remove these fabric strips before you start to use your bed. You should be able to remove them easily, either by pulling or cutting them off. Be careful here with the staples. You may wish to remove these first.

Once the wheels are on your divan bed, the bed is clipped together and the headboard is attached, you are all set for your first night’s sleep in your brand-new bed. Enjoy!

Maintaining your divan bed

Divan beds are one of the most durable types of bed frames available. Our divan beds are designed and built to last. But there are some things you can do to ensure that you can have many years of restful nights in your bed.

In addition to the below, you should also avoid jumping or standing on your bed. Hard if you’re under 6 years of age, we know…

Fix the squeaks

No, it’s not a mouse – it is your bed! Sometimes divan beds can develop a squeak over time. This is completely normal and do not worry - before you throw your bed out, it can be easily fixed.

First of all, check that it really is the bed that is making the noise. Sometimes, the cause of the squeak is actually the floor rather than the bed.

A good way to check which one is guilty is by moving the bed out of the way before walking across that part of the floor. If the squeak is still there when you walk over the floor then you will know the floor is the culprit.

If you know the exact place the squeak is coming from then you can use WD40 or a few drops of vegetable oil. Please bear in mind that this can stain the upholstery if it splashes, so use sparingly and be careful as you apply it.

Do not overload the drawers

We know, we know. It is tempting to stuff everything that has not got a place anywhere else in the drawers of your divan bed.

You might be thinking to yourself out of sight, out of mind, and that doing this will clear your bedroom of unsightly clutter.

However, overloading your drawers will lead to damage to the bases.

Only add lightweight items such as linen and clothing into the drawers in your divan bed.

If you have decided that an easy-to-assemble divan bed should be your next bed, then have a look at our range of stylish and comfortable  divan beds.